Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Advice

I decided to take her advice!  Stop Whining and find something to do...first thing in the morning I climbed on my elliptical with my latest read, The Road to Cardinal Valley by Earlene Fowler.  So far it is an engaging read.  Once I was done sweating I took a shower and headed to The Material Girls.  Enzo loves this outing because he is the Quilt Service Dog for the group, checking out the quilts for softness and warmth.

I received a great lesson on hand quilting and will keep plugging away at it till my Crow Gossip is ready to hang in my new sewing room! And will officially be a new 2013 completed UFO!  I love the conversations, quilting support and new ideas!  

After the MG's we (Enzo & I)had to gather up a couple of wool quilts and take them to QuiltWorks.  The Woolies are the featured group for February's First Friday Gallery opening. All those wool quilts in one room...I can't wait for that slide show!!!  While at QuiltWorks I took some shopping photos of the new merchandise...so many fabrics to be touched.

I wrapped up the evening with wine and girlfriend talk.  I did heed the advice and found something to do from morning till night...ahhhh.  Today will be exercise, book work and sewing time...what about you?  Are you going to stop whining and find something to do!?

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  1. great smile box!
    I am trying my best to clear out clutter, and finish off ufos!
    some are so old, I look at them and wonder "Why, what was I thinking?"

  2. I spent the day sewing with girlfriends--piecing on my tumbler quilt! It was lots of fun and now I need to lay it all out--I think it may be getting close to ready-to-quilt! It's going to be pretty big, so probably a quilt-by-check candidate!

  3. Love the newspaper print fabric!

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  5. I enjoyed seeing what everyone was working on. As for the sleeve attachment...I thought everyone attached it to the top by having it clipped on the back of the quilt so that when you sew the binding on the first side, it only leaves the bottom edge to stitch down later.

  6. Well, still whining, but happy that I had a better day, so counting my blessings;) Enzo is so cute, he must love being the center of attention.


  7. I am going to Whine....I am dying here not being able to come over on Friday!!!!! Please post your pics early..:o)
    and give a hug to Lori when you finally meet her...you are going to LOVE HER...I think you two have the same amount of energy.