Sunday, September 30, 2012

Patchwork Europe #3 & a Give Away!

I was a quilter on fabric crack this weekend when I realized there were only 30 days in September...oh how I wished for that extra day.  Had to get my UFO done and post Robin's Free Woolie Ornament of the month...and is it ever a cute one!  AND...of course I have another segment of the Patchwork - Europa Quilt Show 2012...will it ever end!  You are sooooo lucky I only took photos of about half the quilts in the show! Otherwise we'd be snoozing for another month through slide shows.

Just as a heads up on a GIVE AWAY since October is my birthday month I am posting a give away tomorrow which will run from Oct. 1st through the 7th (which is my b-day).  You know how I like to pass on patterns I am done I have a Primitive Gathering pattern and something I brought back from France!!!  So let your quilter friends know that in order to participate you need to be a registered follower...and if by chance you have a blog...put the word out!

 My September UFO, Chubby Chicks a pattern I purchased at Holly Hills back in 2010.

...and just in the knick of time...Woolie Robin's Free Ornament of the Month for September!

Enjoy the slide show...there is more to come...ROFLOL...are you sick of watching yet???
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patchwork - Europa #2 (+ jibber jabber)

Well today you are going to enjoy another slide show from the Patchwork - Europa.  Quilting as I really came to understand on this trip is an international language.  One of the difference that I noticed was there were more men at the quilt show than you see in the United States.  And, the men were really looking at the quilts...not just dragging along behind their wives.  

Since returning home I have been making the acclimation into my every day life...but...what is an every day life?  I retired at the end of May but am just beginning to feel like I might be retired!!!  I remember reading that in retirement life is cheaper because you are not rewarding yourself for all your hard work.  Well...I went up to my sewing room and when I looked at all the PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) lying around I thought...I need to bring my quilter's brain to the reality that I am retired! LOL

My brain has been in a free float state which means I am thinking about whatever passes my view...from why wood cutting boards are better than plastic why we are so hard on ourselves.  I read an article about how we unlearn creativity.  "Instead of growing into our creativity, we grow out of it."  Fear is the main culprit according to the author of Disciplined Dreaming, A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity."  We are conditioned through years of schooling to strive for the "right" answer. We are punished for making mistakes.  We are rewarded for following rules...which brings me to a conversation I had with a good friend about the one "B" she got in college that she still remembers.  I remember being euphoric when "B's" showed up in my grades! LOL  My mom always shared an Asian proverb...A student in school = C student in life...C student in school = A student in life.  I think this winter I may search for the creativity that was conditioned out of me and see what life brings....

Before I forget, The Jolly Jabber released their Free September patterns.  Never one to pass up on the FREE...check it out.  They usually have sweet quick patterns that could be made up for a spur of the moment quilt. lol

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Friday, September 28, 2012

quilt show + Robin turns 60!!!

Yesterday Robin met Lori and I for birthday breakfast...yes, Robin is the first of the 3 musketeers to turn 60. but Lori and I are not far behind.  If you ask...where is Lori, well she closed her eyes in BOTH the photos the server took and she'd kill me if I put her on the internet as anything but beautiful or at least awake. lol

...and so here is the first installment of the Patchwork - Europa in Alsace, France.  The quilt show was spread out over 4 villages.  The quilts were hung in public building, churches and gardens and as you wound your way through the villages you also got to enjoy the local scenery which was just on the verge of the Fall colors.  Life in the villages carried on as thousands of quilter came from all over the world.  Grapes were being harvested, goats were eating grass and pastries with coffee being served in the local brasseries.  The quilts were all over the board, modern, antique, multi-media, traditional, pieced, appliqued and embroidered.  Which meant there was something for everyone.  I hope you enjoy this first installment!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Panic in Central Oregon

hummm, yes there is definitely panic in the Woolie household.  I have to finish a September UFO and it is Sept. 27th!!! and I have to post the Sept. Robin Woolie ornament!  I was running around doing errands yesterday and tried to get a nap in...but nooooooo...the phone gods were determined to keep me from relaxing. So today's list is long. 

This morning I am meeting Robin and Lori for breakfast to celebrate Robin's 60th birthday!!!  I can't believe I have a friend that old...ROFLOL.  I am going to pay for that remark!  

