Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust....

I finished my July UFO done with a day to spare!  I remember when I was working my way through my Stand Back Stars I was hoping that the quilt would be worth all the agony.  I called them the Stand Back Stars because I wasn't very good an precision piecing...just wanted to get it done...well...it is done. What did I learn?  

1. Not to be so judgmental
2. When you stand back...you really can't see the cut off star points
3. All that stress last summer about the postman delivering this BOW (block of 
    the week)...what a waste!
4. Any quilt looks spectacular with a handsome dog sitting on it! lol

There is a lot of positives about today...I woke up and while reading the paper stumbled upon an article titled  "Perfect Pie" written by Woolie follower Linda Turner Griepentrog!  Since one of my Pinterest bulletin boards is titled "A Pie Goal" I immediately wrote the subject of the article, Sarah Neibergs to add my name to her list of students for pie classes.  Maybe by Thanksgiving I can "wow" Alma over at Blackbird Designs!!!!

I could go on and on about the wonders of this day....but there are 2 very big hazel eyes boring holes into my heart...accompanied by an ever so quiet whine...someone is telling me it is time for a walk.  Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Day Of Rest

HH and I decided to head out to Sister's to take a look at the Tour of Homes house that was located in the area we are going to be building.  It was an interesting house that was passive solar/green construction.  The highlight was seeing our lot with this sign!!!

Yep...it is really going to happen...the utilities were on site and our hearts were soaring!!!

...and so, we decided to celebrate with a wonderful dinner at the Kokanee Cafe in Camp Sherman.  Almost 35 year ago when my dear father in law took us for dinner at the Kokanee Cafe it had a reputation for good eats...but, nothing like the "A" rating that Executive Chef Matt Neltner brings to the plate!

I already started digging in before I thought to take a photo...I had the Quinoa and Spinach stuffed Trout with Marsala Hazelnut Creme and roasted cauliflower...yummm

HH had Grilled Filet Mignon with Couscous Oregonzola roasted vegetables....wow

To top it off...Orange Infused Flan....What a perfect finish to a wonderful meal!

The restaurant is seasonal...only opened for dinner May-October.

I really will have some quilting talk tomorrow...I almost have the binding done on my July UFO...besides quilting I am an Olympic Junkie!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pondering Pools of Thought

Todays post is just filled with things that came out of my Pondering Pool of  brain and photos...so, if you only want quilting move on till tomorrow! lol

When I received  a text from my oldest son that included the word "Aurghhh" and this photo of my sweet grandson...I knew my dad's sense of humor had been genetically passed on...and I nearly spit.  My poor grandchildren do not have a chance...as my father kept my sis and I on our toes with his antics and humor. And so, my sons will keep their children living life full speed ahead and into the wind!  Leave the women and children and take the fabric Maties!!!

There was much discussion about retirement... after all, it was Lori's retirement gathering and most of the attendees were looking to that future existence.  I am all about the quote below...I rarely am lost because I am never alone.  Which brings to mind a story where I was standing at night on the corner in downtown San Francisco with some girlfriends (and no, we were not working).  We were trying to figure out how to get to the Marina for dinner...when a limo pulled up.  The window was down and the limo driver was yelling at the crowds of people on the street but, I was the only one who heard him.  So, I yelled back..."Are you talkin' to ME?"  He said, "Yeah...you want a ride?"  to which I replied, " How much?"  He yelled, "2 bucks a person."  So I opened his door and yelled to my girlfriends..."Get In...we are riding in style."  Some times "Life" is about listening to your heart and creating your own story.

I have been saving this photo that my long time bestie Colleen sent me of the Alien Queen being transported down Hwy 101 in California.  Of course Colleen's younger brother who owned a movie theater at the time of his passing was a huge movie memorabilia buff...and over the last few years since his passing she has been sifting through the massive amount of the collection with the intent to pass them on to others who have a burning desire to have the Alien Queen in their living room. I do believe she (The Alien Queen) was going to be living in Monterey.   In my former blog life I wrote about Andy...after all he was the one who taught me about true love. 

