Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beauville & Ribeauville

I haven't been posting my purchases...so, I thought I would start with today's.
Jeanne took us to the Beauville outlet a place where fine linens, table cloths, napkins and dish towels are sold...I went with the intention of not purchasing anything...but...it was soooo beautiful! I picked out a deep red table runner for the holidays and a dish towel for my sister...she would have loved this place. Then in the next village I found the most beautiful fabric that had a protective surface and I plan on making placemats. Since I will now have fine linens in my house I decided to get a small tray with scenes of old Paris to serve cookies on when someone comes to tea! Finally, I really wanted a red tin. In order to get one I had to buy cookies to fill it...what a bummer! Lol

Our fearless leader is still smiling! Her smile is even more beautiful than the flowers!

We are all enjoying each others company and when we are waiting for our transportation lots of talking!

It is amazing that the bus drivers in these huge buses can maneuver through the small village lanes.

The Beauville outlet was filled with color!! 2 stories and 4 rooms of tablecloths, napkins, towels, placemats...almost broke out in a cold sweat being in the presence of fabric! Day after tomorrow...the Quilt Shop

Wine country is so beautiful. Rolling hills of grape vines!

Of course Robin found some soft puppy ears to scratch! She is missing Brim.

It is a tough one...do I love Strasbourg, Colmar or Ribeauville??? Which one the best? I can't decide!!

Guess who I ran into?!

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  1. Love the last postings, lots of historical buildings and beautiful areas, add fabric to that and it is perfect.


  2. So many beautiful places and buildings...so much history...so many beautiful items! Why, oh why must you be force to choose??? lol I love this!