Friday, December 7, 2012

Quilt Traveler

I got an encouraging email telling me about a show at the Napa Valley Museum in Yountville.  My first thought is that they would only want exceptional quilts from the local area.  In fact, they were interested in my quilt and it was going to be perfect for their show of Quilts for All Seasons.  Sweet!  I mailed it off to meet the deadline of Dec. 10th.

The background was easy as I sewed strips of fabric together into a large panel.  Then I took an 8 inch ruler and laid it every which way.  Once I had a stack I sewed them together and ended up with an interesting palette for my leaves.

I am not a Batik person but these leaves were out of batiks because I was going to be laying them out, fuse them on and then do decorative stitching over the top and batiks...they just hold up better!

Wish I could go down and visit my quilt at the museum but haven't figured out how to stretch my life in 10 different directions!  Do you have any hints???


  1. Love your quilt. You are so brave, mailing your quilt to strangers. Hopefully someone will take a picture of your quilt while it's on display. Wish I lived closer, I'd go check on it for you.

  2. That is a beautiful quilt and deserves to be in the show. Love how you did the background and added the fall leaves, stunning piece of art.


  3. What a beautiful art quilt! I wish that I knew how to stretch life 10 different ways, but alas....I don't. If you know someone who could go and make a video of approaching the quilt and then of it hanging there, that would make it so that you "go to the quilt show".

  4. Sorry, no hints, but your quilt is beautiful! congratulations!

  5. Clone yourself! If only it could be done, think of how much we could get done! Ha Ha! Love your quilt...very nice. You have a unique ability to do all sorts of quilts...I noticed that when you showed all you've done this year! Nice job!

  6. Beautiful quilt. Congrats on being chosen for the show. I still don't know how you manage everything you do. If anyone can figure out a way to get to the show, you are that person.