One more slideshow of Colmar, a city I now love...and just to let you know tomorrow, I start the quilt show!!!!!! 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chit Chat

HH and I celebrated 35 years of marriage on Monday.  There are many reasons I am married to this guy but I will relate a story which might give you some understanding why.  We really don't exchange gifts anymore for our anniversary but would go out to dinner if I wasn't jet lagged...this year I just wanted to stay at home.  He showed up after work with this arrangement from my favorite florist called Wild Flowers.  The thing is that when he went in to pick out an arrangement she got a phone call so he picked out container/flowers and made the arrangement himself!  Gotta love a guy who can hit the bulls eye on a target and arrange flowers.  As he walked out the door yesterday in a pink shirt cause it was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at work (I didn't know this) I realized this guy has many layers to his onion.

I sooooo missed my woolie group!  And they have been busy!  Anne from Cottons 'n Wool always seems to be working on a project that I just love.

Joann finished her wool pillow!!!  I still want to make this one.

Mary Anne made this fabulous wool rug for a shop sample (I have the kit for this one) Call QuiltWorks if you want to make one too!

And now for a view of Colmar, France which was my favorite city on this excursion!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strasbourg, France

I know I am being somewhat of a tease not just posting the quilt show photos but I really, really, really want you to come along with Lori, Robin and I...and the rest of the gang and see what we saw as quilters...even before the show.  There are several things I learned on this trip about myself and my life and I will be sharing them with you as I go along, but first...I realized that this past year I have been running full speed at about a 25 degree angle forward.  I have not given myself a break and because of that I have most likely missed so much that was around me.  On this trip I had no choice, I had to basically go with the flow and because of that I saw things that I would have missed left to my own devices. 

What I can say is by watching these slide shows you will see not only the scenery but the quilting patterns and colors that exist in every day life.  We are constantly looking for new books, new patterns when in reality they are all round us, for free...if only we would slow down and see them. A case in point...I have been to Strasbourg before but did I know it was an island on the Ill River...NO! LOL And so today, visit Strasbourg with me.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Paris Day 1 and Vendor Mall #2

Happy 35th Anniversary are the best!

Although I am showing photos at different times during our adventure I thought I would take you through each day with a few photos of the trip and then include a slide show.  The Hotel Le Muguet is located in the Eiffel Tower District.  Our merry trio flew into Paris after an extended stay at the Toronto Airport and from there we planned to take the TVG (high speed train) to Strasbourg the next morning.  Our room was quaint and they fit the 3 of us in one room.

I thought the bathroom was cute and was located right next to Lori's bed. lol

Lori had a single bed with a table located at the end for all her stuff.

Since Robin had never been to the Eiffel Tower we decided to head right over for a peek.  There were to many people to attempt the trip up and so we decided to do that on our return visit.

...and now Vendor Mall #2 slide show.  I set it at a 7 second delay so you could really look at all the items in the photo so get yourself a cup of is going to run for a while!  Enjoy the shopping!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

486 Years of Quilting & Let's Talk Construction!

It was amazing to travel with a group of women who I did not know...except for Robin and Lori.  It was like the first day of school where you meet your classmates and try to figure out how you fit in...what was really amazing was how small the world really is.  One of the gals was a former co-worker of my sister.  Another knew the family that HH lived with when he was in high school.  The other weird thing was that two of the hotels we stayed in were ones that mom and I stayed in when we traveled Europe together with my youngest son....and...and...and...there were several of us that liked the same fabric!!!! LOL

I decided to calculate the number of years of quilting experience in our merry band, because let me tell you I was humbled by the talent that was on this trip.

Marie, Ida and Andy = 105 years of quilting

 Delores, Nora and Lee = 61 years of quilting

Robin, Carole and Lori = 95 years of quilting

Rita, Bill & Sarah = 41 years of quilting and 20 years of carrying quilting purchases

Jane, Jeanne, Mary Ellen and JoAnn = 127 years of quilting

Claire and Linda = 6 years of quilting but Claire has been a clothing designer forever

Joy and Mary Lou = 21 years of quilting

...and if you count my less than 20 years of quilting you get about 486 years of wonder I was humbled in their presence!

Tomorrow I'll continue on with the slide shows...but now...

