Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Magnificent Monday

Before I start today jibber jabber I wanted to let you know that I put a new button on the right side of the blog that goes step by step how to go from a no reply to a reply blogger.  I try to answer all comments that are written but many are "no reply" so I am unable to answer questions that are asked and I feel bad...that you think I am ignoring you...I am not.  Check it out, the instruction of changing are on a really cool blog...by the way.

When I was working an 8-5 job Monday through Friday I dreaded Mondays.  Then I became a nurse and my schedule was all over the board.  Mondays, now a days have no emotional hold. Other than...I like them, the Material Girls meet every Monday!  As Fall settles in more of the MG's show up and there is a lot of stitching and conversation!  Although the town is filled with snowbirds who have flown the coop, the MG's really don't have a bunch of snowbirds...it's ranks are filled with those who stay which is wonderful.

Before the end of Oct. (lol, still gotta a day) arrives I am posting the Woolie Robin Oct. Ornament of the Month!  Adorable bunny!!!

Enjoy the slide show of the ever productive and talented Material Girls!
Don't forget to check in with the Patchwork Posse Wool Challenge

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  1. Thanks for sharing.. I love the inspiration .

  2. Wow! Love your "post" or interview on the other blog! Very impressive! Love your little bunny ornament. Your tree will be so cute!

  3. Very nice interview and posting. Wonderful projects, like the last one with trees, but without the bottom snowflakes.


  4. You are always so gracious to show what others are working on -- the projects are wonderful. Someone needs to take a picture of you and your projects! :) Have a great weekend at retreat. I will miss you dearly. Baby Cakers.

  5. was pleased to see your explain on the no reply thing.... I am not going to put my email in an comment... and I am not a blogger...

    Question: When I comment as google account that email address is associated with my "account". So in my mind there you and all other bloggers have it - my email address.... where is my thinking faulty???

    1. Hi Mimi, I have no way of replying to you privately when you don't have an email listed. When your comment arrives I can just click reply and we can talk...no one else see your email address. right now you come across as a "no reply" so I cannot email you or answer any questions privately. but I am glad you are here!

  6. I know you are on your retreat this weekend but will you be coming to town for First Friday at quilt works? I will be there.