Saturday, June 30, 2012

Full Friday

Yesterday was a full day filled with wonderful moments.  Look at this cup of coffee made by the barista at one of my favorite coffee shops downtown, Thump!  you know...caffeine makes your heart go thump! lol  I was meeting my cousin for a quick catch-up girl time...I love whatever small moment we can eck out together.

From there I went to pick up Anne for some girl talk, lunch and shopping!  I took her to my favorite casual organic restaurant, Jackson Corner.  We hadn't seen each other in over a week and the next week looks to be just as busy as her grand-kids are coming back down with the parental, we cut out this little bit of girlfriend time.  Needless to say there was lots to catch up on!!  After lunch we headed over to the Iron Horse and eclectic recycle of furniture and geegaws...and look what I found!  This fabulous box...for only $20!!!  I plan on repainting it red but leave some of the blue showing by using Sandy's wax paint technique.  Awesome huh!

...and then off to the builders...our retirement home is going to become a reality.  Someday in the near future they will break ground...and, I will be looking at this view...pinch me...I think I am dreaming!

This morning I am heading to BJ's Quilt Basket for the Freebie BOM program.  My blocks are done and I am ready!  For the first time I am totally prepared for the meeting, no stress..ahhhh.

Friday, June 29, 2012


What can I say...the power of a positive back is BACCCCK!  A little tender loving care and I feel fantastic!  But, I am not so naive to believe I am totally out of the woods...but at least I was able to walk Enzo...isn't this photo funny...he is the same color as the carpet! 

Yesterday I was really into my up, showered, read the paper with Dh, did a little paper work...took a nap...yes I took a nap at 0800! LOL  What a life retirement is...I wish it for all of you!!!!  Went to BiMart and bought 3 flats of quart size canning jars for flower arrangements at the wedding.  Came home, did more computer work...and then....

I got my BJ's Quilt Basket BOM's done for Saturday!!!!  yeah!!!  Yes, I actually sat at my sewing machine and pieced some blocks!  Life is good!

Then when I checked my email I received this from Bird Brain Designs....I love this table runner!  I just can't buy it....but I really want it!!!  oh the life of the newly retired, I can't have everything I want!  Whaaaaa!

Have a great TGIF and I hope your weekend includes some wonderful treats!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh My Aching Back

Well I played it close to home yesterday...because of my aching back!  The trip a couple of weeks ago to SF resulted in a flare up of an old back injury.  I was babying it along...especially while in Disneyland.  It was really starting to get better until yesterday when a bout of stretching exercises cause a flare up of epic proportions!  A trip to the clinic resulted in instructions of things to do until my appointment with the doctor on Monday.  #1, ice it!  and take some Motrin.

HH came home for lunch and gave me the appropriate amount of sympathy and told me he would cook dinner if I would defrost something.  Hummm, quilters are used to figuring out short I decided to use the frozen chicken as an ice pack! LOL

Put the frozen chicken in the freezer bag and then wrapped it in a towel bag.  It was perfect and almost defrosted by the time HH got home!

I have been trying something new with this wool project.  Instead of a blanket stitch or whip stitch I have been trying out some embroidery stitches and it has been fun and adds some interesting texture to the project!  I am becoming a brave woolie...just in time for the Quilter's Affair and my Sue Spargo class!

I'm hoping my back feels up to some quilting today because I can hear my room calling my name!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Slice of Peace

The summer months in Central Oregon life ramps up to a high fever of activity.  Not only is there some event, race or concert every weekend but the population increases 10 fold.  During these months the quilt stores tend to decrease their classes & groups to make room for more retail space.  Still wanting to connect and sew but having no where to gather in large groups (no one has classroom space at their home) the locals spontaneously gather when they can.  The Woolie group at QuiltWorks is just a drop in and sew group.  When 3 of us got an email that the classroom wasn't available it created somewhat of a little whirlwind.  We don't have a "group leader" who has everyone's email and can contact with is way more casual than  

We lucked out that someone...Barb...offered her dining room for an impromptu gathering but regret anyone who decided to drop in at QuiltWorks and found no one there.  We did start a email list and plan on giving it to Marilyn at QuiltWorks so she can let everyone know when she changes the schedule. If you are a Woolie and want notice of any changes to the schedule give your email address to Marilyn.