HH came home one day and said he had seen a funny sign out on the road...Cheap Chicken Monday...4 legs 4 thighs for $4.99.  Well I am sorry but I know for a fact that this girlfriend is not eating any chicken with the name "Cheap."  A funnier sign would have been Cheap Breast Monday $4.99 per boob! LOL  Hummm wonder if these chickens are cheap because they don't have breast?

Anyhoo, that is the end of my thoughts in the Pondering Pool...I need to kick back and relax a little...because starting Monday...my life is going to be running on full octane!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dude Abides

Yesterday started out quietly and ended with laughter...but, the in between part was a "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride."  The on again, off again camping trip was "on" at the point I saw this family passing through my yard.  Do you see what this mom is teaching her young ones!!!  To eat my flowers!!!  But then a peace came over me and I thought, how lucky am I to grow flowers for the benefit of such wonderful creatures.

It is not uncommon for deer to have twins or triplets.  This set of twins was all legs, jumping and kicking!...and hiding in the bushes.

I was feverishly attaching the binding to my July UFO so I could take it camping when I realized that the binding I had made was about 1 yard short!  I kept looking for some additional fabric in between camp packing and each time I decided to check I felt more panic...that I didn't have anymore.  Finally after the 4th search I found this little pile!  tucked away.  Phewwww.  Little scraps, but enough to get a yard of binding!  You should have seen me...quilt still under the presser foot, stretching the attached binding to the cutting table so I could get the angle right for the spliced pieced...good thing my sewing room is small and you can reach from the sewing table to the cutting table! lol  When HH came to the back door and asked if I was ready...I handed him the quilt and sewing pack. Of course I'm ready...no sweat....

Since we had decided to go off the grid camping we packed extra water...Enzo seems a little disturbed by the company he is having to share the back seat with...lol

The pink ribbon that HH tied to the first turn was still there...tying a ribbon on a post is an old Cartographers trick...lol

Since last week when we had been this way new neighbors had moved in...so the traveling was a little slower because they were such road hogs!  

I wondered if they knew about the CCR's or HOA rules about not parking their butts in the middle of the road...or leaving cow pies everywhere????

...and then it happened...HH said, "Is that the clouds or is there a fire over there?"  Hummm, looks like fire to me.  So we opened a barbed wire gate pulled in and parked.  HH and Enzo climbed to the top of a rock outcropping with binoculars and stated..."Yep, that's a fire."  Not to be run off right away, we pulled out our chairs, got some cold drinks and watched as it doubled in size.  I called the dispatch center and sure enough it was a fire and they already had a whole crew on it.  It is sooooo beautiful out there...and quiet.  We watched the hawks fly over us to check out the new neighbors and Enzo was loving the freedom of letting his nose lead him around.

Unfortunately because I am in the thick of some time sensitive business I had my cell phone with me and sure enough 3 calls later it looked like I would have  business to take care of Sat...which meant going back home.  Should we stay overnight or head back now?...that was the question.  Although, we watched the fire and determined it was a fair distance away...we noticed 3 things...1.) the smoke of settling in the tree line where we like to camp. 2.) 5 trucks passed us on the road (1 was the rancher) and you never see that kind of traffic out here...and...3.) as we sat in the beauty of it all the Borate Bomber which drops fire retardant on fires flew right over the top of us...so low we could see the red color of the retardant on it underbelly.  Yep, it was time to head home...

And so, the epilogue to this tale is HH, Enzo and I had bread and cheese with Midori Margaritas at home because we were to tired to cook at 7:00 PM and watched The Big Labowski...because in chaos...The Dude Abides.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Jibber Jabber Friday

HH, Enzo and I are planning on doing a little camping (I need the downtime) but, I will have to take my July UFO with me so I can get it done before the end of the month.  For all that is going on in my little quilty brain I am sooooo happy that at least I have kept up on completing a UFO each month!  We are only about 3 weeks away from the WEDDING!!! and that is all I can think about...although I was at AAA (AAA does not stand for Addictive Anna's BOM Anonymous)talking about train reservations and EURO's for the girl trip to France.  I have been so insanely busy that I have had to compartmentalize my life...and today was the first day I have even allowed myself to think of the trip in Sept.  I am almost done with the fans for the wedding and Robin is helping me with the table vases for the reception...they are so cute!  

