Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Contemplating My Reality

I think "my" reality is not matching up with what is really happening in my life.  I am basically a kept woman.  Hummm, did you feel that???  It is my mother rolling over in her grave!  HH is basically retired but contracted back for 3 months...exactly, 53 more days for him.  Which means...after spending time looking for those dang Christmas cards and ending up buying a new box...then picking up the mail...which had 3 "quilty" packages stuffed in it...I NEED to tighten the belt.  Besides the fact that while looking for those Christmas cards I had to straighten out my sewing room, YIKES...there is a gold mine in there!  I have already begun to decide my 2013 challenges...one of which is to not have anything arrive by mail until the summer.  I know, I know....I could say all year BUT, Lisa will have designed some spectacular BOW and...well, although I'm committed I'm just not going to be stupid about this.

While I was stressing about the whole being "kept" and spending money on a hobby that is a bottomless pit...I decided I would save money by making frozen waffles for HH.  He eats 2 each morning.  I figured the store bought ones cost more, are not as nutritious and with the allowable animal by product that is allowed by the FDA I would start earning my keep by making homemade ones (I don't allow any animal by product...Enzo isn't even allowed to smell them).  Not having any concept of how many waffles come out of a batch I made a double batch...

hummm....there are enough waffles for a month!  They are prettier than the Eggos and I added some pumpkin butter to the batter so they are very flavorful...and somehow...I feel a little like a domestic diva...

Sunday was Woolie Day at Sew Many Quilts and I have a little show 'n tell slide show for you.  Today is the Woolie potluck at QuiltWorks...this week it is wool, wool, wool,....of course there is a little quilting thrown in here and there.  Have a great day!

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  1. That is a good idea. I only eat shredded wheat, so not into a heavy breakfast. I usually make pancakes for a dinner, lol. I make mine with whole wheat and bananas, then for a topping I use butter and homemade blueberry sauce. Love the quilt show, lots of wonderful projects. I need to get mine ready today so I have things to work on, this week.


  2. We used to freeze waffles too! Katie could never have the store bought waffles and home,add is always better! I have never had a pumpkin waffle sounds delish! I know what you mean about being a Kept woman...it's hard to get out of that state. Therefore I am trying to earn my keep with the pattern business! At least I can pay for my hobby and some groceries!! Have a great day!

  3. Anna, I'm adjusting to being a "kept" woman. I was blessed to be able to retire early in September because my sweet husband said he would go back to work part time. I was used to buying my quilting, crafting supplies without thinking about it. Now I feel guilty because I'm spending my DH's hard earned money. I may have to find a little job so I can support my fabric, wool.... habits. Love your waffle idea, I'll need to try it with the Belgian waffles DH likes. Have a fun day, Ronda

  4. Hey, Anna I'm not surprise that you are buying 'stuff' with when you see the inspiration flowing from your Woolie friends! Incredible!! I had to rush over to Buttermilk basin to see what that Crazy Patch was going to turn into!! LOVE IT!!! Yup, I'm not surprised one little bit...

  5. Your waffles are beautiful! Love the pattern and I am sure they are 100% better than store-bought!

  6. Being a "kept woman" is a lot of work (shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, errands, paperwork, etc), at least at my house, so it's not the "life of Riley" that it sounds like. BUT having said that, I love the flexibility that it usually gives me to do the things that I enjoy.

    Your waffles look delicious! My DH is the waffle maker in our house, on the rare occasions that we've had them. (Usually when grandkids are staying with us!) We always make extras to freeze for a treat.

    As you know, I did realize about 4 years ago that I was mindlessly spending money on anything and everything quilty that I wanted, and knew that I had to drastically change that. When I started my fabric diet, I changed my habits completely on all spending, but especially quilt stuff. Now, before I make any purchase (quilty or not!) I ask myself whether it is a necessity or a "want" and make a decision based on how important it is in the scheme of things. I've not been on a fabric diet since last spring, but can count on one hand the number of times I've bought things when I didn't need them over the past year, but just wanted them.

    Love the Smilebox!

  7. Anna, Enjoyed another woolie smile box! Do you know the name of that mason jar pattern? I would love to make one for my daughter, she collects those jars! Thanks!

    Also thought that was a great idea for the waffles - they did look yummy too!

  8. Anna you are too funny! I'm quite sure you saved enough on the waffles to allow one small package to come in the mail before summer. :) blessings, marlene

  9. I agree with Marlene. I'll also be over for some of those waffles. I'm a vegetarian, so no critter in my waffles either. :)

  10. I used to make and freeze waffles too! It made getting the kiddo's off to school with a healthy start so much easier. Loved the SmileBox! Great projects.