Thursday, September 6, 2012

Group Meeting

At 6 PM there was a reception, meet and greet with our fellow travelers.

This was the most incredible thing...a giant bread round that was filled with sandwiches! I am so going to serve this at my next "candlelight supper" as Hyacinth Bucket of Keeping Up Appearances would do!

Jeanne, our tour guide, quilter extroidnaire raising a toast to all our safe arrivals with the best Pinot Blanc!!

after we did a little exploring.

Our group is made up of a cross section of new and experienced quilter. Some of the travelers had accompanied Jeanne several times!

Oh, and this...well it was a little something to help Us sleep! Lol

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  1. Bonjour mon ami, looks like you are all having a great time! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. love, Colleen

  2. What a wonderful trip! Keep the photos coming!

  3. Is it a quilt tour you are on? Or a retreat? Or?

  4. It looks like you are on a nice trip, wonderful places to stay, wonderful hosts and wonderful places to visit.


  5. We are off to a great start on the tour!
    Love your photos so far!

  6. Everyone looks like they're having a great time....and I especially liked the last photo! lol Yum!

  7. Hello,
    this type of bread is called a "pain surprise", i.e. a "surprise loaf of bread". The ice-cream doesn't look too bad either.
    Have fun!