Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just In The Nick Of Time

Remember the other day when I showed you the block on the left...well I got the block on the right done just in the nick of time.  This morning is First Saturday at BJ's Quilt Basket and if you do not have your blocks done it costs you $5.  Each month we are give the theme fabrics for 2 blocks and you provide the background.  I really love the second block although it was pretty labor intensive.  One of those blocks were you sew an entire section before going on to the next section, least you flip the pieces and sew them wrong!  I have NEVER done that before....ROFLOL.

I am very excited about today meeting because Julie (Fabric Stalker from California) is in town and will be there with her sista Irene (Cakers to you Woolie Followers).  We always have coffee afterwards and catch up on life.  Also a little robin bird told me that we are going to Sew Many Quilts for the Labor Day Sale...that is if I have any money left after being a BJ's.  There is a kit there that I want to make for HH....minki love!

Have a great Saturday!

Oh and Happy Birthday to my cousin Kathy!!!


  1. Such a busy girl! And off to Paris soon...sigh...

  2. I wish my store did that again. Now u have to buy all the fabric from them. It's over 200 dollars. Not very happy. Have fun working on it. Dottie