Thursday, September 27, 2012

Panic in Central Oregon

hummm, yes there is definitely panic in the Woolie household.  I have to finish a September UFO and it is Sept. 27th!!! and I have to post the Sept. Robin Woolie ornament!  I was running around doing errands yesterday and tried to get a nap in...but nooooooo...the phone gods were determined to keep me from relaxing. So today's list is long. 

This morning I am meeting Robin and Lori for breakfast to celebrate Robin's 60th birthday!!!  I can't believe I have a friend that old...ROFLOL.  I am going to pay for that remark!  

One more slideshow of Colmar, a city I now love...and just to let you know tomorrow, I start the quilt show!!!!!! 

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  1. Following your slides was like being there, gives the feel of the actually experience, and I got lost in the photos.


  2. I would love to live in those quaint dwellings so beam me there Scotty! Or maybe I'd like to land in the bakery...You have an artistic eye as seen in your choices of subject matter Anna.

  3. What beautiful architecture! Great quilting designs in all those pics! I know how you feel about panic and finishing stuff. I started a quilt last Tuesday for a wedding this Saturday. I finished quilting it on Sunday and just got the binding done this evening...panic can be gone now thank goodness! LOL

  4. I hope you make your UFO deadline!

    Now as to not believing that you have friends THAT had better check because you might just find one older than that!! lol

  5. well, youngster - you have at least TWO cuz i was 60 in january ... sheesh ... kids these days, lemmetellya...