Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 1! The Beginning (Give Away Count Down)

I want to say thank you for all the well-wishes left on yesterdays post! I am encouraged by those who have been enjoying their retirement and I pray that many of you will be following in my footsteps sooner than later.  There are still days left for the Give Away which will run through Sunday.  Don't forget to leave a comment on this post for the Give Away, be a registered follower and if you have a blog let your readers know about the Give Away...cause I am celebrating!!!

My last day of employment was eventful!  Upon arrival at 0530 the computer system was down and we initially had to go back to paper! lol  Then when it came up my employer had already "expired!" all my access to the programs.  When I  took my break for breakfast my employee card no longer worked and I found out  the time clock hadn't accepted my badge swipe.  Although I still had 10 hours of work ahead of me I was already purged from the system! lol  Humility is a really great virtue to have because in reality you are not as important as you think you are! lol My badge seemed to worked when I picked up a prescription at the pharmacy but I found out later from HR that in fact it had not and I had to go back and pay cash.  On my last day of employment I was already panhandling for quarters to come up with the cash!  Kathy, a coworker came through with the quarter I needed.  Robin, bought me an afternoon snack and Anne a charge nurse  treated me to lunch. But, even after having spent a good 2 hours working on getting access back, changing my password 3 times I had a wonderful last day at work.  Great patients, lots of wonderful good byes and well wishes.  There was so much positive energy and dreaming going on...a perfect day.  Now, I am ready to party!!!

Although Enzo was not speaking to me when I left for work by the time I got home and told him I retired he was ready to head out and celebrate!  oh yeah, he has got the moves!

I made it!  Just in the nick of time, my May UFO done!!!  Henrietta Whiskers, the free BOM by Bunnyhill 

Maybe now that I am "retired" hehehe...I love saying that...I can get more of my UFO's done.  But as Anne and I discussed Tuesday...we may never be done if we keep adding more projects to the pile!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Give Away Celebration!!!

It is my last day working in the hospital!!!  I am officially retiring from my life as a Registered Nurse and  continuing on in a life that is wide open!  To Celebrate I am having a Give Away! and there will be 5 lucky winners!  Remember a few post back I talk about these amazing Clips !  Keith at Hancock Fabrics is sponsoring the Give Away by providing me with a box of 50!  I divided them up into groups of 10 which is perfect for tacking a may like them so much you will need to purchase full box of your own.  Included in the Give Away is a cute pouch to hold the clips and a variety of 6 quilt labels!!!  All you have to do is be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog, leave a comment in celebration!!! on Sunday Enzo's dog dish will cough up 5 winners!  Best Wishes!  If you have a blog please pass on the Give Away...retirement conga line!!!

Yesterday Lori and I went to Anne's house for a Applique Tutorial.  If you have ever seen Anne's applique you will know why we consider her the Queen of Applique!  I love this photo cause she is reprimanding Lori for not listening, ROFLOL...not really but it looks like we are in trouble...I of course was teacher's pet!  I am very excited about this because I have several months of the Stars and Sprigs BOM backed up and it is all applique!

I had to take photo of Anne's design wall because there is so much to admire and sooooo much to long for!  Yep, this girl is in deep! lol

I love her quilt many beautiful quilts!

This is her latest project, so beautiful!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, don't forget to sign up for the Give Away and pass on the news!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Countdown

It was such a great Monday.  I remember when I was a first out of college and had a job that was Monday - Friday I always had that feeling...on Sunday evening that Monday was coming, lol.  As a nurse, shift work and rotating schedules did away with that feeling.  Now, some Mondays are just wonderful.  We were blessed to have our grandson's and DIL for breakfast before they headed over the mountain...back home.  I may be a little partial (lol) but I think my guys are just the sweetest, cutest, most talented, awesome grandson's ever!

After Sarah and the boys left I started working on cleaning up my sewing room.  You know what that means...I created a mess and chaos!  I was trying to create more storage for my wool and that meant emptying out a bucket.  I found one that was filled with novelty scraps I was saving for I Spy quilts.  I spent the morning using my GO cutter and creating a pile of hexagons, 6 inch squares and 2.5 inch strips.  

Noontime I hopped on "Patty" and headed to meet Robin at the movies.  I have been waiting for months for the movie "The Exotic Marigold Hotel." It came out every where else on May 4th!  Finally, it showed up in Bend.  The theater was packed!  We laughed so hard and yet there were very poignant  moments.  Well worth the money!