Look at this loot that Sandy brought back from her road trip to Mt. Rushmore!  It is so fun to check out different quilt shops in our travels and the girlfriends love getting a "quilt road trip" report.  She confirmed it...even though she found many treasures we are sooooo blessed in Central Oregon!

Today we have 2 short slide shows, one show 'n tell of those that gathered at Barb's house and of course I couldn't be at a Quilter's home without taking a peek at the sewing space/room!  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Yesterday was sweet on so many levels!  I finished my June UFO!!!  Thank you very much (said in an Elvis voice).  I wanted to give a "former" (love saying that)  co-worker and friend a thank you gift for the lovely retirement party she put together downtown.  I picked out a table runner and quilted it yesterday.  I have not "quilted" in months and it was sooooo much fun! We are meeting for breakfast this morning and I will be baring a table runner! lol

The MG's is always and I mean always stimulating! Not only because it is a bunch of quilters from all over the county but it is so much more than quilting.  Jokes, laughter, stories, family updates, opinions, opinions, and more opinions. lol  The highlight of the day for me was not only seeing our honorary member Diane from Texas but getting a close up look at the bling Linda will be wearing at her son's wedding!  You might remember the slideshow of Linda's place, if not click on her name link.  The wedding will be held at the family lucky are the bride and groom!  Yesterday Linda was showing the belt she will be about bling!  All those Swarovski crystals just made my heart sing!  Wish I was as skinny as her I would borrow it for my son's wedding!!!

Enjoy the slide show and your Tuesday!  As for me I hit the door running at 0730 and will be home later tonight!  Woolie follower Jenny asked if I ever stay home...not today! lol

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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Book of Ruth

hummmm, yes that is the hum of a good day!  I finally was able to spend sometime in my sewing room.  Reacquainting myself with my sewing chair and machine.  I realized that June was just about to say goodbye and I had not finished a "June UFO."  I decided to quilt a table runner.  A couple of years ago my fellow Fabric Stalker Lori and I went through a "table runner" period whenever we were on retreat.  We made 1-2 table runners...between us I think we have every table runner pattern ever made.  They give you instant...well, almost instant gratification.  You get to use up some fabric, most work well with charm packs and they don't take a lot of brain power.  The only issue is that you can end up with a pile of table runner tops really fast! lol Spending the afternoon quilting and listening to "The Witness" was almost perfect...but perfection really lay ahead of me!

The early evening I was picked up by my friends Val and Robin and headed to book club which was being held in God's Country!  We rotate homes for our book club and this month's was at Ruth's Place.  A sheep farm in Tumalo, a small community right outside of Bend.  She lives in a historic farm house which still has some of the original features.  When you stand on the front porch it just takes your breath away!  And the best part...she is a quilters also!

As it seems with all quilters, we are apologetic about the size or disarray of our sewing rooms.  But geesh, Ruthie...look at your view!  Unfortunately I was so excited about going that I forgot my camera.  These photos were taken with my phone which was almost out of slide show!

Here is a photo of Ruth, who is absolutely a bundle of good humor and common sense.  She is an OR nurse educator by trade, a quilter by passion and a sheepherder with Rod...her DH.

She set a beautiful table for dinner and the eats were unbelievable...beside the hor'devores, we're talking about a 10lb vegetarian lasagna and chocolate bread pudding with ice cream for dessert!

No, it was not made on this stove!  but is this not an awesome focal point and look at that wall hanging behind it!

I fell in love with this hooked pillow!  She didn't make it but she was smart enough to buy it!

Can you see a theme here...she and Rod like Sheep! LOL

There are lovely little corners throughout her home which display a wealth of family love and history.

Although she says her sewing room is tiny and she plans on reorganizing and moving it into the room next door...really, look at the view outside her quilt room...WOW

Today I head to the MG's (Material Girls) which means great conversation and some handwork!  Hope your Monday is wonderful!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Jibber Jabber Day!

