Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Fingers

Yesterday was a happy fingers day...stitchin',  stitchin' and more stitchin'!  Turned out that HH had a pair of magnifier glasses that he used on his work bench and they are perfect for stitching over 2 threads on linen!  It is getting easier and easier for these older eyes to accomplish one of my dreams for 2013!

5 of us girlfriends met at BJ's Quilt Basket for the first Saturday of the 2013 BOM. I signed up for the Fall Mystery.  There is a registration fee and then it is free each month as long as you complete the previous months block.  You do have to buy your background/focal but the other pieces are provided and more importantly it is a monthly way to make contact with friends.  For those with sensitive dispositions  use my preferred word "derriere" for a**.

The slide show is from the 1st Saturday event and although the photos are the best they will give you an idea of the variety of quilts that come from one pattern and fabric provided.  It is the natural instinct to try and make these quilts your quilters will pick different layouts and different border fabrics.  One of my goals is to complete each months homework my the second week of the month...rather than waiting till the last minute!  BUT, this months block is actually 24!!!  Yes, 24!!! small blocks...well, I guess I had better get stitching! lol Today HH, Enzo and I are heading out to the construction site and then I need to prep more wool projects!

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  1. I really like the variations, and the color choices, lots of great ideas.


  2. I'm glad that HH had those magnifiers! I have a feeling that he's going to need to buy another pair. lol

    24 blocks is a lot of blocks, but doable....if you do it in the first week or so. Definitely not something that you can do the night before, if you want to get some sleep.

  3. Great quilts...loved them all! AND I had to pin your Underpants Poster...too funny!! Thanks!

  4. OK, I love, love, love your Underpants Poster. I seriously ROFLOL.

    A day of stitching, stitching, stitching is a very good day, indeed.

    Thank you for sharing all the great pictures.

  5. Love your blog and you have a wonderful sense of humor. You do live in a wonderful part of the country as well. We vacation in Bend and Sisters area alot. Linda

    1. Hi Linda, I wanted to thank you for your kind words. you registered email doesn't allow for a direct reply so I hope you see thig. Yes, Bend and Sisters are God's country!

  6. I am doing the northern lights bom, got my first block done after class yesterday, just have to do the appli.

  7. LOVE LOVE the Friends list!!!! My kind of humor!!
    Gmama Jane