Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day 10 of the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away!

Well???? How ya doin'???  All caught up, everything wrapped, cards all sent???  Me??? NO WAY!  I have to go through my Christmas card list once more because I know I forgot somebody and now they'll get it at New Years.  I baked a batch of Peppermint White Chocolate cookies yesterday...the recipe is on the cookie board of my Pinterest site.  Yummm...although I only know this from HH who is the taster because I went back on my food program last week.  Crazy I know...who goes on Weight Watchers the week before Christmas???  But the way I figure it, I have avoided a few thousand calories by starting now.    Least you think I am suffering, the fact is...I don't have an issue with sweets.  Chocolate, cakes, cookies can go bad in my cupboards unless HH eats them and he isn't a sweet freak.  My downfall...bread, pita chips, popcorn, brie...and more bread, sourdough, olive bread, cheese bread.  Oh, and did I mention ice cream?   Do you get it?  Yikes!

I got up at 0530 yesterday so I could finish HH's Christmas present before he got up.  As you can guess, what I was making created a ton of lint.  I had to clean my sewing machine before the next go round, whenever that is?

I did decide on my next wool project.  I am going to get this project, Crow Gossip by Primitive Pieces by Lynda prepped before the first Woolies group in the new year.  I love that it is called Crow Gossip and I already know where I am going to hang it in my new sewing room.  I have a old enamel stove from when I was really little and my mom would cook and bake.  I saved it and will use it as a coffee/tea station in my sewing room with this piece hanging above it.

The Winner of Day 9, it is Cascadequilter who said, "I have a lot of pin cushions that I've made and would love to add to them.  Working in wool is addictive. Sue" (need your mailing address within 3 days or we let Mr. Random (Enzo) spin the wheel and see what the dog dish coughs up)

The Day 10 Give Away doesn't look like much...don't you hate it when a pattern photo just doesn't grab you right away!  Well, don't let this one fool you.  It is a fabulous pattern because not only is it easy to construct...but, it only uses 5 fabrics!  I used this pattern to make a sweet quilt for Amaya, one of my cousin;s daughters.  Sorry to sound like a broken record...but if you are interested, leave me a comment on this post and be a registered follower!  Be talking to you tomorrow!

I just remembered that it is the 23rd...I always called my mom on the 23rd and wished her a Happy Anniversary. Missing her today. It always made her happy even though my dad had passed when they were 49.  Happy Anniversary parental units!

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