Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Wool Pattern & Shopping The Local Quilt Shops

I found this sweet penny rug pattern by Minick and Simpson and it was free!!!  Here is the link if you'd like to get a head start for the 4th of July decor. Just copy and paste it to a browser and the pattern can be printed.

Yesterday was shop your local quilt store day and although like many of you my expendible cash flow is down to a trickle I really wanted to show my support.  Although I didn't have time to make it to all 9 shops in the Central Oregon area I did visit the 3 shops that were in the town of Bend...yes, this town has 3 extraordinary shops.  Before I left home I visited the Command Center and made a list of what I needed.  

home base for the Tuesday Woolie Group

Owner Marilyn and one of her loyal staffers, Diane!

Once a month Sunday Wool Group

I was greeted by Sharon co-owner of the shop and first time shopper Sandy...look at what Sandy's first fabric choice in the shop was!

 Had to give you a peek at the new wool that arrived at Sew Many Quilts!

BJ's Quilt Basket was my final stop!

Vicki, the owner is flanked by her amazing staff that agreed to be in the photo...LOL

Having read on a friends blog the rudeness she experienced at her LQS  I am again grateful for where I live and shop.  Our shops are filled with friendly people willing to assist you and because of this you want to support them!  As the snow thaws and people start traveling remember Central Oregon has 9!!! yes 9!!! shops and we would love to have you visit!


  1. good for you, and for them!
    thanks for the pattern tip!

  2. I saw that one too, love it and plan on making it.
    I wish I had the energy to take a trip up north, a lot more stores to hit, up there. I love going to keepsake quilts, they have a huge store and lots of good sales, but that is a 3 hour trip.


  3. Nine quilt shops! Sounds like a good reason for a road trip. Thanks for the link for the free pattern.

  4. Thanks for the pattern link, maybe I will add to my UFO's. ;)

    I do wish I had the quilt shops in Bend in NC.

  5. It keeps telling me the file is corupt! :(

    Lovely shops!

  6. It took me several tries to open the site for the free pattern, but I think it is going to be worth the effort. Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. cute freebie. I wish we had some shops around that sold wool. I usually have to buy my at quilt shows or on line.

  8. I recognized that "patriotic" fabric--we got a bolt in at "my" LQS and several of us bought some to make into pillowcases! The old saying--just cause there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's not a fire in the fireplace--surely applies to us "seasoned" quilters!

  9. LOVE that pattern - thanks for the link. Have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  10. Thanks for the link - I neeeed to add that to my list. I have been sorting my wool today while felting some pieces. (LOL does that count as a finish for a UFO - I have had the wool pieces for years...)

  11. Thanks for the pattern! I saved it for when I have a little extra time to prep a wool project to do in the evenings. BTW....I want at least one of each of those wools hanging up so tantalizingly!!!

    I had gotten an email from the LQS that I usually go to about a special sale for the occasion yesterday, but ended up just going to the other LQS that's nearby for a few things. They were packed, so I'm hoping that the other one was just as busy.