Needless to say I am a little behind on everything...as in big E!!!  So here the announcement for the Free July Ornament of the Month by Woolie Robin!  Santa is cuter than ever!  Robin is shocked at the number of downloads and lookie loo's interested in her designs.  I think they have all been adorable, although Feb. and June's is everyone's favorites.  

Last night was a celebration at El Cap's for Lori's retirement!!!!  Another Fabric Stalker takes the plunge!  It was fun getting together with some of my "former" co-workers!  I really like the color combination of  tops that Marlis, Lori and Robin are wearing...I could make a quilt with these colors!

Val, Ingre (party planner extraordinaire) and Kim.  There were others there but I didn't get everyone's photo...dang!

Here is Lori modeling her new apron made for her by "moi."    The fabric is so adorable!  It has different spirited drinks and their recipes, purchased at BJ's Quilt Basket.  

Isn't this cake adorable!  Lori is definitely a flip flop kinda gal!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Boom Boom Diet

Stars and Sprigs

A couple of things happened this past week that have me in a tizzie...actually 3 things.  First, Lori and I counted our BOM's and BOW's!!!  Secondly Mari from Madras asked me how I was coming along with Stars and Sprigs (I have not finished month 1) ...and Thirdly, I straightened out my sewing room yesterday!!!!!  I am sooooooo back on the FABRIC DIET!!!  Do you hear me Anne and Sandy!!!!  No, not just the fabric diet but the BOM, BOW and KIT Diet.  I have decided to call it the Boom Boom Diet because it looks like an explosion happened in my sewing room!  Well, there is one little caveat...if I need something to complete a project I can get it...but I cannot purchase anything new!!! hummmm...let's see I lasted from January to April on the last stretch....I really don't want to be known as the Octomom of BOM's  and when I listed them I came up with 7!!!!  Hummm, a reality show called Octoquilter might help the finances???? 

I promised you an extraordinary slide show.  QuiltWorks of Bend is known for their wonderful Quilt Gallery and Open House with rotating quilt exhibits the first Friday of each month.  The July show was fabulous.  The local talent continues to astound.  Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Woolie Tuesday

Yesterday the Woolies gathered at QuiltWorks for some stitching...but mostly to catch up on each other's lives. It had been a while since we last gathered.  Conversation and laughter were more important than stitching! lol

Today, I plan on entering my sewing room.  WOW...I haven't said that in a while!  I might even just lie on the floor and revel in the view!  or, I might wrap myself in a bunch of fabric from my stash!  Either way...after an Enzo walk I am going to spend some time straightening it up and then deciding on a project.  Yesterday there was much talk about the need to sometimes just sew.  We are the woolies which means a lot of handwork...but, there is a desire to sit in front of the sewing machine and press that pedal to the metal!!!! lol

Tomorrow I have a wonderful slide show scheduled...the quilts hanging in the QuiltWorks Gallery...so check in!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The River to the Desert

What can I say...I really just wanted to take a break from reality.  Do you ever have moments where you wish you could wake up in an entirely different world, different name and take a break from the issues of your current existence?  Where the things in the news aren't real!  Who would you be?  Where would you live?  I was blessed to be able to have one of those moments...a break from the real world.  The retreat weekend was great...although, I would always want another day.  The Fabric Stalkers are going through changes, as half are retired and half are not...and, we are all adjusting to the changes in lifestyle that affect us as a group.  Once retreat was over...I was nowhere ready to jump back into the emails, business and decisions.  So, I left my life!

...and woke up here.

