Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Arrived!!!!!!!!!!

I'm talkin' about the holiday full force.  Which means numerous trips to the post office, rushing to finish last minute projects and...BAKING! I finished a couple of pillow cases for my grandson's and I think they are really cute.  Feeling kinda good about my skills...but then...there is cooking...or more specifically...baking.

...I was invited to a cookie exchange.  Which meant I had to bake 6 dozen cookies.  For those of you who are just experiencing the Woolie during the holiday season for the first are in for a treat.  There is no greater chaos than me baking.  As you can see from my kitchen...we are talking Def-con 4!!!!!!!!!!  I chose a recipe off of pinterest, cherry/chocolate cookies.  The problem began when I realized I forgot to buy the Hershey Kisses and almond extract.  Back to the store.  Then once I started I realized I only had bread flour.  Bread flour??? I don't even bake bread!  What they hey...I used bread flour for the cookies.  Then HH came home from work and dived right in to help...he made me a Spanish coffee!


The first 2 batches look pretty...but after a taste test...humm it was bread flour.  Is there a difference? Yes!  By batch 3 I remembered...oh yeah, I bought regular flour...oye vey.  And, by the end of the baking session my fingers were red from the cherries and I decided to mix up the bread flour cookies with the regular flour one will know.  I need to get back to quilting...this I know.

 Now, you had better head over to  Kim's Big Quilting Adventure!  she is selling bags of wool scraps!!! I'm heading over so hope to see you there!


  1. I don't bake - my kitchen looks like yours when I do. LOL Cookies do look yummy.

    Cute pillowcases, Anna.

  2. I DO bake and my kitchen looks like yours, drives my Hubby crazy but hey the creative process can be messy. Your cookies look wonderful. On my way over to Kim's right now, thanks for heads up.

  3. I used to do a lot of baking, when I could eat it, but no fun making things that I can't eat;)


  4. I do the same thing all the time, forget the most important ingredient. The cookies look good anyway.

  5. my oldest son used your lemon cookie recipe (the one that uses a lemon cake mix and the cookies taste like heaven on a plate) for his SO's cookie exchange (she doesn't bake ... or cook, or clean, or do laundry or yard work, or shovel snow ... or clean up dog poop) and they were a big hit ... thank you, by the way - everyone of my (adult) kids LOVES those cookies and ALL of them wanted your recipe ... i held out for a while (because they think i spend too much time reading blogs - what do THEY know?!?), but i finally caved and gave it to them just to shut them up...

  6. I always get my items from WholeFoods or some other neat store or bakery.. PPSSTT... don't tell!!!!