Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chit Chat

HH and I celebrated 35 years of marriage on Monday.  There are many reasons I am married to this guy but I will relate a story which might give you some understanding why.  We really don't exchange gifts anymore for our anniversary but would go out to dinner if I wasn't jet lagged...this year I just wanted to stay at home.  He showed up after work with this arrangement from my favorite florist called Wild Flowers.  The thing is that when he went in to pick out an arrangement she got a phone call so he picked out container/flowers and made the arrangement himself!  Gotta love a guy who can hit the bulls eye on a target and arrange flowers.  As he walked out the door yesterday in a pink shirt cause it was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at work (I didn't know this) I realized this guy has many layers to his onion.

I sooooo missed my woolie group!  And they have been busy!  Anne from Cottons 'n Wool always seems to be working on a project that I just love.

Joann finished her wool pillow!!!  I still want to make this one.

Mary Anne made this fabulous wool rug for a shop sample (I have the kit for this one) Call QuiltWorks if you want to make one too!

And now for a view of Colmar, France which was my favorite city on this excursion!

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  1. What a sweet guy, mine would never do that, lol.
    But he goes to the store for me and puts up with my moodiness, so I can't complain;) I love that penny rug for fall, love that design. I really enjoyed seeing the slides, it is amazing how many places you visited, the restaurants and activity in such a short time, it really was a well planned trip.


  2. I love that wool rug that you showed the close up on!

    Happy Anniversary! You're guy is definitely a "keeper". Mine, in earlier years when we had more $$, has done the same kind of thing, where he chose not only the container but each flower that was to go into the arrangement. It is such a personal expression of love when they do that, isn't it?? (We've been married 43 1/2 yrs now.)

    lol Mine once told our florist that he wanted to spend a certain amount and wanted there to be some roses of my favorite color in the arrangement, but to have their designer come up with something. His only major requirement was that if I was not speechless when I saw the arrangement, that they would not be paid. Now that's quite a challenge, if you know me. lol Not only could I not speak, but it took two of us to carry it to my office desk AND I had to put it on an empty desk near me because it took up the entire desk.

  3. The wool pieces are wonderful. I need to belong to a wool group of some sort. So much inspiration.

    Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a good guy to keep.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! A man with a big heart, love his flowers for you! Love the rug show and the smilebox, thanks for sharing!!

  5. I missed coming to Woolies since I am a slave at work.... would have loved seeing everyones wonderful projects and hearing all about your trip. Next time...

  6. Thanks for the Chit Chat!! The wool projects were AMAZING!!Thanks for sharing!

  7. Happy anniversary! Here's wishing you many more!

    Colmar took me a little while to warm up to--the cobblestones and the trek to and from the bus stop were hard on me! However, I did grow fonder of it after a couple of good meals at the Brasserie across the street from the hotel, and their good food and wine!