Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

You can't close your eyes for a moment without nature pulling a fast one on you!  This tree is absolutely gorgeous!  I am waiting to pull out onto the road but the shear brilliance is mesmerizing!

Enzo could not wait for me to open the door!  He loves spinning cookies in the Marilyn from the MG's says...he is a joyful dog.

This cross stitch is my October UFO!  I absolutely love it!!!  But it languished in a pile...somewhere deep in the recess of a drawer...back in the cavern of a closet...somewhere near the center of the earth!  The pattern was dated 1988!  I know that I must have started it sometime in 1991 because Robin taught me to cross stitch the winter of 1989.  When I discovered the partially finished project it was almost done...just the lady and some of the grass.  Makes me wonder what happened in my life to make me cast this to the depth of earth???  Maybe I quit working on it in 1993...the year I started quilting???  Anyhoo, I am happy I finished it and it will hang in the laundry room.

The slide show today is a catch up show from a couple of weeks of quilt group, the embroidery group at Sew Many Quilts, the Material Girls at the Historical Museum and Woolie's at QuiltWorks.  It was so nice to meet a Woolie follower, Jenny from Eugene who stopped by the MG's for a visit!  Quilter's are the friendliest people in the world!  Next time she visits she is going to have to bring a project so she can sit and stitch for a while!  Enjoy the slide show!

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  1. My dog loves snow and pushing through it with his nose, but I doubt he will be doing that this year. Love that pumpkin quilt, black and orange one that you said you have a pattern for, that would be nice to make.


  2. I love your Woolie Group...(sigh)...I REALLY would love a Woolie Group too! Such wonderful projects! Can't believe you've had *SNOW* already!!!

  3. Wow snow! I want snow! :-( LOL

    Love the slideshow - thank you for sharing.

  4. Love it..>I absolutely love the color choices the gal did on the Buggy Barn pattern..I have it and have not started as am struggling with the colors and wanted to change it up...think this is perfect and the perfect inspiration.

  5. can you email me the pic of that quilt?

  6. Snow...over the Santiam Pass I drove s-l-o-w-l-y...It's beautiful but I'm not used to driving in it! I am SO wanting to do some wool work now...