HH and Enzo had taken our new camp trailer out into the desert for an off the grid camp adventure and I planned to leave Quiet River and cross part of the desert in search of them.  I am talkin'...driving out east on HWY 20 turn at the power line on the dirt road and drive until you have gone over 6 cattle guards and  covered miles of dirt road.  Now, you are in the middle of nowhere....and you know what you find out there...PEACE.    The kinds of peace where you have no interest in stitching...you just want to sit and listen to the warm breeze as it moves through the trees.  Wow, who would have thought just 24 hours away from the world would rejuvenate your view on life.  I highly recommend it!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Woolie is Off Line

Today is a day of rest from the world and all it's craziness. While at Quiet River it seems we were sheltered from "as the world turns." But once we left I was not ready to enter then"real world." I headed about an hour into the desert to hunt down HH and Enzo who were camping off the grid. Wow...you can not know what silence is until you are out here. See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Determination...

It has been determined that there are several of us have a issue with BOM and BOW's.  We have decided to that we need a intervention meeting once a month in order to at least make headway on the overwhelming number of BOM's and BOW's.  For those willing to  participate via the blog I will post what day we will be working on our projects and then you can send me photos of what you are working on or have completed block wise.  I don't know any other way to get mine done but to have a sponsor who accepts me and acknowledges that I have an issue! 

We woke to the sounds of Balloon's Over Bend...what a beautiful way to start the day!

Here is a little slide show showing what we have accomplished in this heat!!!  Thank you Karen for the inspiration to prep, prep, prep...and now I think other Fabric Stalkers will be following suit! 

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quiet River...the Half Way House

It became apparent that Quiet River has become a Half Way House for BOM and BOW addicts.  It seems with the short retreat that we brought our BOM's & BOW's in hopes that we could make some head way in a short period of time.  The photo loading is slow here as the internet access is limited so tomorrow I will have more photos of projects.

I can never pass up this photo of Rob with her head lamp...I keep thinking I need one of those but when I see her with it on...it reminds me too much of the OR...or a coal miner.

The sista's are power sewing for a week together but took time out to do a little here.  Irene is quilting and Julie (from the Bay Area) is hand stitching her BOW.

The Giggle Girls Nancy and Lori are working on their Tonye Phillips projects from the class they took at Quilter's Affair!  Nancy is determined to actually finish a project from the Quilter's Affair in the same month she took the class...a first!

It is warm this week...in the 80's.  We have never stayed here this time of year, always in the winter time, so it is a new experience.  Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!

Friday, July 20, 2012

HELP!!! Me Locate A Quilter

When my sis and I saw this quilt we both thought of mom and wanted to hang it at Quiet River.  For those new to the blog my mom passed away last year...and although we have been limping along without her powerful personality in our lives...we cannot deny she went out with a bang!  At 81 yrs of age and the Commodore of the Elkhorn Yacht Club she had a heart attack while competing in the Double Angle Race between the Monterey, Santa Cruz and Moss Landing Yacht Clubs.  If you knew my mom or knew of her, you would understand how happy she was to have brought out the Coast Guard to bring back the vessel of her personality!  So...back to the quilt...it was For Sale! and my sister snatched the "buy" tag before anyone else could get this fabulous quilt!  I would like to let the creator of the quilt know where it went and why we purchased it...and to send her the participation ribbon.  So if anyone out there knows Helen May of Corvallis, Oregon who made the Sailor's Delight...please let me know her address!

