Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Jokes On Me!

I was taking some time catching up on blogland, reading my favorite blogs when I came upon Kathie's blog  Inspired by antique quilts.  I loved the little tumbling quilt she was talking about that day and wrote her how much I would love to make one of those!  She sent me a kit!!! OMG the pieces were so small and so cute.  I set out to put it together...and as I was sewing I thought...hummm I could have swore the one she showed on her blog was a little bigger?...But, I continued to sew, putting an inner border and outer border...I love it!  look at the size of the blocks...yes that is a quarter lying on top!!!

Then I went downstairs and found out I had dropped 3/4 of the blocks on the floor!!! I crack myself I am going to make a couple more little quilts!  I want a wall of small quilts just like her!

Yes, the birthday does continue I must show some more goodies I was blessed with...beautiful napkins stitched by Robin!

...and she found this really cool fabric from Material Girls in Redmond...they do have the coolest fabrics.  I can't take cutting it into little pieces so may make myself an apron...or maybe I'll just frame it! lol

Lori gave me a gift certificate to QuiltWorks which I didn't let stay in my purse more than a nano second...because I have been waiting for this book!

I know the photos are so great but trust is filled with fun things to do and you know I don't have much to do...ROFLOL

Well we are only a day away from PIQF Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California!  I will NOT spend a penny at the vendor mall and be bringing back photos to share!


  1. I have a tumbler die for my go, something I want to make. They are too large for mini's, so for those, I hand cut them. Lots of goodies, isn't it fun to stretch out your bday, lol.


  2. that is sort of funny, but just think of the memories, love the color on the little quilt, so good of her. glad this birthday has been so good & long :) for you!

  3. you will NOT spend a penny, huh?!?

    loooooong ago the eXMan told me i'd better not spend one damn dime - and i haven't since ...... pennies, nickels, quarters, half dollars, and lottsa dollars, yes ... but NOT one damn dime...

    there are reasons why the eXMan is the ex...

  4. I really love your accidental mini! Too cute! I had to laugh at your dropping 3/4's of the tumblers, as I could see myself doing the same thing. ;-)

  5. Your accidental mini quilt looks nice!

  6. You crack me up too! Darling tiny quilt! I love those little minis. I am working on a half inch honeycomb. Been a while since I picked it up. I need to add more colors to make it interesting! You have an exciting life! Alway headed somewhere to do something fun!!

  7. The mini tumbler quilt is adorable, and making a series of them is far more interesting and fun than just one!

    The French fabric is great....perhaps you could make a series of small quilts by printing some of your favorite or most interesting photos of textures and patterns...or interesting buildings....or food...or people...and border them with this fabric. That way it's not in tiny pieces, and the theme of the center of the quilts could have a small flange of color to designate the subject of the photos if you did more than one series. still my heart. While you are there, if you get time, you should have dinner at Horatios in San Leandro (East Bay). If it hasn't changed, they have fantastic food, and the creme brûlée is the best I've ever had. My DH and I used to live very near there and miss that restaurant the most of any places there in the Bay Area!

  8. oh my! were you there today (Friday)? I saw someone that reminded me of you but didn't think to look closer as I thought you'd be home in Oregon.
    How did you do? I wasn't going to buy anything either...ha,ha,ha :-/
    Hope you have had fun. It was a great show.