Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wine Class

I am slightly suspicious that our fearless leader scheduled a wine tasting class because she needed a drink after spending the day with us...I am sure it is like herding cats. LOL

The wine tasting was held at the Hotel Hannong and our instructor not only had an informative talk prepared with 5 wines but his accent was like music. The kind of music that you had to listen real hard to the lyrics or you'd miss the song.

As he poured he would tell us about the wine region in relation to history and what types of requirements there were to grow grapes to produce the variety.

Robin liked her wine!

Me...not so much...although I will have a lot of info to share with HH which will make me sound like a sophisticated woman who knows her wine. Lol

In the end Robin and Lori's table seemed to appreciate the to enhance our palates we went out for Chinese....

Tomorrow we head to Colmar by bus...and according to our wine instructor the grape harvest starts!

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