Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's Your Prefrontal Cortex Doing Today?

I had it...a hyper moment.  Sometimes this happens to me around this time of year.  A little neurology lesson here:  My prefrontal cortex was on overdrive!  The PFC is responsible for our focus, planning, impulse and emotional control and in a healthy person it leads to conscientiousness,   thoughtfulness and a goal oriented personality.  Which meant I drove to Target (I know they sell linens and beef in the same building) but I knew they might have what I wanted...although I wasn't sure what it was.  Then I found it!  For $6 I bought this cone covered in sweater material.  Next I dug out a baggie of wool circles I bought from In The Patch Designs and I started.....

....randomly pinning them all over with little straight pins!

The photo doesn't do it justice but I have to say this little detour perked me up, made me feel like I actually finished something and I got a good laugh when I found little circles around the house that had stuck to Enzo!  It was like the Wool Fairy was leaving me little gifts!

And, just because I had sooooo much free time...not...but there is no denying one's Prefrontal Cortex I did some rearranging and house cleaning of the blog.  Created some tabs, added some fun blogs and opened my Facebook page to more than my relatives.

The question of the day...Where is your Prefrontal Cortex leading you today?


  1. I like that tree, need to try some of my own ideas.
    I got my fall down, so later I will clean the areas and start bring out the christmas, but first the doc today.


  2. What a great idea, I'm off to Target this morning!

    Michelle in California

  3. Hmmm....hopefully to quilting a table runner!! lol

  4. Uhhhh...I don't think that I EVER had a prefrontal Cortex...and if I did..I probably misplaced it! Love your woolie tree!! Very cute!

  5. Going to work on an eye glasses case for my Mom. Got it cut out by 8:00am, lots of the day left, what to do, what to do?

  6. Cute tree! Nice job! I can't believe you found that sweater wearing cone for only six dollars in the beef aisle at target!! LOL! My Brain is mixed up today...been printing patterns and tending to the dog, back and forth, start and stop! I don't think my PCB (?) is working too well today!! LOL

  7. Toooooooo cute!!! I was at Target today, and nothing like that jumped ito my cart. You have a good eye :)

  8. Love your tree, awesome!!! My brain and I are going to work today. Takes all my brain power to survive the day!! Family practice and addiction medicine, have to be creative there :^)