Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Leisurely Day

Today we enjoyed a walking tour of Old Town Colmar and a trip to the Antoine Bartholdi Museum.

Jeanne and Mary Ellen kept us in line with a smile.

Muriel was our tour guide through the old town area and the Antoine Bartholdi Museum.

Lots of fascinating information about the local history and the architecture. For a quilter there were colors, designs and patterns every where!

Charming, charming, charming!

Muriel took us through a farmers market and you had better believe that we went back during our free time.

Did someone say, "I only pray to Cheeses?". I am in cheese heaven!

Look at these cobble the Stonehenge fabrics!

And look at this fabulous metal sculpture on a door.

We made our way to the Antoine Bartholdi museum...does he sound familiar? The creator of the Statue of Liberty! I loved this piece of historical information, these side tour have been wonderful.

Here is Robin telling the ear a secret. This is a replica of the Statue of Liberty's ear but at half scale!

On some days we are on our own for lunch and dinner but tonight is a group dinner. Jeanne must be wanting to feed us well...get us tucked in...because tomorrow is...Quilt Show!!!

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  1. That is quite the trip and tours they take you on.
    I would be in trouble with all the cheese, can't eat it anymore, but I sure did love it. Can't wait to see the quilt show photos, have fun tomorrow or today, lol.


  2. I've been enjoying this so much that I am going to hate to see them stop, even for quilts. I loved seeing all of the farmer's market stuff. Why can't our produce look that fresh and delicious? We need more farmer's markets here! Or maybe we should just move there, closer to the ones you showed us. lol Quilt show here you come!! Have a ball!!

  3. Smiles abound,artwork everywhere, your cup runneth over!