Sunday, December 30, 2012

Idea, Thinking, Thoughts...& 2 Days Left For The Give Away

My mind has been spinning with ideas, desires and plans.  I would love for you to join myself, Cornwoman, Kg, Knotty in the UFO Challenge.  This challenge has no rules, no expectations that are not made by yourself and NO judgement.  Just click on the Flicker 2013 UFO's tab at the top of the blog and register.  Anytime you finish a UFO in 2013 post the photo so we ALL can be inspired and encouraged!  Cornwoman has already started a conversation which is one of the best part of this challenge is we can TALK to each other, give each other kudos and just support one another.

I also was thinking about the local quilt shop.  How depressing it would be if your local quilt store closed?!  I personally would be so depressed if any one of the local quilt stores closed...and I have several to choose from!  But, there are a lot of places where you have only one...or, it's in the next town.  With "my" economy what it is...which, right now is non-existent, I still want to make sure my local quilt stores keep open.  Given that I am cutting down on my spending and trying to use my stash...I will still need "some" quilting supplies.  So, rather than just shop at the big box I am going to budget, spend less but make sure if I am looking for something specific and the quilt store carries it...I am going to buy there.  Sure, there is a lot of stuff at JoAnn's and Hancocks that the local quilt stores don't, I will still be supporting them...but, if the quilt store has it I am going to purchase it from them.  "Spend less but Spend in Support of the Local Quilt Store!"  That will be my motto for 2013!

I thought I would share some photos from December...get a load of this awesome cabinet!  Marla, who moved from back east didn't have a spot for it in her new Bend home.  Yes, it is coming to live at my house!!!!  Thank you Marla!!! 

I also received this awesome Crumbler  Miss Rosie template from Kathie and I am definitely going to be using this with my Civil War fabrics!  Thank you Kathie!!!

Hard to believe this little guy was in my Christmas stocking.  Lemon flavored chapstick from HH...such a sense of humor.  You actually have to open his rear...and the lip balm is in there...hummm.  He thinks he is funny.

I am in love with The Talking Crow!  This little gem arrived last week and is perfect for a Woolie's sewing room.  I am so impressed with Linda's workmanship...check it out, you'll be amazed!

You only have 2 days to leave a comment on the Christmas Day post that you are interested in the Give Away and I'd appreciate if you signed up to be a follower of the blog.  Best Wishes!


  1. Very good advise to support the local quilt stores.

    there is an ear on the duck? I don't see it.

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that cabinet! Me thinks I need to start re-decorating my house and go back to what I enjoy..primitives. I have many things stashed in my basement, but unfortunately, have very few walls in my house that I can use these, will need to get creative.

    Looks like you got more snow...SIGH.....Enjoy your sparkling Central Oregon Day!

  2. I love your cabinet, would love that in my bathroom and one for my sewing room, lol. Also love your punched sheep, that is a beautiful piece and beautiful work.


  3. Anna, Great idea about supporting our LQS, it's so important. I try to buy something, even if it's only a fat quarter, each time I'm in the store. (It's hard to force myself to do this--wink, wink). Thanks for sending me over to Primtive Lynda's, you were so right she has the cutest patterns. I ordered Crow's Gossip (I'm such a copycat) and her new pincushions pattern. Have a good day, Ronda

  4. Love the cabinet! What a great find. Christmas is put away for another year and I am going to tackle the sewing room later today. Lots of UFO's lurking in there and I want to finish them so that I can start a fresh new project. Happy New Year!!

  5. What an awesome cabinet! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Cute duck, but the rear thing is too much. LOL Have a happy day!

  6. Has Anne seen this cabinet yet - she'll love it - it's a great one. Oh I want that little ducky lip balm - how cute is that - it will make you smile everytime you use it. I so agree on supporting your local quilt stores - i would hate not to have the couple that our close to me.
    Happy New Year

  7. It's been a few days since we have had access to Internet and you have some nice posts! Such pretties and cuties! Glad the surgery went well for your grand baby! Loved the projects you showed!

  8. love that cabinet and the sheep rug!