Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here Come The Judge...

This is the face of judgement.  I woke up tired yesterday morning and forced myself to go to my swimming excercise...which meant Enzo came along for the ride but didn't get his walk.  Then I had a couple of errands to run, and by the time I got home I was REALLY tired so I fell asleep.  I woke up cursing that I had again let most of the day slip away and started working on my house block project because I want to take it with me to retreat.  But, when I turned around in my sewing chair...this is what I saw!  The JUDGE...the face of judgement for sure.  I know what he is saying because he is much like Spock and can do the mind meld thingy..."I have not had a walk, nor chased a ball...I haven't picked up any "pee" mail on the bushes during a walk...and yet, YOU aren't getting anything done anyway because you keep watching the news about the storm and worrying about all your blogging friends in the path!"  Stop and lets get some fresh are leaving tomorrow and you need to spend time with ME!

Oh man better...

Lets hope today will be more productive!  I wonder if the neighbors will give me some candy??  Happy Halloween!


  1. I took a nap yesterday too and I NEVER nap. Something in the air? Hmmmm

  2. Oh, he is so funny and yes they are sending their thoughts to us, mine does the same thing. He knows when it is time to eat too and if I am late, he gives me the look, haha.


  3. lol You'd better give Enzo a really great walk to make up for it!!

    My family checked in yesterday afternoon, and all is stop worrying and have faith that most everyone will be, even if there has been some destruction of property. Those are just things....the people are ok, and that is the important part.

  4. The look in his eye is CLASSIC.

  5. Everyone needs a day off occasionally. My dog gives me the same "look", it's so effective isn't it? Those projects will all come together somehow...