Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ahhh air travel at it's best

And so we are 3 weary travels stuck in Toronto...seems we need some mechanical tune up on an overbooked flight. Now we are loading at midnight, sacre blu! Air line travel is at it best...why the overbooked flight? Delays which are hours long! Is it Thanksgiving??? I told HH that the camp trailer life is looking pretty darn sweet. No longer do they give you compensation...oh wait you get a $10 food voucher and a business card where you can submit any lost trip reimbursement....kinda like a rebate...ROFLOL

Thank goodness we have stitching and IPads. At this rate Robin is going to have her Primitive Gathering's BOW!

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  1. Love the update...was wondering if you'd be keeping us posted.Taking handwork no less...busy girls!

  2. I'm with you....airline travel sucks nowadays. I'd rather be in my nest stitching any day! At least you have each other. Have fun!

  3. Ohhhh I'm liking what Robin is stitchin...geeze I could make a rhyme out of this..as stitchin' rhymes with...******* but then you are entitled!! At least you are on friendly soil!!
    haha Safe travels!!

  4. They overbook because people tend to cancel at the last minute and they want every seat filled. When my SIL used to travel a lot, they were always offering people $$ and seat upgrades in exchange for taking a different flight.