Monday, April 30, 2012

Dreamin' A Dream For You & Me

I fell in love with Portland, Oregon ever since our youngest son decided to attend college in the Rose City.  Although he has graduated and moved our oldest son lives in the suburbs with his family and so continues to connect us to this wonderful city.  I used to dream about someday having a little place that I could just pop in and stay a while.  Portland is 3 hours over a mountain pass from where we live but is world of difference from the culture of our little town.  I love them both.  

My youngest son is engaged to a woman from Portland and so I have high hopes that they will someday return.  Her mother posted this video on her Facebook page and OMG...I wanted to run right out and get me a place right in the Pearl District!  My dream is alive and well!  Is there a specific dream you have that is just simmering on the back burner?  I would love to hear what it is!

After cutting HH's hair yesterday morning he headed out to the desert for the day and I had a day at home to do whatever I wanted!  poking around the garden and sewing were on the list...but at the top was making these cookies for HH.  It is these unexpected little things that bind us.  Knowing that even though you are apart, they are still in your mind.  I saw these cookies on Pinterest and knew I was going to have to make them...and am I glad I did!  If there is a Cookie Heaven, these cookies are one of the saints!

1 super moist lemon cake mix
2 eggs
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 tbsp. lemon zest
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp. lemon extract
white sugar for coating
confectioners sugar for coating

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Mix the first 6 ingredients together.  using a cookie scoop, drop a scoop of dough into the white sugar covering the cookie, then roll in the confectioners sugar.  Place on a non stick cookie pan and bake for  6-9 minutes or until slightly browned on the edges.

when slightly cool pick one up, close your eyes and bite it...that's heaven.

Here is my April UFO challenge quilt completed!  I finished tacking the binding last night.  This was a kit I purchased at Holly Hills in 2010 and now it is done and I love it!  On to the next UFO.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shop Hop Finale & The Winners!

Oh yeah...I said winners!  I decided to not only announce the winner of the Bird Brain pattern but also to pass on the fat 8ths and patterns I received during the shop hop yesterday!  I am giving you one of those disclaimers like they do on pharmaceutical will need a cup of coffee or tea because the slide show has over 70 photos, and may cause narcolepsy, urination of ones clothing, unusual desire to run around the county to shop, snack habits that are not common, sweating, squealing and gleeful running from cars to have been warned. report these or any other symptoms to your girlfriends and then open your wallets.

Caroline is the winner of the Bird Brain package!

The winner of the Shop Hop package is Linda.

Send me your mailing addresses and then the fun begins!

I am blessed because Robin decided to do the remainder of the Shop Hop with me and she drove!!!  Irene and I did the Bend shops on Thursday so all that was left was Prineville, Terrebonne, Redmond, Sisters and La Pine.  For those who have visited the area before you know what I am sayin'...that is a lot of driving.  As we finished the north end and had to drive through Bend to reach La Pine we stopped at Robin's house and picked up Brim cause he had been home alone long enough.  Enzo on the other hand was having a full day of fun with HH.

2 of the shops were in new locations since I had last visited.  The Quilt Shack in Prineville is in a awesome location and shop owner Rhonda has a jewel in the rough in her has been her project since the move late last year and has loads of parking, classroom space and street frontage.  The Material Girl in Redmond also moved to a larger space.  The fabric choices in this shop are some of the most delicious and for the first time since Jan. 1st I purchased 2 pieces of fabrics "just because."  My main shopping goal was to increase my homespun stash which was pitiful and the self made BOM project that I am doing with Sandy and Anne uses least that is what I want to make it out of!  Anne will be posting our progress.  All that shopping....was exhausting!  I haven't shopped like that for a while.  Thank the quilt gods that HH decided to cook dinner.  After a glass of wine, catching up on our respective days, a plate of spaghetti and a 3 episodes of Bones on Netflix I slept until 0630 this morning when  wet nose was bumping my arm!

Tomorrow I will post a photo of what I indulged in and as we are winding down and moving out of April I will have a photo of my April UFO.  Yes, I am quite happy that I am moving along on this challenge for 2012.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Give Away, the Last Day or...

