Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Links to the Heart

Even though I am a half a world away from my life I am connect by my heart and soul. Technology keeps me in the now and homesickness is filtered by the connectedness that being alive in this day and age provides. What a blessing to be in the company of wonderful women and yet still have ones heart being filled by news from home. I often ponder how my mother left her family to come to America and only have contact by postal service that took 2 months to reach them!

HH emailed photos of the construction site and it is so dang exciting! Enzo looks like he is running a tight ship. I love that the sky isn't smoked filled!

My DIL sent a photo of the boys...she must know I am longing for some grandson hugs!

...and now the newlyweds have added a new member to there family! Hank! A Ragdoll kitty who has the most amazing eyes.

I know it looks like I am on an extended vacation traveling from one pastry shop to another but I really am traveling with a bunch of very talented quilters! And to show you that I really am, one of them has allowed me to share one of her creations! Carole is an amazing quilter! Can you even believe how incredible that pumpkin is?

Tomorrow we head out on a walking tour...by a bank...I mean a museum...

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  1. Yes the tech world we live in is sure a lot different than the past. Your home is looking great! And please tell Carol that quilt is scrumptious ! Have another great day!

  2. I am truly amazed by all the gorgeous photos of your travels, just beautiful. But none so beautiful as those boys waiting for you back home. Aren't they a handsome pair, adorable photo. Had to smile at your new grandkitty. So sweet! Yes, those eyes are amazing. I will bet you're just itching to get to see that new home of yours. Coming along very nicely. But, by all means, gather as much as you can for the new digs -- one just never has enough fabric! Stay safe!

  3. Love the progress of the home...next time I am in Bend, I will try to drive by and see it in person..

    WOVE WOVE WOVE that kitty cat!!!