Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of the Give Away...and...a little bit of Sisters

We went out to Sisters for a couple of reasons...first, to check on construction and there were 3 guys in there muddying all the seams and nails in the drywall...I suspect next will be the texture.  See those 3 sweet little windows?  That is the Woolie Quilting Command Center!!!!!!!  I am really getting excited, although not impatient because there is a ton of snow out there!

The weather report said sunny skies...I think someone got their satellite system in a wad...cause it was 24 degrees and snowing in the mountains.

The second reason we went out to Sisters is to drop of the Quilter's Affair registration!!!  Yes, the catalog came in the mail and Robin and I jumped right on it!!!

I have been wanting to take this class my June Jaeger for a few years now...well, 2013 is the year!  Best Friends!  I am going to be trying to capture the perfect photo of Enzo...poor guy, he is really going to think the paparazzi's are after him!  

This is the LAST Day to sign up for the Christmas Day Give Away!!!  Tomorrow morning someone or rather 2 someones are going to be really happy.  Just leave me a comment on this POST you are interested and please register as a follower of the Woolie.

We are up to 11!!!!! members of the Flicker 2013 UFO encouragement program.  Join us and be encouraged and inspired to complete some UFO's this year!

Since I was in the Stitchin' Post/Twigs I decided to do some visual shopping!  Yep, I am fortifying myself for the 2013 budget which meant that I could touch...just not purchase...but, you can!!!!

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  1. Hmm...maybe I will receive mine today? Love that the house is progressing along. Looks like it's still on schedule. Did you pick custom paint colors or their standard ones? My friend is the painter and I think they do a pretty darn good job!

  2. Picture of the horses is great. Can't wait to see inside of your new house.

  3. love the windows& doors, how much fun you will have up there! loved the photos and the smile box! such pretty colors!

  4. Isn't it fun to see the house coming together. Won't be long and you'll be sitting by those windows stitching away. Great pics of the horses - so beautiful and peaceful.
    Happy New Year

  5. That house looks like it's almost ready to move into!! I love the three windows!

  6. Oh how I envy you! A beautiful home in such an inspirational town. Can't wait to see the inside.

    I'm interested in that tree pattern. Can you send me details? Happy New Year Anna!!!

  7. I would love a room like that, with a view.
    Though, I think it would distract me, lol.
    I am making a snow piece for now, but need to clean up my room so I can get some tops ready to quilt.


  8. Your new home is beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished. Happy New Year!!

  9. Oh your studio is going to be perfect! Love the windows. The snow looks chilly, but adds a really nice back drop to the horses. And the smile box just made me smile! Happy New Year to you too!

  10. Love watching the progress on your house! We're hoping to add a garage soon. Would love to see more pics of your Quilting Command Center from the inside. I'm gathering ideas. Your slide shows are just awesome! So much inspiration.

  11. Happy New Year!
    I wish your happiness.:))

  12. Thank you for the slide show - makes me want to go there someday. Those three windows are pretty darn special - dreaming I am sure. What really knocks my socks off (wool ones) is the photo of the horses - they are breath taking. Well done on catching that moment in time. Happy new year!

  13. Happy new year!! Got my catalog in the mail today. Lots of good stuff in it, but I think I'm going to pass this year. Got a wedding back east in July. There's always next year. Your house is coming along nicely :) I am envious.

  14. I can't wait to see the finished house and your studio... What pleasures you have ahead of yourself. Take us along please.


  15. Great photos! love the house too! I have toyed with joining the ufo group but have never been on flicker. I'm computer dummy material! LOL! I have so many ufo's to tackle!