Today I am heading over to Quiet River.  I took my projects over yesterday and am ready to prep, prep, prep!!!  I am going to try and get caught up on my BOW's!!!  I am also going to be tacking the binding on my July UFO!  I can't wait to see what everyone else will be working on...and, I am very excited to see Julie, our "out of state" Fabric Stalker!  HH and Enzo are going camping...lions, and tigers and bears...oh my...well actually, it will be coyotes, and deer and antelope...oh yeah!

have a wonderful Friday and I hope you have big plans this weekend!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catching Up On The News

Yesterday was spent thinking.  Reflecting about the visit from my sister, thinking about my youngest son's wedding next month and playing with Robin.  No sewing, not one stitch...but I did dream about it! lol    The photo below shows my sis, BIL and her friend Victoria helping me make fans for my youngest son's wedding.  We have their toddler photos on one side and the wedding party info.   on the other. Their wedding is going to be mid August and outdoors...and I thought fans would be the best bet.  It was great having the help and at the same time talking and laughing. Any time I sit down I cut fans! lol

Well!!!  here it is...a photo of Robin and her new scooter.  She has yet to confirm a name...but I hears Buggsie is in the running.  We road our scooters to do some shopping...then to lunch (Baldy's BBQ just opened in the Forum), and ended up at the movie Moonlight Kingdom.  The movie was quirky, funny, touching and definitely not for everyone.

Can you believe her helmet!  It is absolutely beautiful...but, I do think her scooter needs some flowers!  Parked next to "Patty" it screams decorate me!!!

This Friday begins a short Fabric Stalker weekend at Quiet River.  I have not felt the excitement as yet...think I must still be pooped...but....today I did start thinking about what I might want to bring and work on.  Weird how difficult it is to get my brain to focus on actually working on projects rather than  looking at other people's projects.  What has helped was reading other people's blogs and seeing what they are working on!  I got my answer after reading the Yellow Farm House blog!  They had a little retreat and only one person got their sewing machine out...the rest of them did prep or hand work!  I actually felt inspired!  My plan is to prep my Primitive Gatherings BOW!!!!  Ahhhh, then I can relax!

have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stalkin' The Good Life, Fabric Stalker Style

Wow...it seems...soooo quiet the week after Quilt Show.  It's all good, because if you had that activity level every month...you would never get a quilt made!  I am still reflecting back on the weeks activity and wanted to share with you the potluck that the Fabric Stalkers had at Val's.  First I have to share...we never gather the boys together.  In all the years we have been seeking friendship and support, it never included the guys...until now.  Quilt Week was in full swing and our youngest Fabric Stalker was coming home to enjoy a reprieve from life in Nebraska and we had to get together.  Val decided it would be nice to include the guys....and it was!  We had a great time sitting outside, talking, laughing, eating and drinking some of Joel's home brewed beer.

Since Lind's was in town we decided this was the day to wrap up the Flippin' Bird Challenge.  For those of you who are recent Woolies you can click on the links below to get the history and progress of the Flippin'  Birds.

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You have got to check out Lindsey's Etsy site, she will be posting photos of those bags available as she makes them!  Remember...Lindsey was the designer who made my Paris bag

you can find her on Lindsey's Etsy Shop

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Rivers, Three Sisters and the Water Falls of Whychus

I know I have inundated you with quilt slide shows this week...and you may be crying UNCLE!!!  But I have saved a special one for today.  Many of the quilts this week are from quilters all over the world.  Today's slideshow showcases the amazing local talent...no, I am not talking about the Fabric Stalkers...although, besides being crazy, fun and cute we are talented in our own way.   No...this talent is way beyond!

The Quilts for Two Rivers and the Waterfalls of Whychus is part of a campaign to restore two protected wild and scenic rivers, Whychus Creek and the Metolius.  Each quilt panel is the individual quilter's interpretation of the section of the waterway they were given to recreate and when hung together enable the viewer to almost hear the water flowing.

Clearwater Creek Gallery is a must see art gallery and was the location of the Quilts for Two Rivers and the Waterfalls of Whychus quilts during Quilt Show week.  Their new location, just across the street from the Sister's Coffee Company offers not only art...but food, wine and eventually live music.

I also couldn't help but take a few more photos of art quilts hanging in the gallery at the end of this slide show because they were so amazing!

If you want to help in the National Forest Conservation click on the link and be part of the preserving a precious resource, our National Forests and Grasslands!

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Here they are all connected! Click the quilts to enlarge!