Saturday, October 27, 2012

blah, blah...yada, yada...

You would think I would run out of stuff to talk about...that occasionally my world would be boring and uneventful...but there is a reason my 1st grade teacher made me sit in the back with tape on my mouth.  After my swimming excercise class Enzo and I went to Sisters to check on the one was there working but I could tell the plumber had been there because there was more plumbing.  What I REALLY want them to do is put the roof tiles on so when it rains the inside won't get wet...but, I am not the boss of the project just the purse of the project.  

I stopped in at the Drug Store...the Sister's Drug Store is not your typical drug has a whole wing of kitchen supplies, a full display of those Christmas Village buildings and a ton of other things that one must have!  I laughed when i saw this sign hanging in the kitchen section! LOL

When Enzo and I got home there was a whole herd of deer in the yard.  You might think they look all cute and Bambi like...but, let me tell you a woman across town was taking a photo of a herd and her dog ran out of the house barking...3 deer stomped him so badly he need surgery.  Because of this I have taught Enzo to sit and be quiet around them...he can look, he just can't bark and chase.  They are not able to distinguish between a domestic dog and a coyote.

half the time you can't tell they are they cause they blend in...this guy was lying right outside my dining room window next to my stacked rocks.

I got an email from a friend of my sisters letting me know that the Napa Valley Museum was looking for seasonal quilts for a future exhibit.  I email and asked if you had to be a resident of Napa and she said to go ahead and send in a photo and submission form.  They will let me know by Nov. 15th if it gets juried in...but, in the mean time I thought I would post it here for those of you that might not have seen it before.  I like the stripped background blocks.

large photos a little blurry but here is a close up of some leaves.

Have a great weekend!  I will begin packing and organizing for the Fabric Stalker Retreat to Black Butte Ranch which starts on Thursday!!!!!  Have you got a retreat planned in your future?  They are the best!


  1. I love the pics of the deer! Especially the one in your yard next to the rocks. And the quilt is exquisite!

  2. Anna, your quilt is lovely it definitely reflects the season.

    I hope they get the roof on your house soon.

    Photographing deer can be challenging, great photos.

  3. I love the chicken sign. It says it all!
    Quilt is a beauty!

  4. We see deer out in the back, but they are too skittish to come closer. That is a beautiful quilt and a nice piece to enter.


  5. I sure do have a Quilting Retreat planned...and it lasts for THREE MONTHS! haha (Snowbirding down south with the rest of the quilters!! LOVE it!)

  6. I've always loved that 'chickens' saying...cracks me up. Love the quilt too.

  7. My brother-in-law and his neighbors (he lives in Roseburg) have a running battle over the deer. BIL does his best to shoo them away, including some not-nice things; meanwhile, the neighbor is feeding them. Hopefully BIL's two little dogs are smart enough to stay away from the deer!

  8. The purse of the project can ask what day the roof is scheduled for install on the pretenses of coming to watch.

    Now deer are so dear in our family....they would bring tears to my grandfather's eyes as they ate his field of hay that was for the cows during winter. My brother who lives in the middle of Chicago suburbia has problems with them wandering from the Forest Preserve miles away to his porch....

    Sisters is just delightful!

  9. Love your leaf quilt...very nice! Have fun at your next adventure on your retreat!

  10. That is a beautiful quilt, love it.....