Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Robin's Wool Ornament

November's Free Woolie Robin ornament is adorable!  wouldn't it be fun to make and give as a gift exchange or use as a tag on a present!

How many of you decorate right after Thanksgiving and how many wait till December?   I like to decorate the week between Thanksgiving and December.  That's this week!  This year is a little slower.  I have the desire, just not the energy.  I am going to take my time decorating this year.  Our tradition is while decorating the tree to have snack dinner (all kinds of finger foods) and Irish Coffee. Well, HH did make the Irish Coffees! LOL

The first ones of the season's, warm and yummy!

I finished my Bunny Hill project from the Holly Hills Homespun and Holly Event.  I left the ribbon off and instead with black thread embroidered "Let it Snow."  I didn't want it to show up brightly but kinda like a ol' grey bucket.  I love the little pillow and it will become part of my holiday decor.

Be sure to check in tomorrow...I have got an announcement about the 2013 trip to France by Jeanne!


  1. I got my tree out yesterday. Nothing else. Not decorated. :( It will probably take me through the weekend to get it done but these days I seem to be slower at everything! blessings, marlene

  2. Love your pillow. Hubby and I decorated outside of the house and have the Christmas boxes in the house so I'll decorate over the next few days.

  3. I love those little snowballs in the bucket, that is a fun piece.


  4. Thank Robin for the ornament...VERY SWEET!! And love your pillow...Ahhhhdorable!!
    I NEVER decorate until December...and often don't decorate until around the 10th...but this year because it's all coming down on the 26th I might do it on the 8th or 9th...hahah!

  5. The snowmen are so cute, all huddled together. Do you think they're cold??? Great job.

  6. I can't bring myself to decorate in the month of November. It's bad enough to listen to holiday music in the shops way before Thanksgiving Day has arrived. :-)
    I'm quickly working on a new tree skirt and would like to have it finished before I put up the tree. LOL I guess I better sew faster as this weekend is the month of December! Yikes!!

  7. I have the front of my pillow completed, but think I will add the "let it snow" to the bucket. Cute idea.

  8. We tend to decorate in the month of December. November is just too soon!

  9. that little pillow is adorable. I started some decorating this week and plan to get our tree this Saturday.

  10. The coffee looks like a wonderful and warm tradition!! Isn't it funny how I know I've been to your blog but didn't realize you lived in Bend! I guess I need to slow down and pay attention!!
    It seems now that we are empty nesters I decorate a little earlier. I'm just getting started.

  11. I love the snowballs in the bucket. Is that something we can still get or was that just for that retreat! Love it and you did a great job with it.

    1. I found the pattern and ordered the kit. I was looking at the wrong website. Love it. Thanks for sharing with all of us.