Monday, December 10, 2012

What A DEAL!!!! oh, and HELP!!!

Marla who is a recent transplant to Central Oregon and a Woolie turned the rest of us Woolie's on to the Dorr Mill Store.  The Woolie group have all fallen in love with this pattern...and it turned out that the Door Mill Store sold the kit for $25!!!!!!!!!!!!! including the pattern!  I called and asked if I could order the kit sans pattern...nope.  But at $25 it was worth it anyway...which allows me to include my pattern in my 12 days of Christmas Give Away!  Which starts Dec. 14th.  For those of you who will be participating in the Woolie's 12 day give is how it goes.  I love to recycle patterns I am done with. Each day I will post a pattern up for the the give away, all you have to do is leave a comment you are interested and be a follower of the blog.  On Christmas it will be  a very special Give spread the word.

The wool was fabulous and it was labeled!  They also included a needle!  This is the best deal I have come across and I plan on keeping Dorr Mill Store on my radar!

I am on a tight schedule to finish up some Christmas presents, has anybody seen my Christmas cards???  I bought them 2 weeks ago and can't find them!  but I did find a box of butter I bought 3 days ago in the pantry???  Does butter go bad if it is not refrigerated for 4 days???  I think I need help!...but at least I have this yummy cookies to help me keep  

Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh, bless your heart! You will probably find your Christmas cards after Christmas if you have my luck! We don't have any pics of our entire family together this year, so mine will be late so we can do a picture in the's tradition with us. Your cookies look marvelous! Looks like you did lots of flavors! Mmm. I have only made fudge so far. Since Katie has never had it, I thought she might like it! She did! Your snowman Woolie is darling! I may have to look for that one! Have a great day!

  2. Too funny!! I found the 'frozen' peas in the fridge the other day...!
    Great deal on the kit! I love Dorr Mills...they often have a sale in January so keep your eye open. Lovely stuff! That kit is a steal...a variety of white wool is hard to find! I bought this pattern already at PG Thanksgiving Sale...I hope it gets here before we leave!! Take care...and good luck with everything...haha

  3. I got that pattern and was thinking of cutting it out today. I bought my wool from a local rug shop, she buys from dorr and charges retail, not marked up like the online stores;) I have been to dorr and fun to shop there.


  4. If the butter was in the pantry, maybe the cards are in the frig??? I checked out Dorr Mill Studios, it's newbie Woolie heaven. When my DH sees our checking statement he may want to block me from following your site but I'm loving all your "finds"---keep sharing. Have a productive day, Ronda

  5. Love the pattern. I always am "losing" things especially in my sewing room. Will have to check out Dorr Mills.

  6. that's a beautiful pattern!

    butter? I have no clue!

    the cookies sound great!

  7. What a great idea!!! Recycle patterns.... I have like 3 boxes just sitting... I know I will never make them again..

  8. Ooooo what a great site! I've got it saved now. I've left a full casserole out all night! What a waste of time and money....sigh

  9. Let's just say...would you drink milk that had been sitting out in a cupboard for 3 days? NO!!! lol Butter will spoil just as easily as milk so unless you enjoy a good case of food poisoning, I'd just go buy some more.

    Are the Christmas cards that you sent to me for my birthday your Christmas cards and I got them by mistake??? I'm running behind and haven't sent them out yet, so you're in luck if they were. lol

    I love that kit and pattern that you got. What a deal that was.

  10. I'm so excited people are discovering Dorr Mill. I live about 30 minutes south and it's a great resource. All of these "finds" will help to keep it open. They have a huge rug-hooking section in the store, so I suspect if you don't see it on line you can call (they are really nice people) and they'll help you.

  11. I am so glad I am not the only one that does this!!!!