Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That Time Of Year

Before I start my blabbing you have got to check out Sandi's blog post!  She has posted photos of the Houston International Quilt Show.  Absolutely stunning!!!

I think that life keeps us all busy but a certain time of year comes around and we start nesting.  Which means more quilters are showing up for quilt groups.  I love it!  Lots of show 'n tell.  Can you believe I forgot my camera today!  I got a few shots with my phone.  The Material Girls were full of stimulation...as if I need any.  The first 3 slides were made by Sonja.  She takes some interesting classes and the result are some beautiful quilts.

Marilyn finished hand quilting her quilt...I'll get a close up tomorrow when she brings it to Woolies.  I want some close ups of the hand quilting, it's spectacular.

...now she is on to a new project.  Marilyn is one of those rare quilters who works on one project at a time...start to finish, except she will occasionally throw a wool project in between.

Now for those of you who let me know about the missing photo...in fact I left it off on purpose but forgot to delete the text.  I am going to do a future blog about gift giving idea for Christmas that can be done quickly and wonderfully...it will show up then! LOL  Hope your week is filled with quilting!


  1. I have seen a lot of the quilts and love them, really makes me want to do some art pieces, but will have to wait till after the holidays.


  2. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for kindly putting the link to my blog from yours!

    I enjoy Viking your blog almost every day. I'm late today because I was at my guild meeting. Guilds are such a blessing to our creativity along with small groups of friends as you shared with us today.

    Thanks for sharing their creativity with us.