Believe in Something Greater Than Yourself!

With each blog I ponder what the title will be.  I believe how one leads into the blog, moment, day, month, year or life somewhat determines the outcome.  As much as we all would love to believe that the world just couldn't spin one more degree without us in fact, it's very job is to keep on spinning whether we are here or not.  So how do we leave a paw print on the world?  When I look at Wyatt I believe in my future....

I also believe in my future when I look at my stash!  The way I have it figured if I keep creating quilts the shear weight of them will slow the spinning rate of the earth thus prolonging the length on my existence.  My stash alone (which is only a fraction of Anne's)  provides me comfort in that future.  As I wind down to having only one job (6 more shifts to go) I thank the universe that I invested in my stash!  There is a future for me in quilting and to be a fiscally responsible quilter I am heading out today with Robin to partake in the shop hop, stimulate the economy (while I can) and build up my homespun stash!

Martha is so right!  So, I am taking my somewhat frazzled disposition...putting a happy face on it and I am going to enjoy whatever circumstances spin into my life.

This is the last day to sign up for the Give Away  click on the link and follow the instructions.  Tomorrow the dog dish is going to cough up someone!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Shop Hop Day 1!? 2 More Days Till The Give Away

I really lucked out because when I woke up this morning I had decided to clean the house, deal with the pile of mail and complete some tasks that I had on my list.  As I was making Jello (yes we eat jello in this house and I don't want to know what is in it), my 6 jars of salad,  a bowl of hard boiled eggs (3 hard boiled egg whites is only 1 point on WW) and cooking 2 artichokes...all the while, trying not to stress about one of the little guys in our extended family who just had surgery this week and another member who is facing surgery...I got a call!!!!  from Cakers, a Fabric Stalker and Woolie follower.  Did I want to go to the Bend shops listed on the Central Oregon Shop Hop?!!!  For Shizzel!!!  

The day started out with a nice downpour but it ended up in sunshine.  These flowers were blooming in my front yard and I couldn't pass up a photo.

The Shop Hop was a little different this year.  Each shop is giving you a free pattern and a fat 8th of a designated fabric line that is common to all the shops.  If you visit all the shops and get your card stamped you have the opportunity to  win an awesome sewing of the spendy ones!  Plus there is a sign up at each shop for their own Give Away!  You needn't worry about snacks along the way as each shop had eats...and I mean great eats!

I had a wonderful time, looking at all the new merchandise...right now stuff is arriving daily in preparation for Quilt Show week!  If you can't attend our shop hop and see something you gotta have just call the shop and they'll be happy to send you your wants and needs!  I hope I'll be able to make the other shops but it all depends on that balance I talked about yesterday.  

Only 2 more days until the Give Away!  just follow the instruction on the give away post to participate.  Enjoy the slide show!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Balance & The Central Oregon Shop Hop

I practice balance with every breath I take...but, I would have to admit that I am not always successful!  I remember when I was a student at the University of Santa Barbara I thought it would be my chance to learn surfing...NOT.  I could not even balance on a surf board while lying down! lol  Although I was a good downhill skier and could even manage to get down on a Black Diamond Run...even if I was screaming all the way, I could not master cross country skis.  Ah, the fine art of balance.

There are so many choice this weekend, starting tomorrow.  But, how to balance it all...hummm.
The Central Oregon Shop Hop!
April 26, 27, 28 & 29th

BJ's Quilt Basket - Bend
QuiltWorks - Bend
Sew Many Quilts - Bend
Homesteads Quilts and Gallery - La Pine
Material Girls - Redmond
Stitchin' Post - Sisters
Quilters Attic - Terrebonne
The Quilt Shack - Prineville

Lots of give aways, a shop hop pattern and shop hop fabric available at each shop!  There is a chance to win  a sewing machine! along with a drawing at each shop for fun prizes!

If you can't make the shop hop you can click on the links located on the left side of the blog and see what's going on in the shops that have websites!  I wish you luck on finding balance in your life...and, a little piece of advice... wrapping your arms and legs around the surfboard does not create balance...there's a message here.  

