Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Love

What can I say...I am in love! It is an amazing concept to know that no matter what happens to me...my DNA is marching into the future...way cool!  Thank you all so much for the well wishes it means a lot to me.  And, although at this point I can't respond individually to each congrats know that I carry them with me.

Just so you don't think I haven't been taking a stitch...anytime I am sitting in one spot for more than 10 minutes I have been stitching on Block # 11!!!!  Oh yeah...block 11 is officially done!  Which means one more block and then I get to begin the sashing and borders...which are somewhat complex...oh well I was able to make the bows on my last top so this one should be interesting and fun!

Hope Tuesday is filled with stitching time for you...as for me...I hope I get a little Wyatt time!

Monday, January 30, 2012

An Announcement....

by Enzo!

...and big brother Byron...

Wyatt has arrived!  Mom and dad are proud...mom only pushed for 20 mintues!

Big Brother, Nana and Grandpa G  are really happy!

7 lbs 15 oz, 20 in long born at 7:29 PM on the 29th day of January in the year of the Dragon!

Welcome Wyatt...we couldn't wait to meet you!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pinch of Quilting

These days my recipe for the good life include a pinch of quilting.  It doesn't take much to make me feel good...a pinch here, a dash there...add slowly till the flavor starts mixing into a nice quilting life.

My first block of the FREE BOM by Raspberry Rabbit! You can find the link on the left side of the Woolie blog.  It is sooooo dang cute. 

..and look at this!  My Lucky Charms class at the Stitchin' Post was a very cute Valentine's Day table runner!  These classes are quick and fun!  Most can be done either with a 5 inch charm pack or from your stash.  Just maybe...I will actually have a Valentine's Day project done by Valentine's Day!!!

Hope you have a Stitchin' Sunday!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It Ain't About Fabric...

Well, what can I say...when you are on a fabric diet...life can get pretty darn boring when you go shopping.  HH asked me what I was taking photos of...mannequin down!  Are you OK, are you ALRIGHT...basic CPR stuff. 

obviously this mannequin needed a new outfit! Can you imagine having this job?


Then...I began to speculate...the mannequins in this store look are buffed out!  Big muscles...

...and big pecs...and packages.  Interesting that the mannequins at the store I shop at have varicose veins, sagging girls and cellulite!

...OK, I swear there will be something quilting tomorrow!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Step by Step

It is a satisfying week for me.  Little by little, step by step...I am making some progress!  Since embracing my UFO's, WIP's, PIGs and Phd's I have been making headway with my friends.

Remember all these pieces I teased you with....

....all the pieces were sewn together....

...into this stack of cute bows!

Which resulted in a finished UFO top!  I absolutely LOVE IT!  The pattern is from Kansas Trouble Quilts which was purchased with the fabrics from Holly Hills Quilt Shoppe.  I started making the big presents and then stopped...for whatever life reason makes us stop in the middle of project.  But I am soooo happy I picked it back up because...did I say...I LOVE IT!!!

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Dance & The Winner!

It came in the mail...no, not the Publisher's Clearinghouse Winner...something even better!!!  My Quilter's Affair registration packet!  I have been trying for years to register for a class I am interested in taking.  But, due to some complications like mailbox phobia, ADD, organization disorder and calendar dysfunction I have always gotten the rejection letter.  It is the only time I have received rejection letters.  Every college I applied too accepted me...every job I chose to apply for I have gotten, except the one where I tried to become a scoop journalist for The Source (a local paper).  I think they didn't call me back cause of age discrimination and I wasn't dressed cool, no tats, no tribal piercings.  I have received the Quilter's Affair rejection letter so many times that I knew when I saw this one...I had hit the mother load!  WINNER, WINNER, WINNER!

I ceremoniously opened the letter with my cool letter opener and there was my pink name badge!  I had finally sent it in right away...as in, thank god I went to the mailbox, filled it out and stood at the Post Office till it opened so I could drop it in the inside slot.

I am now the proud student of a Sue Spargo "Wool Circle Play" class.  I have been wanting to take one of her classes that teach all that fun stitching you can do with wool!  I am going to sit in the front row and be her best student! Not like First Grade where I sat in the back row with tape across my mouth.   I also get to enjoy the fun lecture called "Dots & Spots" with Tonye Phillips and Kathy Deggendorfer!

