Friday, November 30, 2012

Woolie Tuesday at QuiltWorks

The Woolie's are a group of die hard, rambunctious, humorous and prolific creators of wool projects!  I not only get a good laugh but I am inspired by their creativity!

I wanted to show you what I did with my Homespun and Holly dishtowel...I made a pillow!  Carla from Sweetwater was our moderator for this project but she didn't anticipate that the group from Bend was not going to make dishtowels...way to cute to dry dishes...we made pillows!

I sewed down my rick rack with like colored thread by machine then I used black pearl cotton and made large french knots...just for interest.

Here is a little slide show of what was happening at QuiltWorks Woolie group!

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...and just so you understand what kind of pressure we are under...this is Sandy's show 'n tell bag!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

French Art & Textile Tour 2013

Well, she is at it again!  Jeanne Mills has organized another trip to France in 2013!  you can take a peek at one of this years Patchwork Europa slide shows or just go back and read the blog posts for most of Sept.  They are all about the trip, the wonderful travel companions and my quest for the perfect cappuccino!

We were a fabulous group and Jeanne kept us moving on an adventure that not only included quilting but history, food, culture...ahhhh how I wish I wasn't going to be in flux for 2013...otherwise I would be signing up for this next adventure!

As Jeanne says, "Join quilters, who love to travel, on a tour to Southern France.  The tour features activities  adventures and discoveries to inspire your creativity.  In addition to visiting a Provencal fabric-printing factory ( and perusing in their outlet), we'll visit the museum in Nimes where denim was first made and have as a tour through a museum of small quilts, known as "boutis", the corded, quilted and stuffed textiles from the south of France.  Of course, we'll be on the lookout and strop for fabric along the way.

As well, we'll fill our minds and cameras with the bright colors of the region, see the works of artists who lived and painted here.  We'll be inspired by architectural and decorative elements, the countryside we drive through, the food we eat, and the gardens and markets we visit."

For more information and to print a brochure just click on the button located on the left side of the blog.  There are a limited number that can accompany Jeanne on this trip and you won't be bored for one second...with all the details taken care of you can just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Robin's Wool Ornament

November's Free Woolie Robin ornament is adorable!  wouldn't it be fun to make and give as a gift exchange or use as a tag on a present!

How many of you decorate right after Thanksgiving and how many wait till December?   I like to decorate the week between Thanksgiving and December.  That's this week!  This year is a little slower.  I have the desire, just not the energy.  I am going to take my time decorating this year.  Our tradition is while decorating the tree to have snack dinner (all kinds of finger foods) and Irish Coffee. Well, HH did make the Irish Coffees! LOL

The first ones of the season's, warm and yummy!

I finished my Bunny Hill project from the Holly Hills Homespun and Holly Event.  I left the ribbon off and instead with black thread embroidered "Let it Snow."  I didn't want it to show up brightly but kinda like a ol' grey bucket.  I love the little pillow and it will become part of my holiday decor.

Be sure to check in tomorrow...I have got an announcement about the 2013 trip to France by Jeanne!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holiday Lane Pillow Hop! Here is the Woolie Pillow!

It didn't take me a nano second when I joined the blog hop to decide it would be in wool.  That created a different type of brain activity...I decrease the size of the pillow and added some embellishment. Decreasing the size meant less houses which were all hand buttonholed down. I found the snowflake buttons at Holly Hills Quilt Shoppe and now wish I had purchased more!

The challenge was to figure out how to mount the heavy wool piece, create the flange and stuff the pillow???  I decided to pick a piece of flannel and button hole stitch my wool piece to one half of it.  Once done, I folded the piece in half and stitched a 1/4 inch around the edge leaving an opening.

Then I turned it inside out,  stitched around the wool piece by machine and created the flange.  After stuffing the pillow I stitched the  flange section closed by machine and then whipped stitched the outer edge...creating a wonderful pillow!

here are a couple of close ups.  I made the wreath dimensional by just stitching down the center of the leaves and using 3 wooden beads.

My little snowman is holding a valentine for whoever stops by!

Before you start your pillow hop I want to thank Pauline for being the cheerleader!  Madame Samm for organizing and Jill for designing the project!
Have fun with the hop and don't forget that the Woolie Blog has a FREE ornament of the month that can be downloaded!  Everyone Wins!

Cindy's Crafty Creations

Monday, November 26, 2012

Last week of November????

I came home from Thanksgiving weekend with a little cold.  There is no way to be in contact with so many people without picking up something. HH and I have come to the decision that we can no longer stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel when we visit our son and his family.  There is ZERO air circulation in the rooms (no windows that open) the fan/air circulator couldn't keep a gnat alive and even though Enzo is absolutely allergen free the rooms we stay is are designated pet rooms which means there have been animals in there that are not allergen free.  Both our eyes were itching like crazy.  Won't be a problem in the late Spring, Summer and early Fall because we can haul our camper up and be very comfortable.  We could stay with our son but, I remember what it was like with a busy family, working the night shift and having guests.  We did enjoy every moment except for those at the hotel sleeping.  Since so many of our family members live in the greater Portland area we are going to have to sleuth out another spot.

