Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Material Girls Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday was the monthly potluck/birthday celebration for the Material Girls.  I do believe one of the best parts of this celebration is the necessity of wearing a crown to distinguish the celebrants from the crowd! LOL  Usually because there is food involved we get a nice group attendance and thus a fantastic show 'n tell!

I decided to go out on a limb and bring a dish which I had never made before.  I chose a main dish only because we never have an issue of not enough desserts.  I decided to try and make turkey meatball with a cranberry pepper sauce.  Personally I thought it was a little heavy on the herbs but everyone said it tasted fantastic.  You can get the recipe off my Pinterest sight by clicking on the Pinterest button on the right had side of the blog and scrolling down to the bulletin board called, Yumm.

Our little Wyatt got his glasses...I am not sure if he looks smart, happy, confused or still a little like Sherman and Peabody.  But he definitely reminds me of his dad!

enjoy the Material Girl slide show...they are definitely a busy group!
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  1. That looks like a good recipe and something different. My mom always made swedish meatballs for potluck and then I started making them for Bill's christmas party at work, there was never any left. Wyatt is so cute, and he does look like peabody, lol. Loved the quilt show, really nice work and designs.


  2. That looks like a really good recipe to try..
    Everyone looks like they have a really good time at this group..Marla always has a smile on her face.
    Everyones projects are just awesome..Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. OMG...Little Wyatt is adorable!!! Love those glasses!!
    The quilts are amazing!! Loved them all!

  4. I love your pink crown. What fun! I also love that Prim quilt in the slideshow with the crow...

  5. Lovely Autumn colors on those pieces and a fair amount of applique...love it! I do think your Wyatt looks like an infant genius. :0)

  6. Wyatt is adorable. Where do you meet for this group? Love the quilts!!!!

  7. Wyatt is so cute with his glasses! My grandson Garrett had to get glasses this year (he's just turned 6) and he looks so studious in them! He's even got a special sports pair for baseball!

  8. Looks like a fun group! Love the show and tell!! That's so inspiring when attending small groups! Sounds like you are having a great birthday week! Celebrate!!