Thursday, November 1, 2012

November!!! That Means Retreat!!!

I can't believe it is November 1st!!!  How about you?  Did the, fly by?  This year has been insane busy and so, retreat time is like a gift from the Quilt Gods!  I know I am totally out of control stress wise because I start fixating on one thing...leaving the rest of life to fall around me in shambles. My brain doesn't quite fire with the same extraordinary quickness it normally does...LOL.  Like last night when I decided to make an apple galette with some pie crust I made and some apples my pie teacher had given me that were all sliced up.  It looked beautiful...but...I forgot key ingredients, just put the apples in sugar, no flour...just apples!  The crust was fantastic...the apples...a little tart! HH put lots of whipped cream on top.  I have matured though, normally when I do something like that I lie on the floor, kick my feet and cry...this time I just asked him to put extra whipped cream on mine.

I am NOT taking my cross stitch project with me to retreat because this is the fixated project.  I have not been able to put it down in the evening.  I know if I take it I won't work on anything else.  It is awfully cute but is safer at home. 

I am as ready as I'll ever be, prepped some wool projects, cut up a jelly roll.  Between the machine and hand projects I think I will be more than occupied.  I always take my own sewing chair. Because with this chair I can sew for 8+ hours without any problem.  This time I decided to take my big sewing machine because I have a lot of chain piecing and some quilting to do and my little machine doesn't have an automatic thread cutter nor does it quilt well.  The Woolie blog will be off line but come back on Tuesday to see what happened at the Fabric Stalker's Black Butte Retreat!!!

Here is what the Judge looks like when he has gotten his walk!


  1. Have FUN!!! I will be thinking of you and all the other quilters all weekend!! See you on Tuesday...remember I am living vicariously through you, so take lots of pics!!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time at retreat, always enjoy hearing about them when you get back. That is what mine is doing right now, but he is getting old, so sleep is his most common activity these days.


  3. I hope that you have a blast at your retreat! We'll see you on Tuesday, when we expect to hear about all of the wonderful goings-on there!

  4. I went to my first retreat in Bar Harbor 2 weeks ago and it was wonderful! Wishing you a great weekend!