...and the winner of the "Soul Mates" pattern is...Sandie@crazyboutquilts who said, " Oh! I have always loved that pattern too!  I would love to make it~and I'm a happy follower. :-) Thanks for the chance!" So send me your mailing address and I will drop the pattern in the mail next week!

Life is Good!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet Woolie Tuesday

Yesterday started out with a beautiful snow storm and ended with a downpour that left everyone soaking wet!  But...we need the moisture and so there is no complaining here. I spent the morning prepping some wool projects just in case I had to run out the door to meet a new baby grandson!  Afternoon was spent at Woolies.  Surprisingly even though the weather was a challenge everyone showed up at QuiltWorks.  Quilt groups are such a wonderful place to rest one's soul.  Everyone was working on their "special" project and of course Sandy came with many wonderful show and tells.  I love her enthusiasm and creativity.  I stitched, I laughed and I left with my quilting heart filled with inspiration.  Check out the slide show and tell me you aren't inspired!

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Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free, Libre, Gratis, 무료

Alleluia, praise the Quilt blog gods...I finally figured out how to get Robin's Free Ornament of the Month on the blog!!!  If you haven't noticed the button on the right side of the blog...all you have to do is click it and it'll take you to the basic instructions and the pattern that you can copy.  The photo on the front Woolie page shows you how she finished her ornament.  You do not have to fray the edge but can button hole stitch it if you want!  Robin is working feverishly to produce many more ornaments for you and soon we will roll out her pattern design company!

To celebrate this huge feat of Woolie conquering the Internet I am giving a free pattern away.  Soul Mates!  Of course you have to be a follower of the blog and leave a comment that you would like to win this pattern.  It is a new one and I have always loved Pieces From My Heart patterns.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Quilt Heroine

I get a daily email from Clotilde.  Yesterday's featured 
Organizational Ideas.  Some of which I had already created on my own and some I had never seen before...like quilt jaws?! or a hang out for your rulers! I love organization...I aspire to be an organizational queen...

But, most of the time I end up creating a fun kinda chaos.  At book club yesterday although we were there to discuss "State of Wonder" our discussion ended on the topic of organizational chaos, how we deal with it and how our parents dealt with it...yikes.  This subject is in the fore front of my brain as we meet with a designer about the layout of a future home...which means...you guessed it, a new sewing room.  Now this may be in the FAR FAR future but we wanted to at least get a design down on paper so we can trudge through the rivers of approvals and paperwork ahead.

Although you may have see shots of my sewing room I wanted to show what kind of organizational tool I am using currently and talk about them.

I love this spinning rack.  Not only because I can see all my little patterns but, they don't get lost in the vacuum of my sewing room.  And, there is shelving on the top and bottom for stuff...you know, stuff.

This is one of my favorite things.  An old thread cabinet. A drawer for my pearl cottons. A drawer for my extra bindings and 2 sewing junk drawers.  Purchased in Sellwood, Oregon which is an antique mecca.

OK, now this is a little scary.  I have a small closet in my sewing room that has shelving from top to bottom. But the reason I took this photo is because of those little plastic buckets.  That is where I store my patterns.  They fit perfectly.  Anne of Cottons 'n Wool actually has hers in alphabetical order by designer.  When I grow up I want to be Anne!

My rulers are stored in wooden ruler rack.  I like the rack but is getting full and I  tend to stuff other stuff in the rack making it look somewhat like a "ruler mash pit." next to the rack in the same photo is a plastic magazine box that I picked up at Staples and it holds the patterns I have ripped out of magazines or printed off the Internet.  These patterns are considered as "must do's" in this lifetime.  As opposed to the shelves of books...Mimi (a woolie follower) was right...it was dumb to pay $20 for a Quilt Mania magazine.  I have decided that this fabric diet has occasionally resulted in a "Quilter's Fugue State" where you make quilt related purchases without thinking!


The "normal" stash is stacked on shelves found at Target.  I do not like the idea of fabric in boxes as shown on Clotilde because I am of the belief that in order to create a wonderful quilt your fabric needs to breath, like a fine bottle of wine.  The buckets hold my wool and large pieces of fabric.

