Friday, December 28, 2012

Decisions. Decisions...& Don't Forget About The Give Away!!!

The surgery went it is watch and wait to see if it will  "take" or if he'll need another one...but we are all relieved that he is doing well!

I have been pondering what I want to do in 2013 and what I have left from 2012...Huston, we have a problem!  I have a couple of things that I know for sure I will be doing starting in January.  The BJ's Mystery BOM and a Kathy Schmitz stitchery BOM at Sew Many Quilts.  Other than that I am holding off till summer and spending the Spring working on projects from the 90's through 2012, ROFLOL!  SHUT THE DOOR!!!  I really need to be healed...I may have to call my cousin who is a Baptist Minister and see if there is anything that can be done????

I know I am going to set up a site for the 2013 UFO Challenge on Flicker so all of you can join in...and I know I want to commit to making handmade gifts for the year...and I know I want to make my YO YO garland...I know, I know, I know....

In the meantime I'll show you a little what I am up too.  I made this Minki blankie for HH's nap was a pain in the kester to make and I re-pinned it 5 times before I just gave up and sewed it together.  He loves it and will be perfect in his den/office.

Since I finished the wedding stitchery (I'll show you that tomorrow) and my cross stitch project I chose to get my Primitive Gathering 2012 Summer BOW out for my "Gunsmoke" project.  For those of you new to the Woolie Blog I watch a lot of the TV show Gunsmoke...HH's favorite show.  It is during this show that I stitch!  I actually finished one block this week already and am now on block 3!

I also finished prepping and started stitching my "Crow Gossip."  I LOVE this piece...have I said that already?  I really love it...but it is big and so I have taken to stitching it on my sewing table while I listen to a book on CD.  My latest book with over 23 disc is "Winter of the World." It is the second book of a trilogy and I am enjoying it so much that I think I will get this one done before the middle of January!!!  If I do it will be my first UFO for 2013...well, maybe not because I am going to hand quilt it.  Have you been thinking about what you want to make in 2013?

Don't forget!!! There are only 4 more days of the Give Away!!!!!  Just leave a comment on the Christmas Day post you are interested and be a registered follower!!  Drawing will be on New Years morning!!!


  1. love the Crow Gossip. I just may half to break down and prep that as well. Is all but the background made from wool?

    Love the chair that the blanket is on as well. I have two projects I want to work on - the patterns are Flowers from My Garden by Primitive Patchworks - got it at Pioneer Quilts. Will be going out today to look for the background fabrics..ran out of time yesterday and the other is Humble Farm by "A Piece of Work". I got this pattern from Cathy at Wild Hare Fiber. Love them both.

    I hope that the surgery went well for your grandson.

    Enjoy your day Anna.

  2. Anna,
    See if that Baptist Minister cousin does group sessions, I may need to join in!!
    Glad to hear surgery went well, what a trooper Wyatt is!
    I've taken a couple days off, yeah right, and have been pondering the same 2013 decisions, I may join in on the SMQ project. Time with friends is definitely on the top of my 2013 list.
    Happy Stitching! Carrie

  3. Good to hear surgery went well. LOVE your Crow Gossip. On my bucket list as well!

  4. Hi Anna,

    Aren't little ones amazing? They seem to take things like surgery in stride. I'm glad he's doing well.

    Listening to books while you work is a great idea, who wrote Winter of the World and what is the first book of the trilogy?

    I'm sure you probably already posted where you got the Crows gossip pattern but I must of missed it. I love it and would like to order the pattern.

    Thanks, Ronda

  5. Glad to hear the little guy came thru with flying colors.

    You wear me out with all you accomplish.. Send some of that enegry my way please.


  6. Interesting...I will have to think about adding the UFO Challenge on Flickr, as I'm the Queen of UFO's, having approximately 50 of them waiting to be finished.

  7. I feel the same way about all my projects that have not even been started. This past year I lost my sewing room when our grown daughter and two boys moved in our little house. I have boxes of projects piling up wherever I can find space. I also wasn't going to do another BOM this year but then Pioneer Quilts has a new mystery quilt with Blackbirds latest fabric and I couldn't resist.
    Are you using the size 8 recommended thread for your BOW? I haven't decided if I want to use such a thick thread, but then I haven't started yet. I looked back in my tubs and I have 3 years of BOW besides this one. Which one to start? That is the question.

    1. Sorry Diane you don't have an email that I can respond too so I hope you check back here...I do use size 8. 3 years???? oh we are so related! lol

  8. Thanks to you, dear Anna, I have been doing more stitching. Here is my question: What is a good way to end the thread while doing the buttonhole/blanket stitch? And, how do you start the new thread so that it looks like a continuous stitch? Or, maybe I should learn to calculate the length of the thread that I will need so I don't run out somewhere in the middle. Enjoy your blog so much and all your helpful hints with Blogger. Prayers for your little grandson. And a "please include me" in the drawing. Thanks so much.

  9. I need to start thinking, but give me a few more days, lol.
    I have lots of things to finish and lots I want to start. I plan on going through what I have in the UFO and just doing the ones that I really want to finish, and pack away the rest. Then I can do some new ones and someday return to the rest.


  10. Your grandson is adorable and I am glad to hear that the surgery went well.
    Love all your woolie works.

  11. love those projects!
    hoping all goes well continually for your sweet grandson!

  12. Glad surgery went well for your little guy. He's a cutie :) I too love the crows, but they are going to have to wait as I have too many ufos to start something new. Guess I'll be joining you on the challenge in 2013.

  13. Man...I love both of these projects and you are making great progress! I'm so happy that your little guy is out of surgery and on the mend! Let's hope this is it for surgery's!
    take care!

  14. We watch Gunsmoke in our house too!! Love all your projects and I am so happy your precious grandson is doing well. My goal for the new year is try not to buy anything until the new BOW comes out!! The only thing I'm allowed to buy is backing fabric for all the projects I'm going to finish! And I'm pretty proud of myself.....I'm stitching the border on this years BOW!! Woot Woot......

  15. I have been thinking of projects for 2013 too. I have so many UFO's I don't know where to start. I really like your crow gossip. Humm, should I start another new project? Decisions...

  16. I'm getting geared up for a finish-it-up 2013 too! I hope I can join your Flickr group, cause I sure will need lots of encouragement. Today I rounded up and photographed all of my knitting UFOs--well, let's call them WIPs and be charitable. I think two of them are slated for frogging and perhaps repurposing of the yarn. I am going to blog them all because sometimes I find that getting it all out in public is a good motivator! Tomorrow I might try to tackle the quilty stuff. Wish me luck...