Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wednesday Highlights

Well, I have been slowly decorating the home.  Enzo is ready for the decorating to be done!  He is not to fond of change and all the boxes and weird stuff around the house is just about too much for a dog to relax around.  It is down right exhausting!

Enzo said, "Come on...I'm all dressed for a walk outside!  And just so you know that Prim Santa is freaking me out! His beady little eyes are creepy!"

I headed over to Sew Many Quilts for the embroidery group lead by Linda.  I keep taking the same project, making headway a  stitch at a time.  This was prepped months ago.  So long ago that the Transfer-Eze is dried out and starting to peel up.  I think I am going to baste it down so it doesn't come totally off.  I figure, if I keep bringing this project and the embroidery group meets twice a month, I will have it done by next Halloween!  Sweet!

Thought I would give you a peek at my Gunsmoke cross stitch.  You ask why? is it called a Gunsmoke cross stitch?  Because HH is a big fan of Matt Dillon and we watch Gunsmoke in the evening and that is when I work on my cross can see how helpful Matt and Chester have been with my cross stitch projects! lol

Enjoy the slide show of yesterdays trip to Sew Many Quilts and Powell's Candy Store, lol.

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  1. Loved the slideshow and music, too! Lots of inspiration there!

  2. WOW!! I hope you realize how lucky you are to have so many wonderful QS in your area!! I am speechless...well almost speechless!! haha

  3. How did you ever manage to snap the picture of Enzo yawning at just the right moment?

  4. I remember seeing that cross stitch when you first began it at MG the day I visited. You have really accomplished a lot! Gunsmoke? Didn't realize it still ran...

  5. Enzo is too cute! The look on his face is hillarious while posing with the hat and scarf! Love your tree and stitchery. Keep it up and you'll be finished in no time!

  6. Enzo's outfit is adorable!

    Your Transfer-eze, stabilizers, and fusibles will all stay much fresher if you keep them in ziplock bags! Whether your climate is arid or damp, it effects them (thread too!) and the ziplock bags prevent these items from both drying out or taking on more moisture. If you are working on a project, put the project in a ziplock as well, while you aren't working on it...even if you are just stopping to take a short break, like having lunch. It makes a difference even for the short periods.

  7. You would not believe the times growing up in the 60's I layed my head in my Granny's lap and watched Gunsmoke while she scratched my head or ran her fingers around my ears until I was so sleepy I could not move. I never see Matt Dillon riding on that horse that I do not think of her and one time what I asked and I bet she is in Heaven to this day laughing. They had some big gun shootout and I asked her so concerned "Granny do they let out prisoners out of prison and shoot them." She laughed and laughed and then finally later on when she got her breath she told me.. "No honey they use blanks" I had always thought they took prisoners and executed them on Gunsmoke.. I was a silly kid!!!!!!!!! I loved my Granny.