Now this is the "freak" side of the closet.  I try not to open this door to much, especially these drawers.  There are a couple of really sweet drawers that hold my Asian collection, homespun and polka dots...but, unfortunately because of room issues they have to be stored on this side of the closet (kinda like having to live on the other side of the railroad tracks).  Cause this side holds....UFO's, PIGs and WIP's...I can't remember who told me but one of the Woolie followers also has PhD's. But, I can't remember what that means?  Whenever I open this side I start hearing "trash talk"...and I just won't stand for it...besides, it kinda scares me...this is the scary side of the closet!

Someday I am going to be sooooo organized like Anne, courageous like Alma and creative like Kim...I think is I could roll them into one quilter...I could be SUPER Quilter, a new heroine who could champion those who are disorganized, can't cook and are fearful!

Have a monster great Monday!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Stroll

I was up early Saturday morning working on a UFO...getting so close to finishing the top!  I can't wait to show you! I am currently listening to the latest Janet Evanovich book, Explosive Eighteen while I am stitching.  That is my favorite thing to do...sew while listening to book on CD.

Robin came by picked me up and off we went for a stroll through some shops and art galleries around Bend.  It was fun to see what the local art scene was up too and I hope you will enjoy the stroll.

For the local folks, Art Works! at Tumalo was filled with all kinds of art...and they have great classroom spaces for rent that can be used for sewing groups.  Owner Doe Badley is a quilter!

Enjoy the slide show~ and have a Stimulating Sunday!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ms. Inspiration

I am a blessed quilter because all I have to do is turn to my friend locally and on the Internet for inspiration.  One of the quilters that I continue to enjoy the "WOW" factor from is Anne from Cottons 'n Wool Not only does she have a house to die for, a quilting studio that makes you want to have a "sit in" and never leave...she also is a fabulous quilter.  I love her choice of fabrics, patterns and  decor.  The quilt featured here is a Bonnie Blue Quilt and is absolutely wonderful. The fabrics, colors, tone and value all sing to me!

I am now on pins and needles waiting for a call from my son and DIL.  Lucky me they want me to be there for the birth of their first baby together.  And, I get to hang with my grandson who is also awaiting the arrival of a much anticipated baby brother.  Since I couldn't give my employer a specific date of arrival I took this next week off.  Which means if I don't get the call I am going to get a lot of quilting done...those projects don't have a chance!  I am hoping the weather improves a little since one of the mountain passes was closed due to a land slide!

Today Robin is picking me up for a jaunt to some art galleries! Life is Good! 

have a Stupendous Saturday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lesson Learned

I went to Barnes & Nobles yesterday because I found out that a Christmas gift I had ordered for my nephew's son never arrived.  The process of tracking down the  order and delivery was taking time and the manager told me to just browse while she was on hold.

I got a cup of coffee and headed to the quilt magazines...and found my favorite Quilt Mania and an annual publication by the International Quilt Festival.  Since I am on a fabric diet drooling over what I want in the future seemed like a good idea!  Until I got to the checkout stand...of course there was a line behind me...but when the clerk rang it up and said the total...$34.98!!!!!!!!!!  I actually said in a somewhat loud voice...What????  she politely said, "$34.98.  I said, "you gotta be kidding, for a couple of magazines?"  She pointed out that some of them are pretty spendy...NO DUH.  With the line behind me and my desire to drool over the pages I went ahead and made the purchase...but, let me tell you...from now on I am going to check out the price before I walk up to the register!  Next time I might just sit down at a table and drool over them with a cup of coffee and then put them back on the shelf.  What ever happened to the $3.99 magazine?  

Then last night I sat down and paged through them...OMG...they were worth every penny.  In fact the QuiltMania has the complete pattern by Lisa of Primitive Gatherings for the new Christmas BOM that is coming out in May that I was going to do!!!!  Here it is January 20th and it is Christmas all over again!

It is a good thing I am at work today cause some of my wage is gonna pay for my magazines!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lucky Charm

Before I begin today's jabber, jabber I wanted to talk about the front door at Jean Well's house.  There has been some curiosity about how it functions.  When I first walked up I literally stood there wondering how you get in or let someone know you are outside.  It is massive...at least 5 inches or more thick.  Heavy.  I wondered if you were just supposed to talk to it...kinda like Dorothy outside the Wizard's palace.  Then I noticed a doorbell recessed into the carving on the frame.  The door does not have a handle on the outside.  It is secured by a bolt that slides into the flooring on the inside.  It swings open by a push from the inside and rotates open on post...most amazing and beautiful!

