Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paris, the city of the smelly, tired and hungry

Well it was a 12 hour hiccup in Toronto but, when there are 3 of you life is Ok. Finally got on the flight which was rockin and Rollin for the first hour...but I was too tired to care.

Now...we are in our hotel and taking much needed showers...Lori got first dibs and it wasn't because she was the most stinky...she was just the fastest.

Once we are all clean and tidy we are heading in search of the perfect macaroon!

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  1. Oh Oh...I KNEW you girls would be up to no good!! :o)

  2. Any particular reason that a macaroon was on your chosen menu? Curious minds want to know...

  3. Macaroons are delicious, and where better to eat one???