What started out as a day where I would eventually make it into my sewing room turned into another busy day.  Started out cutting HH's hair...I have cut his hair since the day we were married almost 35 years ago.  I like cutting his hair.  I told him, "someday the haircuts might start to not look so good but, by then his eyesight would be such they he couldn't tell!" lol  He said...yeah but others will see it!  I said, "they'll be too polite to make a comment to 2 old people!"  Afterwards we attended a homeowners meeting in the community where we own a lot...boy was that ever interesting.  The meeting went a whole lot longer than we thought it would.  Busy, busy, busy...driving on the phone and computer...finally at 3:30 I approached my sewing room....ahhhhh.  It was a disaster but I loved just walking in and cleaning.

I hadn't been in my room for over 2 weeks! While having my morning coffee and reading Sweet P's blog she was listening to a John Grisham novel...this photo has what I found on my sewing table!  I love to listen to book on CD while playing in my sewing room.  During cleaning I put on the first disc of The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts.  I made it half way through one disc before way...I give a CD book a half a disc to capture me or I move on...for paper books I give it 5 chapters. Life's too short to waste on a book you can't get into.  

I also created this tower of project boxes...Huston, we may have a problem!  Oh well, I love all my projects and at least now it is somewhat organized.  But, I did realize that for now...I can not fit another project in this space.  Time to start chipping away at my project list.  I have it fairly organized and the best part...I cleaned all the lint out of my sewing machine, even took out the bobbin casing and cleaned!  Put in a new needle! and am now ready to start piecing...when ever I get the time! lol  I think tomorrow after I am done working on business stuff I am going to prep a bunch of wool projects!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and that it includes a little sewing is so good for the soul!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ahhhh Saturday

I have been running around like a chicken with it's head cut time to even answer emails but I will this hang in there with me.  I finally got my dining room table cleared off.  It was piled with paperwork and mail.  I can actually see that beautiful wool table runner I made!  I was asked by friend and Woolie follower, Cakers to post a big photo when I posted the Free Ornament of the months...finally here is June's!  Isn't it adorable!  Just click on the photo of the ornament on the right side bar and you are taken to the instructions.  Robin really has such a wonderfully creative mind!

Since I have nothing quilt related to show you because the only thing I am working on is a wedding embroidery present in the evening and I can't show that to you until it is done...dang...I thought I would share some photos from my cousin's wedding last weekend.  While we were down at Disneyland we took a break Saturday evening to attend my cousin's wedding.  Yep, she is my cousin. My mother was the oldest sibling and I am the oldest while I am retired I have cousins who are still not married or have children...and I can attest that is can be difficult to be around a whole crowd of in beeeeuuuuuutiful people and know they are related! lol

Isn't she absolutely gorgeous!  What can I say, some of us got the funny gene  instead of the beauty gene!

You don't believe are two more of my cousins! That little guy, Troy....that's his mom!  Can you believe that body gave birth to 2 children!  Whaaaaaa!

....and 3 more...stop already...and that is only a small fraction of them...I didn't want to feel bad when I see this blog. lol  Actually these 3 are my second cousins...their dad's are my cousins.

Ahhhh, and here is the cousin photo most of us are here....dang good looking crowd.

Today I at least step into my sewing room....wish me luck!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Trolley Info

I was asked to go into more detail about the Trolley Needle.  I have not used it yet but am anticipating that I will become a trolley expert!  It is designed to slip on your index finger and thus becomes an attached stylus.  It is made out of metal and is flexible in a one size fits all adjustment.  You can move fabric around to re-position without upsetting the entire layout, use it like a traditional appliquer might use a toothpick...or it is also used to control thread when needlepointing.  If you use glue when appliqueing it will not harm the metal surface.

Easy to lift fabric to apply additional glue.

you could go Edward Trolley Hands and get one for each finger!

...or, at Happy Hour you could use it to enjoy your very favorite Castelvetrano Olives...they are my favorites!

