Sunday, September 16, 2012

9:30 PM...Just served the Pre-Dessert!

Today we traveled to Beaune, the capital of Burgundy. A different coach and driver but the same beautiful scenery.

Our guides, Jeanne and Mary Ellen are still smiling! Jeanne booked us into the Hostellerie Le Cedre, a 5 Star hotel...fantastic!

Well, when you have dinner in a 5 star hotel it means you must at least freshen up! Bill is our only guy on this trip with his lovely wife and he put on a suit!

Our tables were beautiful with lit candelabras. They had set up a special room with 3 large tables.

And so I take you on a little gastronomical diversion from all the sight seeing I have posted...and let you see one incredible meal...
I know I won't get it all correct but we started with appetizers of crab, a sorrel foie gras and an olive bread.

Next wine was served by a waiter who was dressed in a suit and tie! Pay attention to how tall the candles are...

Next came a plate with mozzarella, puréed parsnip and peas.

A petit baguette.

Starting to feel full...but, a chilled cucumber and rabbit with a purée of carrots and oranges.

Main course, a poached cod filet with mushrooms, spinach with chilled cod and carrots. is Pre-dessert and it is 9:20 pm...dinner started at 7:30 PM!!!

Dessert was fantastic, a creamed sweet cheese base with exotic fruits and lemon sherbet.

And as a with chocolate and cookies!

Here is Joy 3 hours later, full, contented and ready for that mint on her pillow...NOT! You will notice that in the time it took us to consume our meal the candles have burned half way down.

What I ask you is...if you get but one life how do you want to live it?? This trip started out as all about the quilts and has ended up a learning experience about time and grace.
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