Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inner Piece

Remember I was supposed to work on month one of the BJ's BOM on Tuesday but got distracted by the tower of project boxes.  Well, yesterday I decided I needed to "get 'er done."  After all, month one was not just 1 block but 24 pieced blocks!  Yes, I needed to find my inner piece on this one.  When I read the cutting instructions I knew I had to bring out the tools.  I love this suction cup handle.  Whenever I am strip cutting my ruler always slides a little even with the non slide stuff on it...but with this handle, not only does it not slide but my wrist and arm don't hurt!

Thanks to my early days taking mystery classes with Debbie Caffrey I learned the fast method of cutting.  Laying the strips down where they overlap slightly and are even I can cut 96 squares in minutes!

Accurate cutting and nice neat little piles results is the correct size block, lol

look at these  blocks!  All 24 of them measure out to exactly 6.5 inch squares!!!  Month One Done!!!

Another UFO bites the dust!!!  We are officially at the end January 2013! I finished quilting my table runner just in time for February!  Thank you to every one on the Flicker Site...I am enjoying the encouragement and hope you are also!  I posted a couple of close up photos on Flicker of the quilting.

I wanted to also let you know that I am trying to commit to answering any comments on the blog if you haven't received an email from me and you are a "no reply" I will reply on the blog, so please check back.  
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