Today I head over to Anne's for a "special" applique class.  I really need to get moving on my Stars and Sprigs and need a remedial class...cause I have another applique BOM starting to arrive in June!  Wish me luck that the teacher likes me!

Stay tuned!! tomorrow a big Celebration and Give Away!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bee Boppin' Around

Yesterday was a Bee Boppin' Day.  No real agenda (except for Wool Group).  I do have a surprise for you guys an upcoming give away sponsored by Hancock Fabrics, so stay tuned.   While walk around Hancock's Keith the manager showed me the next Notion of the Month which started on sale yesterday!  Can you believe that they have a double pack of Fiskar scissors in the new designer colors for only....$7.79!!!!  If you want some you had better run down there because as soon as I posted the info on the clips, they sold out!

Check out their bookshelf...anything from cooking, knitting, crochet, jewelry making, quilting!!!

Also found a stash of OttLite bulbs.

The Wool group at Sew Many Quilt was hopping.  I am sad that it is being discontinued for the summer!  QuiltWork's Woolies take a break just around the Quilter's Affair...thank goodness...I need my wool girlfriends.  Take a look at this beautiful pillow that Linda made as a store sample for Sew Many Quilts!

I am getting Halloween Fever!  Sew Many Quilt has such cute displays for Halloween projects.  I can't wait to participate in their embroidery group!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, hope the weather is perfect, the parades are wonderful and your flag is flying!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Guess Who Came To Dinner???

Robin calls Wyatt Re-Pete...he sure does look like his daddy Pete!  It was such a wonderful surprise that my DIL decided to come over the mountain.  Her BIL's 30th birthday party was last night and her sister pleaded for her to make the trip since the little cousins had a long weekend.  My older grandson and I pulled a joke on Robin.  We hid a fart machine under the couch cushion...well what can I say...I am the perfect nana for boys! When  Byron pressed the button and the noise came out we all squealed ROBIN!!!  she immediately denied it and knew something was up.

Enzo had a good time because his best friend came along! 

I am heading to wool group at Sew Many Quilts today...why you ask...because I have so many new pattern and projects brought back by my favorite personal shopper, Anne.  She and Karen out did themselves shopping!  I have got to start completing the old stuff so I can dive into the new!

Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, holding close to your heart all that it represents.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Stitchin' Post & Lori!

Yesterday was a BUSY day starting with a meeting at 8:00 AM...and of course it was pouring rain and snowing in Central Oregon.  Yes, snowing!  But if you can believe it by 11:00 the sun was out and the vegetation was happy with all that water and sun.  This trip cam photo was sent to me by HH who knew Lori and I were driving to Sisters for the birthday party.

Lori was going to make a killing at the quilt store because not only was it their annual sale but it was also her birthday month which means she received at further discount!  It was so busy that Jean Keenan Wells was cutting fabric.  It was funny because everyone was lined up behind her wanting their fabric to be cut...I think there might be a possibility that if she cuts your fabric all your points will be perfect! lol  Jeannie was purchasing fabric for the Tokyo Subway Quilt during Quilter's Affair with Elizabeth Hartman.  3 of the Fabric Stalkers are signed up in the same class...and boy have the rest of us been hearing about the cutting! 

Tamra who is an instructor, fabric cutter, and blog master gave a group of us a short lesson on an upcoming Fall class using an unusual ruler by Creative Grid.  Lori and I are going to try and fit that one in our schedules...cause we don't have that ruler! surprise, is inconceivable that we don't have every ruler out there! 

Here is Lori with her hands full of birthday purchases and a couple of local gals, Suzette and Susanne who also braved the weather for the love of fabric.  

I have to explain that I forgot my all the running around in the morning...I totally forgot it so these photos were taken with my phone, lol...not the best but at least you get a peek.  I loved the quilt below, it really was muted as in the photo.

The shop was filled with modern and fresh designs!

I had to get this kit so I could make a Christmas present for my cousin's daughters!  love my girls and don't get to see them enough not that they have moved over the hoo

This is an older quilt but a spectacular indicative of Central Oregon.  Same view that will be out my window someday.

some goodies on the Twigs side of the shop.  Lori is a knitter and so had double the fun.  I love anything that has words on it...I think I am going to put that on my list...a word quilt!

