Saturday, September 8, 2012

Strasbourg, The German Quarter

Today we were taken on a walking tour of the German Quarter of Strasbourg.

But what caught our eye was the art show in the plaza and once the tour was finished we headed right back where I purchased a similar acrylic to this one for my sewing room! After all I LOVE wool!

It is amazing that I haven't fallen flat on my face since I am walking with my eyes looking upward with a camera in my face. But if I watch where I am going I would have missed this guy!

So many details, so much art to see.

Robin is hiding in a tree like a little elf. She wants to go back and buy some art work.

I had never seen a real Gingko tree...absolutely beautiful!

Our group is made up of quilters which means...only nice people!

As we crossed the bridge leaving the German Quarter we look back and it is beautiful...

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