Friday, September 14, 2012

18th European Patchwork, Alsace France

In the last several years of attending quilt shows the European Patchwork has been the most original presentation. The show was scatter throughout 4 villages and in each village a different venues. The church below was one of those venues.

We walked from one village to another or we could take a shuttle. But, walking really provided a different view of village life. Lori, Robin and I could tell that it wouldn't be long before the trees would become a brilliant red, orange and brown...Fall is on it's way.

One of the show venues was in the garden of a Manor House!

Between a couple of venues the walk would have been longer and there was no sidewalk. So we took the shuttle...look who was coming along for the ride.

The different venues allowed us a peek into village life.

We checked out the vendor mall...just one more time..and I found another well dressed guy!

Tomorrow we head to Frieburg and the Black Forrest!

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  1. What a wonderful setting for a show!

  2. Now me, I would have asked, haha.
    Loving the trip and traveling with you.


  3. I am so enjoying your trip via this blog. (Me thinks Irene and I need to go to there.) I can't wait to hear more stories and see your purchases! The pumpkin quilt from a few days ago is just beautiful -- color and texture -- love it! Hello to Robin and Lori. Love!

  4. I`ll follow your trip.Love the setting.Have fun!

  5. The vendors look the same as here! Lots of goodies packed into a small space! Can't wait to see what you bring home...

  6. Is that wool I see in the last picture? I bet seeing that cute dog made you really miss your Enzo. We miss you!

  7. Just love that guy in his apron! Ah, village life is SO appealing...quaint...