Tuesday I had my Lucky Charm class.  It is a series where you can use the 5 inch charm packs to make something.  Tuesday's class was a Valentine Day table runner and it will be the first time I will have a Valentine project actually done by Valentine's Day!!! Since it was freezing cold and snowing in Bend Enzo accompanied me to class hanging out in the car waiting for me to come and give him breaks...he is such a good little guy!

Hope you enjoy the slide show...it includes some of my classmates show 'n tell, class samples for the Stitchin' Post upcoming schedule and of course a visual shopping trip!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jean Wells, Quilting Royalty

Yesterday I had an opportunity to visit the home of Jean Wells of Sisters, Oregon. I can't imagine there is anyone who quilts that does not know the name Jean Wells.  For those of us blessed to be able to live in Central Oregon, Jean put our little land lock part of the state on the map!  

She says that her grandmother was a strong early influence inspiring her to sew. With her artistic eye, determination and courage she opened the Stitchin Post and has been inspiring quilters for over 35 years!  In 1975 the first Outdoor Quilt show was hung and has been a draw for thousands of quilters and quilt lovers ever since.  When I asked how many quilts she has made in her life...somewhere between 1500-2000!

In 2005 her daughter Valori became a partner in the shop.  You can visit the post on her life and studio by clicking on the link.  Both women are incredible designers and inspire quilters around the world...all from a little town of about 1600 people.  

Being a curious sort...and always wanting to learn not only about quilting but how people live their lives day to day it was a treat to visit Jean's home.  She and her husband have been in the new place for about 2 1/2  years.  Right on the edge of town she can walk or bike to the shop.  With a beautiful view of the 3 Sisters range over a pasture with grazing horses...one has to wonder why she ever goes to the shop! Catherine Gray was the designer and Brad Nickleson the builder.  They chose to build a passive solar home which keeps the inside temperature an even 66-68 degrees. Ok, ok...enough talking...and lets get to the slide show!  Enjoy...you can stop the show anytime and take a more detailed look.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Friends & Old Friends

Remember earlier this week in a post I said I was going to treat my UFO's as friends instead of enemies.  In my mind (scary place) I had made a rule that I wouldn't start any new project until I got my old ones done.  Yesterday, I had another moment...WHY??? would I make this rule???  I can feel the stress even as I write it here!  I have reclaimed my sewing room as a "No Flogging Zone" and made it again a place I love.  No, I did not burn any sage, nor chant and cast any spells.  I just stood in the middle of it and told my brain..."you're not the boss of me!" and let my heart take over.

There is nothing wrong with making new friends.  I love new friends.  I love it when I check my follower list and I see a new face...so, why would I deny a new project...just because there are old ones around.  With that said...I have seen  positive outcomes with the Fabric Diet. But, I know for a fact that I will only be on it for one quarter (sorry Sandy and Anne)  It has helped me realize I have really cool fabrics that I ignore for the ease of just going in a shop and picking out all the supplies needed for a project. But, I also feel like I am punishing myself by denying that which I might need for a really wonderful project.  Hummm maybe what I need to think about is that whatever project I choose to start it has to have some fabric from my stash included!?

Here is a peek at a new friend. A FREE BOM from the Raspberry Rabbit.  The first block is sooo dang sweet.  I have already prepped my fabrics (from my stash) for the entire project, which is wall hanging size.  And, I had enough of the tone of brown wool for 6 months of the rabbits.  I'll be off the diet by the time I need more brown.

Here is an 'ol friend.  Block 10 of the Summer Penny Garden BOM by Primitive Gatherings.  Only 2!!!  2 more blocks to go! and then there is a substantial wool applique border.  Isn't this the most beautiful block!

Tomorrow a HUGE SURPRISE!!!  Today I am heading over to Sisters for a class and after class I am going to be visiting Jean Wells at her home!  Tomorrow I'll have photos of her sewing studio!!! and stash!!!!  I know there have been articles featuring her spectacular home but there is nothing like a different perspective...and a Woolie one at that!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Step by Step

Ahhh, the stacks of projects have a dent.  Step by step, inch by inch..I am working...no, having fun embracing my UFO's. WIP's and PIG's. So today's blog is to give you a peek, stir the curiosity and encourage you to embrace your projects!

