Saturday, December 1, 2012

December????What the heck, over????

I can NOT fathom that it is in, the last month of the year!  It is one of my favorite months for all the dreamy, hopeful reasons.  I love the decorations, the music, the chaos, the smell...everything December I love.  But, it also brings lots of reasons to be organized and thoughtful.  This is the month I decide where my time and monthly monetary donations will go for the next year, what quilt groups I will attend, what BOM's are in my future and, potential dreams.  When January arrives I am already out of the gate.  I don't wait till January to make promises to myself...I start thinking about them in December when I am feeling the glow of the season.  This is especially~~~special because it will be our last in this home and in this town.  Next December we will be living in Sisters.

So, today is First Saturday at BJ's Quilt Basket and I have already decided to sign up for the Fall Mystery BOM for 2013.  Starting January I am participating in a monthly wool project with some of the Woolies and I know that big on my agenda is finishing a Primitive Gathering BOW...most likely the one from 2011 so that I can sign up for the 2013 BOW when it is announced.  I will be taking June Jaeger's class at Quilter's Affair this summer and I am already signed up for a Toney Phillips/Sue Spargo retreat in November! AND, there is the 2013 UFO challenge. WOW!  the Fabric Stalkers already have a couple of retreats scheduled and there is lots to look forward to in 2013.

Another decision is what periodicals to subscribe too....I am a big Pinterest Fan and viewing the site is a morning ritual for me.  15-20 minutes every morning going through the post of people I follow and pinning that which interests me for future desires. For me it is like a magazine on line.  I have narrowed down over the years my magazine subscriptions and subscribe to 4...

Actually I subscribe to 3 of these, QuiltMania is purchased monthly from QuiltWorks.  I love them all!  What is your favorite magazine???

Have a wonderful Saturday I will be at BJ's Quilt Basket for the BOM and then coffee with the besties and then our tree decorating...which means...and Spanish Coffee is in my future! HH told me he was fixing Spanish coffees not Irish...shows what I know, lol.


  1. Good morning Anna, I never thought about planning for the new year in Dec, great idea. You mention a monthly wool project with some woollies, is that a local event or on the web? I'm new to wool and am looking for something to build my skills. Enjoy your day, Ronda

  2. Your 2013 already sounds quite packed! I, too, plan in November-December where my focus will be for the coming year, hopefully leaving enough space for the unknowns or "not yet announced".

    I don't decide my magazine subscriptions in December, but my favorite (and currently only) subscription is the Quilting Arts Magazine! There are always lots of techniques and things that I can learn, and it's a feast for the eyes even if it's not something that I currently want to use. A resource for certain for ideas or to pick up a technique if I change my mind later.

    Your morning sounds fantastic!

  3. I like quiltmania but get it at the store when I like an issue.
    I love the prim quilts, even if I haven't had time to make that much, but plan on doing more this year.


  4. mj farm!
    good for you getting organized, is that a bad word? probably at my house, it is, it shouldn't be but it is! maybe you will inspire me! hope lives!!