Remember to sign in for the Give Away!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wool, Rabbits & Give Away

Yesterday Michelle over at Raspberry Rabbits posted a free pattern for this cute wool project.  Although I am not totally done...still gotta make the hangs on your door knob and is like a wool vase for dried flowers.  I thought it was so adorable that I had to make it right away! I want to add a few buttons to the project but otherwise I am pleased with how it turned out.  I love quilters...they are a generous lot! lol

Don't forget the Give Away!

Woolie's was a feast of good ideas, want too's, must make and gimme that!!!  We had a great time as usually laughing and eating cake!  We all sang Happy Birthday to Anne B. and Marilyn (shop owner).  Things are really bustling around the shop as Central Oregon gets ready for it's Shop Hop that starts on Thursday.  It really crept up on me...we'll have to see how I can fit some of the hop in my life!

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Off to work...hope you have a Great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GiveAway! + Stand Back!

I kinda feel like our "Doom" squirrel, low on emotional and physical energy.  It has been a trying 12 months and looks like we have a few more ahead in our family.  Doom Squirrel  is what my boys call the squirrel each season who arrives with attitude.  He could care less that we live here...cause this is his hood and you better play by his rules.  Enzo tries to scare him with his barking but Doom Squirrel just looks down at him and  gives him the paw.  But in this photo he is running low on attitude. lol

Remember all these stars!  They were part of the BOW by Primitive Gatherings in 2011!  They are done...but, what I found out is that when I started them I wasn't so good at precision.  Precision...that word in the quilting world that means the block finishes at the size the pattern specifies and all your points are perfect.

The Stars are BACK!!!  There was a definite skill line that was crossed about halfway through their construction. Those early stars...well lets say they look more like cogs than stars! lol 

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that I am now answering comments on the blog.  I am not sure when I do that if you are sent an email response but I thought that by sending email responses the rest of the readers may not get a question answered that one particular follower asks about a quilt or pattern...or Enzo.  From now one all comments will be answered on the blog so everyone can be part of the conversation line.

Remember this fun pattern by Bird Brain that combines both piecing and embroidery?!  

Here is the Give Away!  For the most part I like to play it forward when it comes to my patterns.  If I know I am done...never to make another one...I will play it forward with whatever left over fabrics there are.  I choose this pattern to celebrate the opening of a Bird Brain's Store Front!!!  So if you would like to is what you need to do...

1. Be a signed up follower
2. leave me a comment on this blog post if you have a "Stand Back" quilt  

Drawing will be on Sunday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Enzo & His Peeps

Yesterday HH and I headed over to Sisters.  It was a gorgeous day and we wanted to take a look at the window product used in the homes where we bought our lot.  Boy are we ever blessed to one day be able to call this place home.  The other thing I realized was that you have to be pretty darn secure in who you are to be a part of Enzo's life...cause he has got his peeps.  As I sat on a bench on the main street of Sisters a woman stopped and asked me if this was Enzo?  What the hey...have you been doing a meet and greet behind my back?!!!  Enzo has peeps!  But she reassured me that she is a reader of the Woolie Blog and recognized him from his photos.  I so appreciated that she said she enjoyed reading the blog (my self esteem somewhat intact) because as she walked away he turned and gave me this smug look...that is all about me and my peeps.

So here is the view from our lot...I am so dang lucky!

and the view looking from the back side across the lot...Sweet!
hey Marla...the 2 lots next door are for sale!

remember yesterday I was talking about paying attention.  Look at this pattern I stumbled on...

...and the colors of these cars all in a row...

since I was in Sisters which has some awesome antique places, I shopped and found these great ice skates which I am going to use in a front porch holiday arrangement.

I also discovered this sweet little ironstone sugar bowl to add to my collection!

To top the day off I visited the Little Buckaroos Fabric & Quilts and have a slide show to share. 