Don't forget today we start back up with the Pillow blog hop and tomorrow is the Woolie Pillow reveal!!!  just click on the button left of the blog post that says Holiday Lane.  I have been having so much fun looking at the wide variety of pillows that started out with the same basic pattern.

Plus, today begins the Buttermilk Basin Handwork Blog Hop....more handwork!  I can't wait!

After we arrived home I finally picked up the mail that had been piling up down at the box and there was a box from Lancashire, England...which meant my pumpkins had arrived.  One of my favorite blogs is The Quiet Room. I have long admired Wendy's ability to take life by the horns and still create such wonderful home projects.  When you read her posts you will see photos of how beautifully she decorates for the holidays...all of them!  In one of her posts I saw the velvet pumpkin creation and immediately asked if she had a pattern...being the amazing woman she is...she sent me 3 adorable pumpkins and some amazing chocolates! Wendy is about strength, creativity and warmth...all rolled into one fantastic woman!  Thank You Wendy!

It is the last week of November!  I cannot believe it!  I was thinking of decorating for Christmas but decided to put it off so I can hang onto a bit of Fall.  Plus I wanted to leave my velvet pumpkins on the table for a wee bit longer.  December brings lots of activities and I know your calendar probably looks like mine.  I plan on enjoying every moment.  Girlfriend time, quilting potlucks, cookie exchanges, wrapping and shipping surprises and most of all HH, Enzo and I want to relax in the last holiday we will have in this house.  The building is moving along.  All the windows are in, the house is wired and green tagged by the inspector so we are ready for the next phase.  Hope you are enjoying the last week of November!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

I hope all of you that celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful time!  We are back home, exhausted and happy all rolled into one.  It is surreal to watch my son and DIL prepare a Thanksgiving meal for the extended family.  Where did the time go?  When did we become the oldest generation at a holiday celebration?!  It is satisfying and yet confusing...whaaaaaa, I want my mom back so she can be the oldest and I can pretend I will never be the oldest! LOL

HH and I didn't do much shopping while in Portland.  We went to Macy's...totally packed! will show you those photos tomorrow when I figure out my Google account...seems I have maxed out my photo allotment!  NOOOOOOOO!  In the meantime I'll take a short break from quilting and show you my Thanksgiving slide show.  

I will throw out the truth...and just say...I stopped at Fabric Depot on the way home yesterday...what can I say, it was calling my name!

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Over the Mountain and Through the Hills to Peter's House We Go!

The trip over was perfect! Clear, sunny and remnants of the previous storm left beauty all around us.

The traffic was amazingly light!

Here are my boys...I know I am biased, as any nana would be...but aren't they the best!

My December UFO is a wool table runner as shown in Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine but I had to adjust the pattern to include our little grandson...and of course he had to have his blue glasses on! LOL

...and so from left to right, Mommy, big brother Byron hanging over baby brother Wyatt, Daddy, Nana, Grandpa G. This pattern is designed by Primitives by Lynda.

We are heading back home and I will have more to share on the meantime, continue to enjoy the leftovers!

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Lane

Don't forget to check out the pillows on the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop.  They have been adorable!!!  I can't wait till the Woolie gets to show of my pillow!!!

When I get home I will show you my version of the Prim Snowman Family!  It is my December UFO...all done and it's not even December!!!!  I ROCK!!! and better yet...I actually kept up on this goal for 2012.  I have decided to do the same goal for 2013...are any of you gong to join me???  If so you can send me your UFO photo and I'll post it to the blog.  

When I get back home I'll be share my Thanksgiving celebration and thoughts for the December celebrations.  In the meantime...enjoy your Black Friday...even if you stay home, hope your team wins and that your clothes are loose even the day after the feast!  

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!! & Blogless Sandy

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate the holiday! Love and Gratitude for all the Woolie Readers who take the time to walk with me on this incredible blog journey!

Don't forget to check in with today's Pillow Designers!

Sandy is a talented and prolific producer of all things quilts.  She is also our driver to the Homespun and Holly event because she has younger eyes than Anne and I.  And when Sandy gets "older," Hannah, her very wonderful in all ways DIL will be our driver!  I foresee us going to Homespun and Holly for at least another 30 years????!!! LOL  I totally crack myself up!  Anyhoo, since I left my car out at Sandy's farm, when we returned from Holly Hills we got to peek in Sandy's sewing room and see what was cooking in there.  Here are a few of her finished projects.

She didn't make the Raggedy Anne but I think she is adorable.