Wool!!! and not just any run of the mill wool but beautiful wool!  Our Robin is dying wool and will soon be getting her fledgling business started! Soon you will see her wool on these pages!

So here is the thing...I had a perfect day, started with business, then a trip to the dog groomers, headed out to Sisters with Lori, got a call from my DIL that she was heading over the mountain with my grandsons!!!, Lori and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch with insightful conversation, came home where  we oogled over all that Anne brought back from market, picked up Enzo, went to another meeting, came home crunched numbers and then headed out to El Caporal  with HH where we were lucky enough to meet up with David.  HH and I love David...there are interesting people in the world if you just take the time to stop and converse.  We met David right in this spot about 4 years ago and have enjoyed conversation ever since.  He is now 81 years old and has an incredible wit and beautiful blue eyes.  We could sit all day listening to his story...he was a Spanish Interpreter for both the California state and the Federal Courts and has been a part of history.  As a young guy he graduated from college with a degree in Spanish...which led him down the path to a career that few are lucky to experience.  To be the fly on the wall of justice in progress!  Although he has written a manual on the interpretive services and their pitfalls in court which is still used today, we love listening to "his story". And although I have said over and over he needs to right a book I think he mostly enjoys the sharing person to person.

Occasionally, I realize that there is a person out there that is fascinating AND they are not a quilter! LOL Have a wonderful Saturday.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Jackpot "Wool" Bingo

Sandy and I are blessed to have our life line to Quilt Market.  Even though Anne was working hard helping Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill with her market booth she did have time to remember us wool addicts left at home.  Yesterday was shopping day at Anne's...or...wool bingo!  For a split second when I saw the pile of wool I fell like jumping and sailing across the room, landing in a mosh pit of wool...can you visualize it! LOL

In reality Sandy and I were able to behave, share and use our "big girl" sharing tools...well, at least we tried...

Look at this gorgeous pile of wool!  I am most excited about the  light colored wools, they are so hard to find!

I am currently fixated on pincushions.  They are so much fun, easy to stitch while watching Gunsmoke (I'm starting to fall in love with Matt Dillon).  I made as a birthday gift for a friend.  

Today,  Enzo gets a haircut while I head over to Sisters with a girlfriend to participate in the birthday celebration at the Stitchin' Post...which means Slideshow tomorrow!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Conversation Day

Random Conversation Day sounds like it is planned and organized when in fact all it means is I didn't get to pick up a needle so I don't have any "Quilt Talk."  When I am with my "girlfriends" I am laughing out loud all the time which is according to medical literature good for your heart.  The only draw back as you age is that when you laugh really hard you sometimes give a little toot...I know, you know what I am talking about!

For me, beside my girlfriends, Betty White is an inspiration in the aging with an attitude and I love it!  I read an article in our local paper and it might have been in yours about a guide to aging healthily and happily written by an 93 year old.  She has a few rules for inspirational aging and I will sum them up because they really are great.

1.  Try to view the inevitable losses of aging through a prism of optimism, curiosity and humor.
2.   Exercise the body every day.
3.   Use your brain
4.   Keep your sense of humor
5.   Dress well every day  (no sweats or house dresses)
6.   Find a theme song (make it something cheerful)
7.   Leave the door open for love (love can happen even more intensely at this age because your time     
      is short and you know it)
8.   Offer a cheerful greeting (never ask "how are you" you'll just hear a bunch of complaints)
9.   Have a conversation starter (stay current on the news)
10.  Plan you day, every day (you can have a fuller life because you time is your own)

Now on to the other random muses of someone who has not quilted in 24 hours...Enzo.  Enzo is a dramatic squirrel warrior when I am home.  Defending the bird feeders from the Doom Squirrel.  At the mention of a squirrel he will bolt to the door, barking with teeth bared.  What I have found out though is that when I am not home he is the ultimate slacker employee!  Lying around, yawning while the squirrels raise havoc on the deck and bird feeders!  We keep our seed in this hard bucket on the deck without any problems.  But Doom Squirrel has been testing the security system for a week now and discovered that Enzo is no Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible...but in fact is like more like Chester on Gunsmoke....which resulted in this mess when I got home.  I would fire Enzo but his union rep says that I first have to file 3 disciplinary warning...This is #ONE!