Have a great Monday!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pay Attention

I can hear the voice of my creative side whispering...Pay Attention!  I tend to rush from point A to point B...focused on the end...while missing the middle.   Creativeness isn't because of the beginning, and isn't at the end...but Creativeness is what you do with the middle. Yesterday was filled with "pay attention" moments.  And, I was lucky enough to be listening...and so I did.  But only after stepping in a big pile of dog poop on my walk!  Enzo and I were out in the glorious sun filled day and I was walking behind a tree in the field by my house trying to not spook some deer.  Suddenly I felt like I had an extra tall heel on one poop!  It was in that moment that I thought...a sign, today I pay attention.  

So when I rode my scooter to the grocery store I really "saw" the produce section and took photos.  The colors and arrangements of the fruits and vegetables were beautiful.  I think that if we pay attention there are inspiring moments all around us that we could use in creating a beautiful quilt!

The lesson of the day, "pay attention" continued on into the evening.  HH and I were invited to a wine tasting party.  Each couple brought 2 bottle of wine under $10 so the label was covered and we rated 8 different wines through the course of the evening while sharing horderves.  If I had seen the labels I would have judged them right away...but because I had no idea what I sampling, the judgement was based solely on taste...and my favorite a $5.99 bottle of Chardonnay!  I don't even like Chardonnay!  Paying attention & trusting what my taste buds were telling me rather than what is labeled made for a wonderful experience.  Good advice about life in general!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bucket Full of Moments

I swear you can't turn your back on life because given a little complacency you could get smacked with an "ah ha" moment.  My mantra these days is to live in the, when I saw this cartoon I had to laugh...because it is sooooo me!  Maybe it is you too?

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Enzo and I went gopher chasing which is our contribution to the golf course.  It is amazing what a gopher can do to a golf course or yard.  And then...I did a little sewing!  I made 2 stars!!! only 7 more to go!  I wanted to create more stars but it was really hard with the sun shining!  I couldn't resist,  jumped on Patty and headed downtown to have coffee with Robin.  Ahhh the sun shining, riding my sweet scooter with a big grin on my was a perfect moment!

 I picked up my kit for the Sue Spargo circles class I am taking this summer during Quilters got me all excited about quilt show week!  I have homework to do!

But what the hey!!!  one of the baggies had this written on it...bring to class in really fair!  my quilt class isn't for another 2 1/2 months!!!  I am not sure I can do that...but I don't want to get detention in my first class with Sue!  Well, only time will tell...hehehe

I hope you have a great Saturday filled with amazing, extraordinary experiences!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Customer Appreciation at the Stitchin' Post!

Customer Appreciation started today at the Stitchin' Post and will go through Sunday.  During shop hours the sale changes hour to hour.  Since Robin and I had to pick up our homework for the Sue Spargo class this summer...I thought we should just check out the fun!  It was great running into everyone who had the same idea as us!  Plus there is a potential to win this machine!  It is beautiful! 

For those who have never been to the Stitchin' Post it is actually 2 shops in one.  Twigs is the home decor and kitschy side with the yarn shop bridging the two sides.  Whereas the Stitchin' Post has all things quilt, Twigs has candles, home decor, toys, yummies, garden...even purses made out of old album covers!  I slowed the timing on the slide show so you can take a little longer to shop around and they will fill a mail order on anything you see!  

Today I mind meld with the Summer Stars!!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I know I have posted this quote by John F. Kennedy before but it seems especially appropriate in recent days.  At retreat (yes, I am still feeling the high of retreat) one of our members shared her fear that life/circumstances would affect the choice and ability for our group to continue forward.  We reminisced about members who have moved or dropped out.  It is like any long term group...tight and hard to fit in because there is so much history.  A portion of time is spent at every retreat talking about this shared history...and as much as a new member would add some spice they would also feel like an outsider.  Much like someone in a family who brings the "second" wife or husband to Thanksgiving dinner.  But the wonderful thing I have found is the variety of groups out there and I participate in a handful for the varied personalities, the shared knowledge and common passions.  I love my quilt groups. But, change is inevitable.  I used to be an adorable baby which made a cute little girl, who grew into a self conscious teen, skier, then became a struggling college student, confused employee,  star struck madly in love young woman, wife, mother!,  struggling college student (again), an efficient employee, a take no prisoner mom, needle-pointer, tole painter, seller of second hand junk, vegetarian, 1 acre farmer, carnivore, cross-stitcher, seller of crafts, skier (again), quilter,  adult orphan...which requires a whole new look at ones life.  Yes, change is inevitable and in the change I hang on to those people who contribute to my life and I can contribute to theirs.  Always,  grateful for the past (good and bad) accepting of the present and dreaming of the future.

