Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Free Breast Cancer Support...pass it on!

I am taking a little diversion from quilting...well in a philosophical way...not really.  We all have heard over and over again the statistic of breast cancer or for that matter any kind of cancer.  One out of 8 women will get breast cancer.  It is not something that is out there. But, in fact when you look at your quilt groups someone will be affected by breast cancer.  Which brings me to tell you about my childhood girlfriend.  She has been diagnosed twice and lived to tell her story.  A little background first...we met at an all girls high school our freshman year and became soul sisters.  I loved going to her house where she had one of those princess fairy tale bedrooms, 2 brothers and a mother who was always so sweet to us. Back then we didn't even know about breast cancer...heck we barely had breasts.

Her mother was wonderful, such a generous soul lost way too soon to cancer.

My girlfriend had lost her mother, confidante and was faced with this horrible diagnosis...that challenges even the strongest woman.  Even with this diagnosis she was blessed...her husband who is a hypnotherapist immediately dove into action creating CD's to help with anxiety pre-surgery, healing post surgery and dealing with the emotional aspects of the disease or any disease process.  I believe in the power of positive thinking in healing one's physical and emotional wounds and have used Dave's CD's myself.  He has created a website where you can get FREE support and download guided meditations to help healing.  Feel free to check it out and to pass it on to your mother's, sister's, cousin's, girlfriends and quilting groups...we need to help each other. Just click on the link below.


  1. We have been lucky in my family. My dad got prostrate and my Mom had late stage leukemia, but they had other problems that led to their early deaths. Out of 8 kids, just one sister got cancer and they were able to clean it out and so far, so good.


  2. Thank so much, Anna for posting our free breast cancer support link (it is up and running again) Yay! Dave and I just want to help as many people as possible to get through the struggles and stresses of breast cancer much easier. They do work! Thanks again, my dear friend,

    love, Colleen

  3. Yes ladies! Do make sure you get those annual mammograms...prevention is the key. Thanks Anna for reminding all of us...