Hope your Thursday is filled with joy, laughter and some stitching!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Woolie Tuesday Infommercial

These are the coolest "wonder clips."  Made in Japan...I wonder if it will make me as great a quilter as Yoko Sato!!!  Keith, who is the manager at Hancock Fabrics uses them to hold the binding when he is tacking it down.  But they have all kinds of sewing applications since they have a 1/4 and 1/2 inch seam allowance markings.  I know that Val and Jane bought theirs for $29.99 a box in Merrill (there are 50 of them in each box so you can split the cost with a friend)  Right now...till the end of May Hancock's has them on sale for $19.99 a box!  

Woolie Tuesday at QuiltWorks was a full house filled with opinions, laughter and a whole lot of ooooh's and ahhhh's.  Enjoy the slide show, it is a short one but filled with inspiration.  As for me, I am off to second to the last day...ahhhhh!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Am Just A Material Girl...

It had been almost a year since I attended the Monday sew group known as the Material Girls.  MG's for short. Last year in May mom got sick and then with her passing in September I have had neither the time nor the emotional fortitude for a whole lot...but, I missed them.  This group of women have been meeting in Bend since the 1990's with participants coming and going.  The location has changed over the years and has now settled into the Deschutes Historical Museum. They meet every Monday but once a month is the birthday potluck and this month also included the vote for the 2013 Challenge Quilt.  In recent years the group which is made up of all kinds of quilters throws down a challenge to each other to create a quilt based on a mutually decided theme.  This year, "Pinwheels."  hummmm, I like pinwheels....

Here are a few photos of some of the creation finished and in progress that showed up yesterday!  

A wonderful dramatic Tee shirt quilt made for Karen's grandson! With the left over emblems and fabric she made pillows also!

JoAnn (a birthday girl) is hand quilting this beautiful house quilt made from the left over fabrics from a kit that Marilyn  made...way to recycle!

Here is Linda, one of the birthday girls who showed up in her....hummm, feathers?  I cannot remember what that is called but she made it to wear on her cruise vacation with her sister-in-laws...the Queen wears one I know that...and Linda was the Queen for the Day...anyhoo, she was adorable!

WOW, what a stunner!  This quilt in progress is being made by one of Connor's Fairy Godmothers.  The applique is absolutely stunning.  I have decided that I want the "A" word a part of my life, after all my  name starts with an "A" and it makes sense that I would be spectacular with Applique because in the past I have been fabulous with "anxiety, anger, eating apples, answering questions..."  Yes, all things "A" I have been good at!

Isabella is working on a button hole applique quilt to hang over her door, so cute...see the goose pulling Santa (I think it would be funny to put some goose poop under the wagon because if there is one thing Bend is's our goose poop!

Sue finished a patriotic wall hanging just in time for Memorial Day! 

These last two are by Catherine (hope her name started with a C?) This is a Haight Ashbury version of Bunny Hills "Raining Cats and Dogs" applique quilt!  She included all the dogs that have been in her life, how sweet!

Enzo and I have already been out for our walk.  I have one hanging basket to plant and then it is Wool Time.  Today is Woolies and I need to finish prepping a new project which I will debut tomorrow.  Also a notion of the month!!! ooooohhhh I know you can wait, nooootions.....

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sweet Memories

You know how after a really sweet day the feelings still lingers in your memory and a smile creeps upon your face every so often.  That is how it has been for me since going to Tater Patch.  It is not the "booty that was captured" but the friendship that was shared.  It was the spontaneous decision to do something out of the ordinary with people you care about.  I highly recommend experiencing the spontaneity of being together and doing something different.  Don't let that inner voice creep into your thoughts of the have too's, should's and can'ts.  Just Do It!

Every day this past week while writing this blog I have had a visitor.  This little guy comes and pecks on the if to say...stop writing, come out and play!  Funny little guy!

Here is the booty, captured at Tater Patch !  I brought home 3 packets of wool, a fat quarter pack of Ola la by Bunny Hill in grey, a panel of quilt labels, a piece of cheddar colored fabric (always hard to find that perfect cheddar color) and a piece of red Americana star fabric.  I put a dent in my quilt budget and what I realized on this shopping spree (Anne my 12 step quilt group leader was at market) is that the price of quilt products has really gone up!!!!  Holy Moly!

I just had to share this flower with you!  Isn't this Peony amazing!  Yesterday while shopping for groceries I just had to treat myself to some fresh cut flowers.  I don't have much of a green thumb but I do love fresh flowers in the house!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!