Thursday, November 8, 2012

Movin' On

I don't talk politics on this blog...nor religion...I am of the belief that people have free will about who they want to support and what they want to believe...but, I know that no matter the outcome whether you voted for the President or have got to be happy that the election is done and the politicking is least for a little while. 

I went to Sew Many Quilts for an embroidery group that meets twice a month.  You ask why do I go? Well, I am finding that I have a higher approval rating with myself when I am making progress on a project and by going to a special interest group this progress is positive due to the accountability to my fellow citizens...holy politics is hard to get the political jargon out of my brain.  It may take a few more days to be totally purged.  Anyhoo here is a little show 'n tell from the group.

The gal who made these two projects completed them in 2 weeks!

Hey...what is a wool project doing at the embroidery group???  well, there is a little embroidery going on.

I really loved this Christmas Sampler hanging up at Sew Many Quilts...must not buy another project...must think of the fiscal budget...must put the proposed expenditure before the House and Senate...they will never let me procure it....sheesh, I need some time in my sewing room and away from the TV.


  1. I love the embroidery! And yes.....I'm thrilled that the election is over. Finally! My phone won't be ringing off the hook with robo-calls and tv ads are less confrontational....though I'm not sure that I'm ready for the Christmas ads already. lol

  2. I also will not miss the robo calls, The sampler from sew many quilts is my favorite that i have seen up any where, love it!

  3. I would hate having to go to a group and having that the subject of the night, lol. But, you got to enjoy some beautiful quilts and stitcheries.


  4. Oh my these projects are WONDERFUL!!! Makes me want to start something NEW!! Love the political talk!! I must admit I was caught up in your election...and wishing I could vote!! Watched all the debates...and talk shows!! Your politics are way more exciting than ours!!

  5. Is the Christmas sampler pattern or kit available to purchase. I sure like it. I also don't need to buy another one, but if it is available, I'm going too.....

  6. The Brits have a short-lived political campaign and I SO wish ours was like that... Let's hope these next 4 years are positive ones for everyone. I especially loved the wool pumpkin table runner.Did truly miss reading your blog every day...

  7. What's the name of the Christmas Sampler and who is it by?
    I love all of your projects!

  8. I also like the wall hanging. Can you tell me the name of it and where to by it also. Thanks, Carolyn