Saturday, October 13, 2012

QuiltWorks October Gallery Show

Marilyn and Dave  of QuiltWorks continue to infuse the local quilting community with inspiration with the monthly Quilt Gallery Showing.  I knew there were a lot of quilters in our community but I had no idea how many artist there were or how many quilt artist liked showing their creations to our community.  Octobers show is spectacular and you are going to enjoy the slides!  If you get a chance, go on their web site and email them a thank you.  Everyone loves encouragement!

This month's show is the result of a 12 member group who encourage each other in "Fiberexploration."  They started in 2009 and it is encouraging to see what they have created since then!

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  1. A lot of wonderful art pieces, makes me want to sit down and try some, maybe after the holidays.


  2. Thanks for showing the art quilts! I love it! One of the quilts I've admired for a while now...the wading bird. It's stunning if you look at it up close, though the elements in it seem simple from a distance.

  3. Amazing art work, love all the colors and designs!

  4. Incredible pieces. My gracious do you ever live in a fun place!