Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Material Girls Christmas Party!

It's official!  The holiday season has started for me because I have attended my first Christmas party! The Material Girls had their Christmas potluck hosted by Mary R. at her house with a fast and furious gift/fabric game.  I know you are familiar with the game but everyone was required to bring 4 fat quarters and some of them came in cute containers.  Those were all disguised in brown paper bags so there was no way to know what you were getting initially.  the fabrics could be taken by someone with a higher number but, after changing hands 3 times it was considered out of the running...way lots of fun and friendships are really tested.  Needless to say, Anne may not be speaking to me.  After some fast Wall Street moves I ended up with fabric I loved and a mailbox container for my Christmas cards!!!  

The potluck was delicious, the laughter and friendship priceless and the decor at Mary's house was beautiful...plus we got to peek at her sewing room!  Enjoy the slide show and I hope you have already started celebrating!

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  1. Sounds like fun. I tried to reply to the email you sent me regarding the wool project of the month club but it wouldn't go through. Thank you so much for suggesting the project from the Primitive store. I went right over to their site and ordered it. I think it will be perfect for me, not as overwhelming as a quilt and a unique way to display the blocks when they are finished. I can't wait to get started. Joy to you, Ronda

  2. What fun, wish we lived closer.


  3. Our BSer's party is this Sat. Still not sure what else to give/make. Any ideas?...something fast, easy, and everyone seems to have everything! Merry Christmas!

  4. Too fun!! Love your fabric and mailbox! SCORE!! What a spread...and I'm talking food here!

  5. What a fun bunch! I went to my first party as well today! Tis the season! Did you get your Christmas tree up yet?!?

  6. What fun! Our group met today as well. We wrap up gift packages with items that must come from your sewing room...not new stuff! It's quite interesting. Potlucks are heaven!