My blue work is done!  Like I said...a stitch at a time!  This was a fun, relaxing project.  The next step will be to make the blocks that go around the snowmen.  I admit, I am an embroidery junkie!  I am all ready to pick a new project and start the prep.

Here is look/see of the next step in a UFO...do I have your attention?! LOL  Can't wait to show you what I am up too!

Have a miraculous Monday!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas the Sequel

Yesterday was Christmas all over again!  And, I am not complaining!  Every year a couple of girlfriends and I have been getting together either for breakfast or dinner and exchanging gifts.  This year due to numerous events in all our lives we couldn't do it December.  We met at McKay's Cottage which is our favorite place to have breakfast and talked and talked and talked.  It is not like we don't see each other several times a week but on this day it always seems different.  We vowed to support and love each other...at least for one more year! LOL  Look at the fun things I got!  The butterflies spin on a long pole in your garden, a serving bowl set for my entertaining, thread...the non-lint producing kind!, and this awesome holder that you slip under your mattress and it hangs down to hold your glasses, books and any manner of sleep aids!

This last 6 months has been a difficult sleep time for me.  My little monkey brain won't settle down...until 2 weeks ago when I read Andrew Weil's latest book and he suggested the non addictive melatonin because it doesn't interfere with any medications you take and has no side affects.  Now I have taken this before but not in the way he suggested.  The sublingual tablets you let dissolve under you tongue.  Wow...I have been sleeping well for the last 2 weeks!  Which makes me much more pleasant in the day light hours and my UFO's (my friends) has been impacted!

I ran out of olives yesterday.  This is almost an emergency.  I am addicted to Castellano olives and 6 of them are a serving.  The best place to get them in Newport Market and when we arrived there were emergency personnel out front for just such an emergency...olive rescue!  My oldest son used to do this kind of thing.  The Bend Fire Dept. was training for a state wide stair climbing competition and raising money.  

Here is the latest step of the UFO I am playing with.  The cutting alone took me a while.  44 of this, 86 of that, 155 of...155...no wonder it took me a couple of hours to finish the cutting!  Bet you can't wait to see what all these little pieces make!

Have a Seaming Sunday!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Light Bulb Moment!

It is now day 14 of the New Year, about half way through the first month!  The momentum is still moving fast uphill for us all.  When 3 of the Fabric Stalkers stopped by they brought their latest and greatest projects.  It seems the new year brings a renewed energy and with that some decisions.  We all have looked back on the previous year, scooped up the positive and hopefully let go of the negative.  It is all choices.  This morning, I took a moment to really look at myself.  Usually life moves at such speed we do not have "quiet" time.  The benefit of blogging is that what you say is forever etched into the fiber of the Internet and can be retrieved!

I decided to take a look at where I was emotionally and with quilting a year ago.  Take a "Look" by clicking on this link.  I loved that my quilt room was a "No Flogging Zone." But, somehow by the end of the year I was back to flogging!  I was talking about "UFO's" and I am still talking about "UFO's"  What if, I looked at my UFO's, WIP's and PIG's as old friends.  You never give up on your friends. You are supportive, you laugh till you pee, and you embrace.  AND, here is the biggie-light bulb moment...when you embrace your ol' projects like you do your friends...you want to be with them...which may result in enjoying the process and completion!  My cup is half full...no it runneth over with UFO's and I am one lucky girl!

Here is Lori's latest wool project!  Beautiful!  Mine is in kit form (we bought them at the same time) but, no flogging here...I will enjoy this project because hers is really wonderful!

...and she is tacking down the binding on her 2011 BJ's Quilt Basket BOM!

Here's Robin showing off the first section of a quilt in which she is designing the layout.  This is for her "Navy" son and he picked the train fabric from Homestead Quilts in La Pine, Oregon on a visit last year.

Irene and I got together to work on our Civil War project which has been ongoing by Barbara Brackman.  Irene is really making progress and I am sorry to say I did not get photos of the blocks she completed but I did take a photo of her fabrics which have now reproduced into 2 boxes....hummm...maybe that is why they are called reproduction fabrics???? Do not leave them alone in the same box!

I on the other hand finished 3 blocks that day!  Which is a record for me.  Last time I just sat around and watched Irene sew and only completed 1 block!

Have a Stimulating Saturday!