Shoot!  she is so much further ahead than me on the 2011 Primitive Gathering BOW.  I have my blocks done but she is working on the border....gotta go...need to get stitching!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pioneer Quilts! & The Start of Holiday Lane!

Don't forget the Holiday Lane Pillow Blog Hop starts today and the pillows are fantastic!  Lots of Give Aways also!  just click on the button to the left of the blog post and it will take you on a fun adventure!

hey!?  Who was holding down the fort at Sew Many Quilts!  Look who we ran into at Pioneer Quilt shop on our way to the Homespun & Holly Event.   Great photo of Barb, Maralee, Hannah, Sandy, Anne and Linda. 

On the way to the Homespun and Holly Event we had to stop at one of our favorite shops, Pioneer Quilts.  You know how some shops just speak to you as soon as you walk in the door...this is definitely one of those!  Once you watch the slide show you will know what I am talking about!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Know, I Know...

...I was going to show you the slideshow of Pioneer Quilts but it just has to wait till tomorrow because I have got to share with you what Debbie from Woolnsails sent me in the mail!  I cannot believe it!  There was a cute Buttermilk Basin pattern of Peter Rabbit which I must make for my eldest son Peter, a punch needle eye glass case with the sailboat which made me all teary thinking about my mom, the punch needle mini rug with my name and a sailboat (of course cause I was a sailor before moving to Oregon) and the sweetest smelling pillow of wynter friends (wish it was a scratch 'n sniff photo) 

Look at the detail in the punch needle...I love the waves~~~

I am going to use this little mini rug photo as my pinterest button!!!

Thank you so much Debbie you really are a wynter friend...and a spring friend, a summer friend and a  fall friend!

...and don't forget the Holiday Blog Hop starts TOMORROW!!!  It will be fun to see what everyone has done with their pillow and there are giveaways!  The Woolie's pillow will be on display November 27th...and of course there will be a Give Away!!!  When you click on the button on the left sidebar it will take you to all the links...have fun!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Homespun & Holly 2012

This years Homespun and Holly Event at Holly Hills was spectacular.  The decor, designers, shopping and dinner were top shelf!  This event is held every November due to the hard work of Jan, Brian and the rest of the crew at Holly Hills.  We arrived about 1130, checked in, did some quick shopping before Brian lead the attendees to the fully decorated room which was shown on yesterday's blog post.  There are 4 designers who create a "make and take" project providing all the supplies needed for completion.  You may not be able to finish them all in the time allotted but you will have a great start.  Every hour and a half you move to the next station.  Between station 3 and 4 we took an hour shopping break while the dining experience is set up.  This year it was a full Thanksgiving dinner!  We wrapped up the evening finishing our 4th station and for our merry group it meant Sweetwater!!!  

It was a wonderful experience to share with girlfriends!  I hope you enjoy the slide show.  Tomorrow I will be sharing the Pioneer Quilt come on back! 

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holly Hills Tease

OMG, the Homespun and Holly was so much fun...still shopping on the way home! See you tomorrow for a fantastic slideshow!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Oh NO...She Didn't!!!

I had been in denial since I first heard the news a couple of months ago when  I received an email...but, then I could not longer keep my head in a pocket gopher hole when an article appeared in the "U" section of our local paper.  Ann Richardson, the executive director of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show was stepping down after the 2013 quilt show.  I have had the pleasure of not only volunteering under Ann's reign but also taking a quilt class taught by her...hummm wonder where those quilt blocks are????  

I have to admit...I don't have a leg to stand on because I totally understand the "recreating oneself and the desire to experience life through all it's chapters."  But, the reality is she will be missed in this role. She had all the attributes needed to help take the show to the next level.  Jean Keenan Wells began this show with a few quilts hanging outside the shop and under her direction and the tutelage of several people it is has grown.  As a non-profit there were a whole other set of building blocks and Ann helped launch the show into it's present  existence. 

I hope you will be able to make the 2013 show, saying thank you to Ann and welcoming the new executive director.  I for one will be volunteering, it is a different way to enjoy the weeks events!  Even if you are from out of town, consider helping out and learning the behind the scenes mechanics to putting on the largest outdoor quilt show in the world!

Here it is hot off the presses, photo of what is happening on the construction site!  3/4 of the windows are in, house is wrapped, electrician were inside stringing the wire and outside pipe was being laid for the propane line.  It's happening!!!!

Today Anne, Sandy, Hannah and myself head to Holly Hills for the Homespun & Holly event!  Holly Hills brings in a handful of designers to instruct the participants in a "make & take" project.  All supplies are provided, besides snacks, dinner, door prizes and a discount on everything you purchase that day for the event!  Yikes!  I have been worried about how we will fit the 4 of us, our luggage for overnight and our purchases????  I think I'll just bring a tooth brush!