Sunday, August 26, 2012

ZZ Top

It was so fun wrapping up the weekend with the newlyweds at a ZZ Top Concert.  That is the beauty of living in Central Oregon, there is something going on ALL the time!

A big crowd...mostly baby boomers and some reliving their former concert  

4 decades of performing their original brand of music...and getting to enjoy it with Connor and Emily.  Sweet.

and now life is settling into a quiet place...for just a moment.  I get to reflect on how it feels to have both my sons know that there are others who will take care of their hearts.  And and I get to think about ourselves.  hummmm


  1. Lovely photos...woohoo for ZZ!

  2. How fun and fun that you could share it with Conner and Emily. I met Bill when he drove a bunch of us to an outdoor concert for Aerosmith.


  3. Cool! My husband and I were just over there last week to see Norah Jones in concert :)

  4. Fun!!! I would have loved to see them in concert.