Now that my yada, yada is over I have something fun to share!  Since I have to spend 10 hours at work I consciously try to find the joy in the people.  Boy, did I hit the jackpot yesterday!  One of my patients brought along a family member who was a crocheting genius!  As I talk to this person I learned that she NEVER uses a pattern!  I have learned along the journey of life...people try to find different ways to cope and this person had quit smoking by crocheting.  This kept the hands busy!  Such a smarty!  Like quilting, crocheting had become a passion and now she was spending more on yarn than cigarettes, lol...but it is healthier! I know a lot of quilters do other handwork so here is a peek and some fun ideas!

Little Monkey with a tail!

Fat Baby Boots (if you don't know what Fat Baby's are, Google...they are the best boots!)

Mary Jane's!

Cute hats and the flowers are interchangeable with other colors!

Camo flower for daddy's girl! lol

Have a great Thursday!  I am heading over to Sisters (Customer Appreciation Day) and will have a slide show tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life is a Chair of Bowlies

I have said it before and I will say it again...and, I said it at retreat...I do not get the sewing time at home like I do at retreat.  Even when I have a day to myself and I plan on not leaving the house...where the goal is to sew all day! So, when HH asked in the morning if I was going to use my car today? I said,  "I am not going to use a car today because I plan on staying home and finishing up my Summer Stars BOW."  He wanted to use a car instead of his gas hog of a truck.   In the morning I took Enzo for a walk, dealt with the mail, and had planned on picking up pine needles until the pollen count hit and I couldn't stop sneezing.  Then I got a call that I missed an appointment and they would reschedule for 1:30 in the afternoon, yikes!  When HH came home for lunch I reclaimed my car, went to my appointment. Came home and realized that I hadn't sent a birthday present to a special someone in the mail.  Went to the post office where the line was long...which is when I realized that today for some reason I have no clue about, taxes were due to be filed.  By the time I got home and cleaned up my sewing room from having dumped everything from the weekend...I had time to cut out in ONE...Summer Star block. I mean cut sewing! Only 9 more to go (so close and yet so far) but, that will have to wait until Friday which is the first day I have free for sewing

But here is a bunch that I got done on retreat!

One of the things I learned on retreat was  how cute little wool scissors can make life easier.  I have been using the big yellow ones and they cut through wool like butter.  Recently though I have been working on smaller projects and cutting out littler pieces of wool.  These cute scissors are made especially for the tiny pieces.  The point is sharp and the blade serrated.  I got them at Sew Many Quilts.

I am working today and dreaming of my Summer Stars!  Hope there are some stars in your life!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Now, least you think that the retreat was a sweat shop with no laughing I am sharing a video with you that started a cascade of viewing...which almost resulted in a trip to the grocery store for some "Depends."  It has it's slow points and it could be that we were high on the fumes of fabric but we literally couldn't stop laughing.  A family of brothers/cousins/friends made a series of videos in which they mimic a made up story told by their kids!

Get yourself a cup of Joe and enjoy the slide show.  You'll want to watch it over and over and over again!  I have included photos of some of the patterns if you are interested in whipping up a couple yourself. Sunriver, where we rented a house is a destination resort with 100 of miles of bike paths.  It is a great place for a group of girlfriends or families to rent a house for quilting or to visit during Quilt Show week.

I am getting ready to share another Give Away this week, so stay tuned.  Welcome to the newcomers of the Woolie Blog and I so appreciate everyone's willingness to spend a few moments each day with me.  Quilting is all about friendship and sharing and my well is filled each day as I talk about life.  Thank you.  

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