Friday, November 9, 2012

Bless Me Father For I Have Sinned....

...and it has been a while since my last confession...(a loooong while)

1.  I have never had my sewing machine serviced (it is about 10 years old and runs like a dream)
2.  Sometimes I forget to change my needle for a loooooong time
3.  I usually change it when I sew over pins...Oh NO you don't...oh yes I do...and the needle breaks
3.  I will change the blade on my rotary cutter...well, I can't remember when I last changed it
4.  I think I might have more projects than years I have lived
5.  This past year I never put my suitcase away, just washed the clothes in it and repacked
6.  ...and please forgive me father but someday I may be the only 80 year old who is bee bopping down the highway with rap music full blast...cause really, what music gets your blood pumping with lyrics you can't understand and a beat that runs about the rate of tachycardia!  What kind of music do you sew too?

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake with the 2011 History of Rap (which for those of you who don't embrace rap is just a couple of lines from a list of songs)


  1. Too funny! I do all the same sewing sins myself! I actually bought machine needles for the first time in years last week! I am down to the one in the machine...all others are broken due to sewing over pins!! haha! Had my machine serviced last year after 14 years of being dust bunnies are coming up through the bobbin any longer!

  2. Just changed my rotary blade yesterday. Had to, couldn't cut through the fabric anymore. Never had my sewing machine serviced since I bought it eight years ago, and it runs like a dream (it's an Elna quilters dream, lol) I love rap music too, and listen to it always in the car. But in my sewing room, I need calm, so I listen to classical music.

  3. I guess i will be joining you in the quilt sinners heaven, lol.
    I do watch my new machine, can't afford to have something go wrong and when it does, it has to be fixed by a tech. I listen to different types of music, depending on my mood, I love irish music and joan baez and a rock and roll lover.


  4. You crack me up-lol! I take my machine in every 2 years to get service, I know they recommend once a year, but that's too pricey for me. I do clean it every time the bobbin runs out, so don't have much lint build up.

  5. I just realized how anal I am when it comes to needles. I replace the needle after each project and give my machine a good lint cleaning. It has been a couple of years since my machine was serviced though, mainly because I have to know I can sew daily if the mood strikes me.

  6. I generally never take my machines in to be serviced. I keep them clean and they've usually run like a dream. BUT, this machine that I have had for over 7 years now (and started using about 2 years ago) didn't work properly from day 1, so it spent the majority of the first 2 years in the shop, where they even switched machine heads. It is temperamental and if I even move it when rearranging furniture, it will throw a fit by dropping the entire arm that holds the foot, shattering the needle, and locking up! I've threatened it with a broad sword (yes, we have one!), and would happily throw it under a moving train if I could afford another. It's sad, because it is a major brand of good machines and was extremely expensive. We're fighting this week...can you tell??

    I, too, forget to change the needle until it starts shredding the thread from the burrs or won't go through the fabric any more because it's dull. Plus, I only change my blade on my rotary cutters when it's so dull that it creates a "dotted" line instead of cutting out the fabric piece completely.

    I do, however, clean and oil my machine frequently, and my machines always look like they've never been used because I also clean the outside periodically. But I have enough UFO's and USO's (unstarted projects) to last me for an incredible number of years to come. lol

    The only time that my suitcase has seen the outside of my closet for the past few years is when I go a couple of hours away for a women's retreat weekend each June.

    Rap is DEFINITELY NOT my thing at all!! I rarely play music when I'm sewing, but when I do, it's either contemporary Christian worship or classical music. I tried audio books once, and found that I couldn't concentrate on one while doing the other. However, that being said, when you get to be 80, you won't be the only one rocking out to music if I'm still breathing. lol

  7. Rap! What can I say...if it's that rocking I'm up and moving!!! Much to difficult to sit still... I like SJ Tucker, an indie girl who writes interesting songs and puts me in the mood to create. She's into folklore which I find fascinating and artistic. Of course, there is always Kandinsky and Picasso...! I love my machine,change the needles,dust out and oil her. She has a few celestial stickers and one of a mermaid...she's special!

  8. OMG love it, and yes, I will see you in heaven also, I have 3 machines and I have NEVER changed my needles, I just changed my rotary cutter like at the beginning of summer of this year, I have been quilting now for like 5 yrs off and on but still, me bad:( Love the video and the prayer, I will have to keep that in mind when I got to church on Sunday:)

  9. Had fun watching the vid and I do all the other naughty stuff too ;-)

  10. You are funny...have to find the ear phones to watch the video as my husband is watching his Duck game. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE turning my 80's classic rock on and most Rap LOUD in the car...I was jamming to Black Betty on the way to work the other Betty, Bam a Lam...Love it!