I figure I will use it when I get around to prepping my month 2 of Stars and Sprigs!  I ordered mine online through Nancy's Notions! I don't know about you but I am having some difficulty staying in my sewing room with the sun out...I was born to Patty!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not Jet Lag...Disney Lag!

I am still waiting for that feeling of being retired.  The only time I feel retired is when I look at my checking account and there is no every 2 week deposit! lol  Yesterday I had breakfast with Robin and then spent the rest of the day taking care of business, going through the mail and a couple of meetings...but today...I plan on some sewing time!  Because....I got mail!  Yes, while I was gone my mailbox was filling up, not only bills, junk mail...but goodies!!!  I received week 2 of the Primitive Gatherings BOW along with the freebie block.  Also my pack of Wool of the Month...had to do this after hearing from Fabric Stalker Julie that she loved getting those packs of wool. Then there was the Trolley Needle as suggested by Anne and Kim!  This item is going to make me applique better, lol.  Totally forgot that I had signed up for Primitive Gathering Christmas BOM...yeah!!!!  So I have lots to keep me busy! 

A few more Disney shots to my son and DIL want to ground me for allowing all this sugar ingestion! lol

This was by far my favorite ride...absolutely amazing!  This ride would "almost" make me want to go back again!

My second favorite thing at Disney was the Asimo show.  Truly incredible to watch and I included the video here so you could enjoy it without the millions of people!

We couldn't come back without bringing back some Mickey Ears for little brother Wyatt...he really is the cutest Mouseketeer!

Will be slowly getting back into the "Quilt Talk!"  I swear...thank you for the welcome backs, I really missed you!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

She's Baaaacccck!!!

I am back and in one piece...barely!  We walked the parks 3 days in a row for 10+ hours each day and boy did I ever get a dose of humanity!  I won't bore you with a slide show (it has 90+ photos) but over the next few days will just scatter some photos with some stories...and boy do I have stories.  We are proud of ourselves that we could keep up with a 10 year old, who never has an off switch.  lol  And there is nothing better then seeing the joyful glee of children...but, somewhere along the line people have lost their common sense.  Luckily for us our grandson knew his tolerance and we listened to him...we went with the flow...most of the time, lol.

Grandpa "G" had a matching shirt...2 wild and crazy guys!  Waiting for our boarding time to be called.

Since I had hurt my back a week before in San was left to HH to ride the roller coasters.  It was so funny because in every photo he looks like he is sleeping! lol

It was kinda weird the progress??? of our society that the level of security was amazing.  It had been over 20 years since I had last been to the park and life has changed for Americans.  I think Disney has as much security as the government!  We went to a little kiosk to buy some sunscreen and the sales person knew that my grandson was from Beaverton!!!  They must have had some software recognition programs!  The conversation went like this...Hey young man, where you from?  I'm from Oregon...Portland, Oregon (because no one knows where all the suburbs are)...sales person think you're from Beaverton!  Freak out!

The other things that was apparent were the stroller parking lots....there were more strollers than anywhere on earth!  Probably as many as on the freeways.  Parents were so wrapped up in creating this perfect experience that little kids were being moved around, screaming for mercy! lol  And I am not exaggerating when I say...the line for a ride on the roller coaster cars in Cars Land was 5 hours on Friday and 7 hours on Sat.!!!  I am not sure what we are teaching our children when we will wait 7 hours for a 3 minute ride...we did not wait...nor ride...and we still had a great time.

Needless to say when we saw Black Butte...heck even before, when we landed in Portland the stress began to fall off our shoulders.  Home Sweet Home!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pay Up Time!

Well, it is pay up time!  When my grandson was 8 years old I gave him a digital piggy bank and told him to start saving up because when he was 10 yrs old I would take him to Disneyland.  Guess what?!  He turned 10 and he filled up the jar!

That jar of change was turned into bills and he is ready to go!!!

Today HH, Byron and I fly to the Happiest Place On Earth!  and the Woolie blog will be offline until Tuesday June 19th.  While visiting we are attending my cousin's wedding and partying with my whole family...should be interesting!  Wish me sister has already been there for a couple of days and said to bring ear plugs! LOL