...on to construction talk!  Even though the health alert said to stay inside with your windows closed I had to go see the construction site.  As we passed "tent city" where the firefighters were living I was grateful for their dedication to the "hotshot" profession.  I can't imagine what it must be like to be in the thick of the fire and then fall asleep in the smoke.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Surprise!!!  The trusses were up and the wall studs were in place!  We could walk around and get a visual of the flow and design of the house.  Cory really is a fantastic designer!

This is the front view

This is the back view

This is the sewing room view!!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Vendor Mall #1

What can I say...I checked the  DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel for Mental Disorders) and could not find a listing for Quilters.  In the Psychiatric Science community they are still trying to decide if "hoarder" should be "fabric hoarder" is a long way off from getting insurance support and I am not sure how the medical community would keep track that the money would be used for treatment as opposed to fabric purchases.

As we all have had to deal with the economic bubble in America for a few years it is just in it's uphill swing in Europe.  Of course it seemed to me that quilters are in a perpetual state of denial that in fact, food might be more necessary to survival than fabric.  The first day we could barely move in the vendor mall...and much to my surprise in conversation with one of the vendors I was informed that she was not coming back next year because this year there were less people and less money being made...not worth the trip to set up from England.  So the question begs to be answered were all these people there just drooling or were they buying?  What I do know is that the massive amounts of people was literally sucking the air out of building and although cool outside it was sweating hot inside!  Because of all this quilting humanity on the first day it necessitated a second trip for us on day two...but I will break up the slide shows so you won't lose the feeling in your feet from watching! lol

Over the next several days I will be posting slide shows of sites, quilts, my travel companions and stay tuned!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Honey I'm Home!!!

What an adventure!  I know I may be repeating myself with some of my stories but you are lucky I am not putting all my photos on this blog!!!  So far the computer has told me that it is going to take an hour! download the photos I took on this will be posting and repeating myself for about a week as I reminisce the trip and post some slide shows

Besides the  10 hours spent in the Toronto Airport on the way over every thing else was cake!  Tour groups are an interesting way to observe human interaction.  Social Scientist should just follow tour groups around to compile information on group hierarchy, interaction, problem solving...cause a tour group challenges all manner of human emotions.  You have a group of people who for the most part don't know each other.  Some small subgroups who came together don't necessarily know the other subgroups.  Then you add all the quirks that each of us has, what we like to eat, how we like to sleep/wake up, how adventurous one is as opposed to feeling of anxiety when in new situations, ALL our human strengths and frailties.  Then there is the 'ol...farting in front of a stranger.  If you had to share a room with someone you didn't know it really challenges your self confidence in your own body functions.  You really have to set some boundaries (Robin is not allowed to eat plums in large quantities while traveling)...I on the other hand was the perfect roommate! ROFLOL  Our tour leaders Jeanne and Mary Ellen were patient considering we were like herding cats.

I think for the most part everyone had an overall great life, there were moments for everyone when they might have been tempted to release their inner 2 year old and bite someone.  And so what I can say is, traveling on a tour will open doors you might not have walked through on your own but, bring flexibility, grace, good humor and if your roommate has a craving for not let her have any! LOL  Of course she would have a list a mile long that I am not allowed!

On the way home...I discovered another thing...quilters are NEVER done shopping.  Here we had just been to the most awesome quilt show in the world which included a spectacular vendor mall....jet lagged and faced with a 3 hour drive over the mountain into our smoke saturated town...we received an email that Fabric Depot was having a 30% off EVERY THING sale.  What did we do...shopped of course!  I want to qualify this photo by saying that I didn't buy the most (that would be Lori).

When I got home...HH had made a nice pile of my BOM's that arrived while I was gone...looks like I have my work cut out for me (no pun intended) but since I don't want to go outside because of the smoke...I'll just sew!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just a peek

We are flying out of Paris today! Exhausted from all the fun...and wanting to be back in our sewing rooms. So I am leaving you with a little peek of the trip...and yes the quilt below is out of wool with embroidery, oye vey!

Wool Quilt

Ginkgo Leaves 

My gold portfolio for retirement

These shoes were priced at $1200 Euros!

The ceiling of the Galleria Lafayette 

See ya State side!

"what did you think of the exhibit?"

Lori is ready to go home!

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